Random stuff that bugs you in MMO's
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Posted 10/18/14 , edited 10/18/14
Like things people do in an MMO that just gets on your nerves.

I normally play Healer classes it's what i enjoy but one thing that always bugs me is when you have that one guy who face smashes into everything and expects you to babysit him then when he dies he is an even bigger annoyance because all he does is spam party chat with "Res" "Res me" "Omg res me!" when you have other party members to keep alive and honestly I'm usually waiting for an opening to get a res off without it being in the middle of some big boss mechanic where he'll res during it and instantly die again >.<.

Also can't stand mad dog tunnel vision types they occasionally fall under the other one but you mostly see these guys in PvP. They don't see the fight at all they can only focus on one target and often chase them until they get suckered into a bad situation. In PvE these people are bad too especially if it's the tank and they don't pay attention to what is around them.

While i am at it really offensive names. People think they are being clever but it just makes them look lame when their character is called SexyBoobSlut or something they are usually a certain type of person you probably don't want in your party anyway XD.
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Posted 10/18/14 , edited 10/18/14
Microtransactions, I know it's a huge market and the profits are insane and the devs want to make money, but, pay to win microtransactions annoy me somewhat. I suppose purely cosmetic isn't really a big deal.

Not to be racist or anything and there are always annoying people in every region but uh.."BR" is really something I can't stand in MMOs, well, not really just "BR" but more specifically groups of people that just spam stupid crap like "BR? BR? AJAJAJAJAJEHUEHEU" or "GER? U GGER? GER!" "PINAY? PINOY" PIIIIINOY?? TAGAGAGATA?" Nothing against these countries or people from these countries but yeah...don't do this in a MMO please. And to be fair, griefers/trolls of this nature in general are just dumb.

People who "role-play" in front of masses of crowds and carry on their little pre-pubes sexual discoveries in MMOs. Seriously? ZERO sense of decency. No one wants to or needs to watch these two furries or whatever the heck they happen to be explicitly explain how they are touching each other and &*@# in the middle of the main town. Hard to believe how GMs don't ban this.

Probably way more to think of but those are my biggest pet-peeves in MMOs.
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Posted 10/18/14 , edited 10/20/14
My pet peeve is gacha ... ( bascially boxes/chest you pay with real money to get and the box's content is random so you might not even get a good item from it or not ) Nexon love this. They combine this with pay to win weapons, too bad they have Mabinogi or else i would never even support Nexon.

Tanks who think they are god of a party. Don't get me wrong, i played as tank in almost every mmo too, but i had seen a few other tank who act like a total jerk and couldn't forgive a single mistake that the dps or healer do. In a pick up group raid before, there was this random new player who accidently triggered boss fight just once and the tank is sprouting out swears nonstop and refuse to tank and so i had to aggro the both bosses to keep the whole raid alive. ( it's a dual boss fight ) . Sure they can be mad at the indiviual players but at least don't drag other innocent members of the party or raid into it.

Posted 10/20/14 , edited 10/20/14
The hero in the party.
"Only heal me!"

And the rainman dps number nazi.
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Posted 11/18/14 , edited 11/18/14
In Star Wars: The Old Republic, you have companions that you can equip with gear. People used this as an excuse to roll need for items their main characters can't even use. Number one thing that pissed me off in that game.
Posted 11/18/14 , edited 11/18/14
i've stopped playing MMO's, because playing with random people is so stupid. it makes me mad more often than it makes me happy.

like people kick you out of a party if you're not wearing the right gear or if your skill level is not right. they want dungeons to be as easy as possible.

I have a completely different mentality to most MMO gamers. I play MMO for fun and challenge, i don't care if someone sucks... or if a dungeon is hard. I like figuring out and discussing with my party members different strategies, i like trying it out over and over again. i hate it when people complain about the difficulties... and then quit.

These are things that prevent me from playing MMO, I suppose. I enjoy the genre, but i do not like playing with random people. A good guild is hard to find...

Wish i had real life friends who are into MMO's. Because randoms don't do it for me anymore. I can't stand their defeatist attitudes.
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Posted 11/18/14 , edited 11/19/14
People that literally do nothing but leech to lv, and thus never learn how to actually play their character. I seriously can't stand those people, then their ignorance on how to play, ends of causing problems for other players too sigh.
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Posted 11/19/14 , edited 11/19/14
People like me,who don't watch youtube videos for end-game and just fly right in there. (Doing currently in FFXIV RR)
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