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Posted 10/12/14

By tumblr user shuunekis

*This is primarily for people who have finished the manga. There might be spoilers/hints about something, as well, so be wary. Copy and paste, and fill out below!

Manga fan/anime fan/both?

Your favorite ghoul character:

Your favorite human character:

Favorite ghoul investigator:

Favorite dead character:

Character that you grew to like:

Character that you grew to dislike:

A character that deserves more love:

Character everyone dislikes but you like:

Character everyone likes that you dislike:

Favorite pairing:

Pairing you don’t think you’ll ever ship:

Character you will never love:

A character you would engage in sexual intercourse with:

Character you would like to see get beat up:

Kurokane or Shirokane?

Anteiku, CCG, Aogiri, or Kaneki’s group?

How do you like your coffee?

Your last thoughts upon finishing the manga?
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