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Waterhole was a township created as a halfway point for expedition groups, named from the various animals that take residence within the town during droughts. Town's motto is "Your Home Away from Home" as expedition groups tend to use Waterhole as the far away base of their operations.

Waterhole is located in a dry, arid desert. Most people from Waterhole are either expedition members, citizens who chose to stay, or are people who are escaping crimes as it is ran in a "You hurt me, I hurt you" mentality. Though most people here are kind enough to help with any problem, trust isn't always granted to people from here.

Points of Interest

Waterhole Head Office and Trading Post- A Building that doubles uses for the city. Here one can get citizenship and a job sending goods to other cities. Considered the most populated place, it is often crowded and chaotic. Paperwork here takes about three months longer to process than any other place in The Fault.

Milton's Bottle (Tavern)- Here is where you can find a place to stay. Often a place where you can get contact with expedition groups and learn more of the world around you. Though here is also a place where asking the wrong person can end with a random bar fight, be weary here.

Cassandra's Tinkerer Shop- Owned by a Cassandra Le Mont. This is the main facility for manufacturing, repair, and distribution for wares in the city. Most of her products are mechanical tools that help people in expeditions, but she does sell various other products that can be helpful to almost anyone.
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