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The most unpopular thread on CR. Does a country crowd even exist in the CR community?
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55 / M / Tacoma, WA. wind...
Posted 10/19/14
You may be a redneck if........

Green, yellow, red, blue, or something else. Which tractor do you prefer?
An old friend of the family had a farm outside of my home town and he had one the very old Jonny-poppers ('20's-30's John Deere) so I guess Green

Do you count on a Pete, a KW, a Freightliner, a Mac, an International, or something else to get your crop to the warehouse/processor/etc.?

A good friend of my brother's like Kitty-Whumpers but he drove a Freightliner... Personally I like Petes... (Petes and KW are now Paccar) BUT I drove a Mack (Mack is Volvo now) for a bit and a Mistubishi-Fuso. I just delivered business forms.

Got a favorite light duty diesel? 6.2 or a 6.5? Or maybe you prefer a version of the 6.6? 5.9 VE, 5.9 p-pump, 5.9 24v, 5.9 CR, or a 6.7? How about the 7.3? (skipping the 6.0 for various reasons...). Or maybe the 6.4 or a variation of the 6.7?
Never needed one.

Got a favorite gas motor? Take your pick. Like the 289, the 302, the 351 Windsor, the 351 Cleveland, or the 460? Maybe you're a fan of the 307, the 327, the 350, the 373, the 396, the 427, the 454, or the 502? Can't forget the 426 hemi or the 440 six pack.
I rebuilt and stuck a Ford 400 from a '73 Torino station-wagon into a '70 LTD-XL. The previous owner stole the 390 out of it. The best car experience of my life. I also stuck a new Chevy 350 crate motor in an old 73' Impala SW... I stay the hell away from Mopar, never had anything good happen with them.

Where do you farm? What do you farm? Wheat, barley, corn, alfalfa, or chickpeas? Tomatoes, squash, onions, garlic, or melons? Apples, pears, cherries, peaches, plums, or apricots? Quinoa, mint, daikon radishes, broccoli, cauliflower, or brussels sprouts?
I farm on my patio, just flowers and tomato or two...

Like guns? What's in the safe? Pistols? Rifles? Muzzleloaders? Shotguns? Something else?
and a few more.

Got a favorite knife? Folder? Fixed? SOG? Benchmade? Spyder? Kershaw? Some piece of junk that cuts stuff after a trip to the grinder?

I used to like the venerable Buck Folding Hunter.... now I go for the kind you cook with, ummm....

What's your favorite decade for country music?
Anything before the '90's
'50's, '60's mostly. The "twangy" stuff..

This thread is probably going to die or get flooded with stupid comments, but can you blame a guy for trying?

Possibly but we couldn't really blame you...

I grew up in North Dakota there was not much to do that was "city" . . . I went hunting and fishing and partied down at the river bottom.... They called it the "desert" and the cops usually left us alone. We built cars and cruised main. Everyone had a garden or a relative with a farm.

Redneck? Most likely. Country? Kind of.... Most of the people I know are, kind of country, even when they live in the big city.

When I moved to Seattle one of the things that a bunch of people I knew there like to do was pick berries in the summer. A good bunch of my best friends went hunting and fishing too.

Country isn't just living on a farm or a ranch.
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16 / F / Murica
Posted 10/20/14
Where I live, I'm considered an outcast because I don't hunt deer in my spare time, and listen to country music. I'm just not interested in that stuff.
Posted 10/20/14
To all the questions? N/A

I guess I don't belong in the country crowd
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25 / M / Somewhere in rura...
Posted 10/20/14
I was in 4 H, I'm not really country though. I moved into the country when I was 10 years old, and how my city worked, the higher intellect classes were made almost exclusively from people who had moved there with their parents because their parents were professors moving to the local religious university. Almost no one from that area liked anime other than the transplants.
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28 / F / Boston
Posted 10/20/14
I'm a Southern Belle and quite proud of it. There is nothing like the south. While I love to travel and see other parts of the world, nothing is more home to me than the south. Life is different here. I don't do guns, or tractors. I live in a city in the south, but my home is about half a mile from a huge cotton field. It's beautiful here and peaceful.
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19 / M / Sitting in a seat...
Posted 10/20/14
Kinda sounds like how me and a group of friends are. But where i live its kinda mixture of both country and cityish people. I don't farm or know any of that stuff.Plus where i live there a descent chunk of people who watch anime and read manga.
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Posted 10/21/14
I started thinking "what is country"

Some places nobody really farms, but there is ranching. What about the people that don't farm or ranch, but can fall a tree? If you aren't a farmer or rancher, you can also have a dairy. No cows? What about knowing how to set a charge or pan for gold?

Then I might be off the path and we are talking about just being blue collar or not.
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33 / M
Posted 11/14/14
I doubt it, but you never know. Personally, I've never met a country boy/girl who's into anime. However, they could still be at least one out there.
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Posted 11/14/14 , edited 11/14/14
You all should go watch Gintama.
Posted 11/14/14
I love country music and ride horses if that counts
Posted 11/15/14 , edited 11/15/14

wonkywilla wrote:

It's fairly country where I live.
Most everybody hunts, own atvs and goes fishing.
We did have a tractor, it was red. But if I had one, I'd paint it pink.
There are farm lands. But the majority of us just have small, personal gardens.
Potatoes, onions, squash, peas, tomatoes, mint, etc.

My favourite knife was a folding tactical knife. One of my ex's gave it to me. I ended up losing it a while back.
I can't remember the brand. It wasn't a Browning or a Benchmade.

My favorite knife is one I made.
it's 1 inch thick and the edge is cut at 45 degree wedge so it's half cutting and half crushing and one side of the thing I cut is straight while the other peels.
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