Love Poem
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Posted 10/13/14 , edited 10/14/14
Deeper than any ocean

Wider than any sea

Don’t know what I wouldn’t give

For you to feel the same for me

I know that your love

Would set my captive heart free

My love is pure

So are my intentions

And you hold my heart

At full attention

Your love had a deadline;

May I have an extension?

By now you should know

You’ve stolen my heart

But I cant find yours

And that’s the worst part

Your sweetness has now

Turned bitter and tart

Cant you see I love you?

You act so cold

But I know inside

Theres a heart of gold

Your cover up

Is getting old

Please, will you

Take my love serious

Your misunderstanding

Makes me delirious

Too bad my love

Is completely impervious

Your breathtaking beauty

(In my eyes perfection)

Caused my love to grow

In the face of rejection

Do you reject

For your heart’s own protection?

The mere sight of you

Causes my mind to stumble

When talking to you

I can barely manage a mumble

Your smiles seems to cause

My resolve to crumble

If you took me back

I could barely contain

Emotions you bring

The joy; the pain

The emotions just seem

To drive me insane

I’ll be there for you

If you just need a friend

I’ll hide my true feelings

And try to pretend

But with love,

Friendship can never contend

Tell me your problems

I’ll never judge

For you I cannot

Hold a grudge

My love for you

Will not budge

If you have a problem

And need to confide

Just call to me

Ill be quick to your side

To wipe any tears

You may have cried

When you need someone to hold you

My arms will be free

What happens to you

You can take it to me

To solve your problem

I would cross any sea

For you, my love

I would do anything

I would easily endure

The pain that you bring

No one but you

Can take away the sting

But most of all

Ask anyone; its true

The phrase I need to hear most

Is “I love you”

There may be no love for me

But I will still love you

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Posted 2/17/15 , edited 2/17/15
i would be honored if you would join my poetry group
..................................................................................... reply i most

Even in a dream
You’re still too good to be true,
on that day you taught
Me solitude is painful I understand that so well right now I have family and friends but if you’re gone to me
it will be the same as being alone,
After all love is timing if you don’t say the right thing at the right moment no matter how much fate was involved in the relationship everything will be ruined even if You Regret it
it’ll be too late That’s why after all this time
after being by your side and always looking after you
I failed to make peace for myself deep within your heart
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Posted 1/4/17 , edited 1/4/17
End of the year clean up closing all the old threads!
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