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Posted 10/18/14

Bastion is a city far away, created by loyal Expansionists looking to start anew. This city is the highest producer of grown goods, with these foods being their primary export. Bastion's very well known for their giant monalith of the fallen expedition groups that found the spot of the cities placement.

Bastion is located on a temperate plains, which happens to be perfect land for farming. Most people from Bastion are kindred people, but are very hardy people due to the hard manual labor.

Points of Interest

Foxgate- The Main Building of Bastion. Gaining citizenship of Bastion is done through here, but to get work you must go to the nearby Farmers Guild. The name was given due to the Insignia of the Expedition group that died to found this city, a Fox.

Farmers Guild- Members are farmers who band together through even the toughest of times. Here you can buy produce, tools, and even animals. Here is where you can get processed with work, as this city is mainly a agricultural city.

The Great Monolith- The giant monolith with the names of the expedition members who founded Bastion. Sitting in center of the city, people go here to give thanks for everything they have. The names total about 12 seperate individuals, all of which died from the harsh winter, and vicious animals in the area. A Fox symbol on the top of the stone monolith, symbolizing the group's insignia that was found on this exact spot.
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