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Opening Music
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21 / F / Australia
Posted 11/5/14

generalschrimpf wrote:

kokorowohiraite wrote:

In no particular order;

Death Note
The World by Nightmare

Bleach OP 1
Asterisk by Orange Range

Bleach OP 2
D-Tecnolife by UVERworld

Kiddy Grade
Mirai no Kioku by YUKA

Chrono Crusade
Tsubasa wa Pleasure Line by Minami Kuribayashi

Tori no Uta by Lia

Angel Beats
My Soul, Your Beats! by Lia

Outlaw Star
Through the Night by Arimatsu Masahiko

Ao no Exorcist

Coppelia no Hitsugi by Ali Project

Edit: This is actually a pretty out-dated list of mine, here are some additions/more I thought of.

Attack on Titan
Guren no Yumiya by Linked Horizon

Neon Genesis Evangelion (can't believe I didn't add this before)
A Cruel Angel's Thesis by Yoko Takahashi

H.T. by Tsuneo Imahori

Bleach Op 5
Rolling Star by Yui

Bleach Op 10
Shoujo S by SCANDAL

Cardcaptor Sakura Op 1
Catch You, Catch Me by Gumi

So many more, but I'm too lazy ; 3;

My head. It exploded... xD

Hopefully in a good way!
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Posted 11/5/14

moonhawk81 wrote:

So far this season, I think Trinity Seven has both the best OP and ED.

I have to agree on this! Along with F/SN OP as well.
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Posted 11/5/14 , edited 11/5/14
Currently LOVING Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso's opening!
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Posted 11/5/14
You all need to learn how to spell Baccano!

As far as this current season goes, I'll probably have to say Akatsuki no Yona.
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Posted 11/5/14
Naruto Op 5
Youths Rhapsody by Sanbomasutā

Full Metal Alchemist Op 4
Rewrite by Asian Kung-Fu Generation

Tokyo Ghoul Op 1
Unravel by xLuna Sama
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Posted 11/5/14
Currently my favourite opening is Mirai Nikki's first OP, Kuusou Mesorogiwi. I love this series' soundtrack! Before that, it was Fate/Zero's opening, and as for this season, it's likely Ignite from Sword Art Online II, since I haven't been keeping up with too many anime, more catching up with previous ones.
Posted 11/5/14
Hunter X Hunter has a pretty good opening.
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Posted 11/5/14
Should merge with this forum since it's already existing.
Favorite Opening and Closing song
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Posted 11/5/14

KalNanashi wrote:

What is everyone s favorite opening song? Mine is Season 3 of Bleach ~ Ichirin no Hana

Sorry for the late close on this--not sure why it didn't get noticed earlier.

This topic is more appropriate for the Anime forum, where we already have a topic that covers this. Please feel free to add your thoughts there:

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