Writing/developing a new character
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Posted 10/18/14 , edited 10/18/14
I'm creating my a webcomic and having trouble to creating a basis of some main characters. I have a background, their goals, some experiences they will go through and various other things that will flesh out who they will inevitably will be one day. BUT how they react to all these things will depend on the core of who they are. From what I can tell from main characters in animes/manga they have a 2-3 primary traits and then just something that makes them who they are/really awesome.
So the point of all of that^^^ is I would like help devolving some main characters into their traits and figuring out what making them so fucking awesome maybe. I have several favorite anime/manga characters that vary in many kinds of ways, so I'm just going to pick 3 for now that are pretty similar in my opinion.

Light Yagami ¨Kira¨ from Death Note
Lelouch vi Britannia from Code Geass
Sora from No Game No Life (this pick is sorta of eh cause I don't think there's that much meat even when reading the light novels but his premise the same I believe.)

So I believe these 3 character are very similar and they just have something that makes them so fucking awesome. The thing that makes them fucking awesome might be different I dont know but id like your opinion. I don't think its the powers because Sora doesn't have powers(sort of).

3 traits definitely bind them together though

OKAY so there might not be some simple blurb that makes them really awesome or maybe that blurb doesn't connect these 3.
And if you don't understand what kind of blurb I'm talking about here's an example from nothing in particular
-They always do what is right even if it negatively impacts themselves
If you want to change this character selection or add a person go ahead. If you would like to pick a different set of character you would like help devolving into there basics post those as well!
I hope everyone understands what I'm trying to accomplish. not very good with dem writing words (which is odd considering I want to be a writer)
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When writing or making a character, it's important to establish their backstory. The backstory defines the character while the main plot will determine who they will end up becoming. The traits of a character is most often a reflection of their backstory. Here's an example:

Let's say that you have a character who's quiet, detached, and a lone wolf (these are the traits). The reason why he's the way that he is is because he was bullied growing up and never had the ability to connect and form firm relationships for being different, and also the fact that he never had anyone to rely on.

Now you have a character who is closed off and distant because deep down he's afraid to open up and be hurt again. Throughout main plot, this character will find a companion, or companions, and will slowly learn to open up and express himself. Now, he can also have the traits of being quirky and hilariously awkward in most social situations of which will make him more lovable to the readers. By the end of the main plot, instead of being the recluse that he was, he is now a warmer, friendlier guy who is confident and no longer afraid of being himself.

I hope this advice helps!
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