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Posted 10/18/14 , edited 10/18/14
5 hours in and I have to say I am disappointed.
There are two modes of interest for anyone who has played every game in the series up until this point

Ninja Escapades: 3 scenes where you get to see some original animated scenes with a few battles inbetween.
Very reminiscent of the former Naruto games story mode, nothing new here, and the only reason anyone will do these will be to unlock the few characters you get from it and watch the animated scenes.

Ultimate Tournament: This is the actual story mode of the game, very similar to Naruto Ultimate Ninjastorm: Shippuden.
Except the main part of the story revolves around Mecha Naruto, a filler ark that was shown in the animated series as well, non-canocial.

I have to say I am very disappointed with this game, and the ever growing character roster simply won't make up for the lack of things to do, that you haven't already done in former instalments.
Revolution is obviously a "filler" game much like Naruto Ultimate Ninjastorm: Generations, were.
with few if not close to no new things to do and generally a feeling of a lack of everything that matters in a sequel.

I suspect the reason for this is because they are planning to do one last game in the series that follows the story closely, but they can't get too far ahead of the anime (barely at all in fact) so they have to wait for the Anime to continue.

Which in other words means we will most likely see another two revolution games, maybe even 3 since they have been releasing these almost every year.

Verdict: If you can't afford this game right now, don't worry you are not missing out. In fact I encourage you to wait for the next game in the series rather than buying this.
A very disappointing instalment in the series with no flavor whatsoever.

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