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Posted 3/14/16 , edited 3/14/16


Reminds me that I need to go finish 7....

Also there are movie versions of Frontier, "Wings of Goodbye" and "The False Songstress" Honestly I prefer them. Most of them, well especially the second one is pretty much all new footage, A lot of new songs for both Sheryl and Ranka (wow but those macross singers love to abuse Holograms (Heck even Minmay did it in DYRL))... Alto makes a choice....

As for this one... it seems like the Type V infection is more common these days, so yeah I'm seeing more direct sequel to Frontier
Posted 4/4/16 , edited 4/4/16
Ahhhh Kawamori-san never ceases to amaze me with his work I'm freaking loving episode 1 already, this and Super Lovers are definitely gonna be the favorites for Spring ^^

I expect a lot of goodness from this show and I sense maybe a Love Triangle Between HayatexFrejya and HayataxMirage, might be wrong but Kawamori loves his loves Triangles in his anime so I'm excited xD

I realize just today I wrote Sheryl's name instead of Mirage how dumb could I be -.- but I have a feeling Mirage will fall for Hayate half through the series just like Zessica did with Amata in Aquarion Evol. Though not to sure who will fall for Freyja besides Hayate, maybe one of the boys from the other group
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Posted 4/4/16
I need to watch it I'll watch it soon.
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