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Posted 10/16/14 , edited 10/16/14
Why is that?

Even if to suppose it gives some advantage to spammers/trollers (how? can't you spam with longer messages just the same?), anyway, only buddies can write in your GB.

Only thing that I see this feature does is hindering people to have a conversation. Sometimes you write longer, sometimes you only need one word to say exactly what you want.

It's particularly annoying because you are already constrained (via same GB rules) by short message format - there's upper limit - and then this very GB starts teaching you to not write too short lol
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Posted 11/3/14

elan7aad10 wrote:

Why is that?

My assumption is that the guest book is designed for short greetings, and such, similar to a wedding guest book, or other similar books. If you plan to have more in depth conversations, it may be better to take it to PMs, or post to the forums and allow others to join in.
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