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Central District

The Central District is one of the most crowded place in the entire city. People in the Central District are of many differing personalities, most are kind if you don't do anything to offend them. Crime here is mostly done in the dark, and away from the guards. Guards here tend to be a little more honest, but that is dependent on the guard itself.

The Central District is filled with shops, bars, and restaurants to suffice for anyone, newcomer or long time citizen. If you wish to get food, drink and a place to stay. The Central District has plenty of places to suit your needs. If its a weaponsmith or a Tinkerer, you can find them as well.

Points of Interest

Tinkerer's Haven
- A Privately owned shop, Most people can find anything mechanical here. If needed, you can also buy the materials to create your own contraptions, Only if you have the know how that is.

Erodel Marketplace- City watched Market, where you can buy anything that you can see on display. Most people here have their own storefront, but those who sell small items and foods sell through movable carts. Their is a podium for events, but lately these have had more city based uses.

Serol Family Restaurant
- Ran by a man by the name of Max Serol. His family have been running this establishment since the city was even founded. Hospitality is key here, and they are even offering rooms to stay so long as you can pay.
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