New Microphone Giveaway!
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I am feeling very, very giving currently and want to give away new microphones. I know how it is to be unable to purchase a new microphone due to monetary limitations (especially those under the age of 18 or those who are unemployeed) so I want to help those who are interested in pursuing voice acting. It's not quite a "competition," it's more so a lottery. If you do not currently have a microphone, you can send me a private message on youtube (or through skype or e-mail) telling me you would like to enter.

If this is a violation of rules or it is in the wrong section, please tell me and I will delete it. If you're a moderator and would like to help get the word out of this competition, please tell me and I will surely allow you to put it into Contest-Hime's competitions. Though, I would still like to chose the winners. Thank you!

In order to be placed in this lottery you must complete the following:

You can send these to:
Skype: shikabanedance
E-mail: [email protected]
Youtube: Raspdere

I will "rig" the lottery a bit by putting your name down more than once if I enjoy listening and reading what you have typed, and I might even send you something even if you do not win (like a $10 gift card).

The deadline is December 20th. The winner will be messaged via whatever means of contact information they have given me and if they do not respond in 24 hours, a new winner will be chosen. I will also check if you're subscribed to me on youtube! If you're not, you will automatically not win (I'm sorry).

I will allow you to chose the microphone, but if it is out of my budget I will ask you to find another one. Remember, I also have things I have to pay for (sadly)!

What winners will receive

The gift-cards can be either amazon, newegg, or other places that you can buy a microphone but they do not necessarily have to be spent on a new microphone.

If there are any questions, please ask me before the competition ends!

Thank you all and good-luck to the winner.

DEADLINE: December 20, 2014
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Posted 10/13/14

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