A bit of historic world news
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Posted 10/13/14
I never heard of this!


Wow! And according to the article, they've been finding them all over Canada. A few have been found in Michigan (or was it Minnesota?), and one actually killed some people in Oregon! Crazy, eh?

I see, now, how it is the Japanese could come up with the craziest war machines in anime and manga. They did it for real in the old days. Actually, they still are:

They made Mecha real!


and sexy robots, too.


Have any other countries invented weird-assed crap, and ACTUALLY used it? What have you heard?

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Posted 10/13/14
Well yeah of course. I mean even the US participated in stuff like this. Back in the day before guided missiles they were thinking about using pigeon guided missiles on ships. The pigeon was trained to tap on a moving picture of a ship that would guide the missile to it's destinatiion

Also the US wanted to use bats to set Japanese cities on fire. It would release thousands of bats over Japanese cities that would naturally settle in rafter and under overhangs. Then napalm set on these poor animals would then go off and cause alot of fire devastation. It was cancelled when some bats got out and burned down part of an Army base.
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Posted 10/13/14
A lot of creativity and ingenuity comes out during war. Computers for instance got a great push during wartime.There's also Hobart's Funnies which were a line of tanks that were modified for specific tasks. The Crocodile tank replaced its main gun with a flame thrower, the Crab which used spinning chains to clear mines, and there was also the Fascine that carried and released bundles of wood to cross ditches and trenches.

The Crab Tank

Posted 10/13/14 , edited 10/13/14
Yeah they did that. WWII was insane. Both Japan and the US pretty much were intent on ending one another, no matter how many people died. Japan was training its civilians to become soldiers, even kids, where using your life to take another was furthering the cause of Japan. It was just a messed up situation. The US ultimately decided to drop the A-Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki because they didn't want to be forced into a invasion of Japan where both sides would have lost countless people.

Posted 10/13/14
Robots are cool, but Lala thinks any kind of bomb is terrible no matter how creative it seems.
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