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Posted 10/17/14

katsuki!! Time for school!! I somehow didn't hear my alarm so my mom had to wake me up. My name is katsuki Amemo. I`m no one special just your average 18 year old who is about to start college here in japan. At least that's what I thought at first, but as I would soon find out I couldn't be more wrong. My mom kept bugging me to get out of bed while pounding on my door like a mad woman. Just to end the annoyance I got out of bed and told her I was getting dressed and that I would be down in a few minutes. When I came downstairs I saw something or should I say someone I shouldn't have. There was a blonde with blue eyes, very long eyelashes and above all else she had the one thing almost all men love a large bust. ( I say almost because I can't speak for every male on the planet). She was cute no doubt ,what scared me was the fact that I was looking at a complete stranger and that mom never bothered to tell me that she had invited someone over. This can't be someone from my class right? No that's not possible not when I don't know anyone there yet.
Uh mom who is this? I asked with a very nervous tone in my voice.
That’s what I should be asking you she said.
I had to start asking questions because if I didn't I would be here all danm day! I tried to get a word in but before I could the girl said ‘’ hey there katsuki’’ in a very warm hearted tone. She didn't say anything else after that, she just sat there and smiled at me. I had to get to school so any questions I had I would have to be quick about asking them. Once again before I could say anything the girl cut me off and said ‘’well katsuki shall we go?” I wanted to scream at her and tell her to wait because I needed to get some answers. But I knew if I didn't get what I wanted now I would get it before the day was over.
The college that I was going to wasn't too far from where I lived, only a couple blocks away as a matter of fact. I don’t know if knowing that cheered me up because that was the one of the very few things I knew. I only knew that the college was close to home and its name: Osaka University. Now normally if my family wanted me to go to a college close to home I would be fine with it, I would argue some but in the end I would be fine with it. But see here’s the thing that creeps me out: you know those college Catalogs that gives you information on the school you’re looking to attend? I looked in about 5 or 6 of those and NONE OF THEM had Osaka it
Putting the school appearance and name aside for now, I still couldn't shake that fact that I was walking to school with a stranger (albeit a very hot stranger). It wasn't until we got to the actual building that I REALLY started to get suspicious. She said ‘’here we are’’ and I looked up. This scared me to death!! It looked like some sort of prison even though I knew it wasn’t. It was as if someone thought up a crazy idea to take parts of a torn down high school and combine it with a jail cell or parts of one anyway! The danm thing had steel bars on top of the roof for god sakes!! I tried to get the girl’s attention, hey! What is this!? I asked. She didn't answer me, she just stood there and stared at the building with her mouth open like she expected a drink of some kind to come out of it. Hey!! You think we should try going inside!!!? I asked with all my strength. She looked at me with a very hard expression. ‘’I heard you the first time’’. Bullshit! You were daydreaming! There’s no way you heard me. ‘’move back a little she said. With a grunt she pulled the door open and it looked like she was about to pull a muscle in the process. Just what are these doors made out of? Rocks? While I was asking one question in my head , another was about to come out of my mouth. What I saw the moment the door was opened should have made my eyeballs very happy. Right before me was a school full of beautiful teenage girls and not a man in sight. I was the only male attending this school and yet I still felt..uneasy. it didn't make any sense: every time I would bring up girls mom would always tell me to focus on my studies and not think about dating until I got a degree and a job. So why in the world would a mother who’s so strict about her son focusing on his studies send him to a girl only school? Well it wasn't any more now that I was here but still.

Ok katsuki calm down I’m sure mom knows about this so all I have to do is call her and ask her what’s going on alright? So take it easy and just take one step at a time. As much as I wanted it to my foot would not move. I looked over at my companion and she was also standing still , but unlike me there wasn't a shred of fear in her eyes just a blank stare. I only looked at her for a few seconds and then I went back to looking at the sea of girls that was Osaka University. Then out of nowhere it happened: as if someone was controlling me I took a deep breath and let the words flow out of my mouth like a fountain.

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