Your most beloved anime,and who do you love and hate in it?
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Posted 6/28/07
I LOVE ALL ANIME!!!Here are some of them:
HELLSING(LOVE: alucard,alexander anderson,walter),i don't hate anyone..
INUYASHA(LOVE:sesshoumaru,kouga,naraku,miroku,inuyasha),and i (HATE:kagome(go back to your time!!!),kikio(you ARE DEAD,go dig your self a grave!!!)
NARUTO(LOVE:sasuke,itachi and the guys from the akatsuki,naruto,orochimaru,kabuto,garra,neji,kakashi,iruka,shino,shikamaru,kiba and akamaru,and i (HATE:sakura(GIVE UP SASUKE HATES YOU,who wouldn't you are sooooo anoying....!!!!!!!),ino-pig,ten-ten)
FRUITS BASKET(LOVE:kyo,yuki,haru,hatori,akito,shigure,ayame),and (HATE:thoru(go and DIE BI*CH,GOD I HATE YOU!!!!!!),kagura(will you stop hurting kyo you cold harted BI*CH!!!!!!)
LOVELESS(LOVE:suobi,ritsuka,natsuo,youji,seimei),(HATE:yuiko and yuiko...)
D.N.ANGEL(LOVE:Dark,krad,daisuke),(HATE:riku,risa------>Go and die!)
Yeah,i'm possessed ,i know...

And you?
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Posted 6/28/07
There are 2 threads already in existance covering these two topics XD

****Recommended/FAVORITE ANIME! ****
Favorite Anime Character

Please refere to the above threads in future ^_^
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Posted 6/28/07
BasouKazuma locked your other thread for a reason:

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