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Posted 10/14/14 , edited 10/15/14
TL;DR Posting here for my own desires but feel free to use as a medium to look for teammates or people to play with that are serious about playing.

Hi, my name's Adam and I'm looking for people to make a team with in Ranked Team Ladder.
Currently, my rank is Bronze 1 (I've tried multiple times to get into Silver, just get unlucky). Despite my rank, I do get matched up with Bronze 1 to Silver 3 MMR. I main Support, I am able to play other positions, but not as good as my support capabilities. If I were to rank my second best position, it would be ADC. My champion pool is diverse and the champions I play well are: Nami, Thresh and Braum. In addition, I am able to play Morgana, Leona, Janna, and Zilean. (I can play things like Soraka and Sona but in this meta, they aren't that great).
At the moment I have a friend who plays very well with me as my ADC, as I am his support. With this said, we're looking for people that want to form a ranked team and play seriously. We're looking for people who have a decent amount of game mechanics, knowledge and instinct. Top, Jungle and Mid Lane are open positions.

If anyone else would like to use this thread as a way to find more people who's interests align in terms of playing competitively, finding a duo queue partner or just friends who want to play league together, feel free to post here!

Summoner Name - VividFantasy
Server - North America (NA)
Rank - Bronze 1
MMR - Low Silver Range
Time Zone - Pacific
Average Play Time: 5-6 Hours a Day
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Posted 10/18/14 , edited 10/19/14
if u want to get out of bronze i suggest you practice jungling with a champion that has a ton of map control/early game advant. Most players in silver/bronze elo neglect pressuring the lanes/counterjungling. + you can make up for your team's mistakes/get their lanes rolling.

Champs: (WW,Shaco,Xin,Kha,etc.)

playing support is fine if you're maining it (plus it also relieves the flamers who don't want to support in champ select lel) but it's hard to make up for your teams mistakes when you do negative dmg

Add me if you want to practice sometime I cant duo with you though IGN: Rito Kenny
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Posted 12/25/15 , edited 12/25/15
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