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Posted 10/16/14 , edited 10/16/14
The first ever First Reaction will be on Log Horizon 2. We won't have any spoilers so don't worry.

First taylerbob's opinion. "I loved it I can't wait until more come out!"-Taylerbob

Next up is Speedyechidna
"Opening: Boom! Straight into the action. The plot and character development has already been laid out from last season, so LH2 takes you on a fun filled opening episode that sets up the season's plot.

Characters: Not too much character development, but the episode is an opener for a second season.

Premise: A lot of stuff from season 1 is briefly explained in case you forgot. The episode takes items from LH1 and builds new story elements off of them.

Animation: Beautiful, classic animation style.

Ending: The ending is open and leaves you excited for the next episode.

Overall Rating: 9.25/10

I will definitely keep watching!"

Now it's my turn.
Opening : The opening is the same one from the first season. It’s the kind of song that grows on you, I used to hate this song but now I always listen to it. The images in the background are well animated and show just enough to get you interested but not spoiler territory aside from seeing a few characters that you don’t know from the first season.
Characters: Only a few new characters are introduced and you learn almost nothing about them, you may be able to guess their classes and that’s about it. The new character that has development is the representative of the Kunie Clan, Kinjou. Aside from that we get implications of several characters that weren’t friendly returning as allies of The Round Table, the Silver Sword combat guild and Serara’s captor Demiaks. Are returning characters are consistent with past actions so that’s great.
Premise: The Round Table needs money, a insanely large amount of money, so much so that most likely even if every gold piece owned by adventurers was collected it wouldn’t be enough. Shiroe trys to get financing from the Kunie Clan (they control the banking system) but due to some unnamed treaty they refuse. So Shiroe looks for others ways and finds a raid that he believes if cleared will give them access to the system in which reincarnated enemies are given gold.
Animation: The art style is different, and I personally dislike the change. Based on the opening it may make certain characters younger looking but it isn’t necessarily a good thing seeing as this is a video game and people should always look the same no matter how long time passes which is why the clearly younger versions of several main characters seen in the opening makes no sense unless Elder Tale hase an aging system which I’ve never seen in an MMORPG.
General Comments: I enjoyed the first episode, but my one problem was with the very beginning of the episode where we saw the raid taking place. I dislike seeing things from late in a series at the beginning and then just watching the process because now I know how the raid goes to some extent and when a certain event I will not mention here happens, there is no surprise.
Ending: The music is ok but paired with the background animations is that much better, it isn’t the same incredibly catchy, yet aggravating song from the first season but I still enjoyed it. The background images are of Akatsuki sleeping in the Log Horizon guild hall while several people walk by and see her, some of which change her dreams as you see and one even her actions, poor Natsuga. The great part is that all the characters react exactly as you would expect making quite fun to watch and Akatsuki’s dreams are great fun.
Will I keep watching: Simply yes, Log Horizon in my opinion is a great anime, it really feels like it takes place in a MMORPG and this is its second season, and I don’t think we will be disappointed.

Now that this is in the post it looks extremely long, didn't look like in MS word. Sorry about that it will be thinned down next time. I hope you all enjoyed are reactions to the first episode of Log Horizon! Recommend the next series on message board, also let me know if you want us to always do the anime of the month since that idea was being kicked around. I'll stop taking up your time now, thanks for reading!
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NO don't thin it down! It's perfect the way it is. This is really alot of information with hardly any spoilers even if you haven't watched the first season. (Me) Keep up the great work and I really look forward to the next first reaction!
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