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Hi thanks for Joining the group,
I am QueenFegMina, but Mina for short. I love to read, & write poetry.
Though I only write when i'm inspired. & right now I don't know much about authors from books
& such sadly, because I've been just reading what I might find interesting. But I just made my
mind, & with the help of you people I do hope to be able to find really good recommendations,
& know about good authors I can follow.
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I'm zicky I like a good story especially ones that end tragically." Sometimes the hero has to die"
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F / Elysium
Posted 10/24/14 , edited 10/25/14
I have too many names that I introduce myself as, but I guess for this group, just call me Blyss. I am a lover of all things literary; words give me so much pleasure. I like to read, write, and collect quotes. My favorite genre is fiction, but I read nonfiction stuff now and then if it's interesting enough.
As for writing, I like free verse. I'm not good with meters and rhyming, so this type of writing feels really unlimiting.
Looking forward to being a part of this group~
/omg, let's start a book club/
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I am Kaia Hellsing I feel lost in this world of hate but enjoy the mystical world of reading.
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29 / M / Kentucky
Posted 11/3/14 , edited 11/3/14
I am Wolf And I look forward to the time we may share together. I am a novice writer but it is something I enjoy. Hope to improve my skills by sharing with you all.
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I like to write poetry & short stories.
I also like to read a lot.

My name is Asuka。
I am dating Cano。

I guess you would call me a Tsundere。
I love Shoujo/Romance manga。
I also love electronics,
And regrettably, I cannot live without them。

The End~。

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F / I wonder. . .
Posted 11/9/14 , edited 11/10/14
Hi I'm Suzune or you could call me Taiyana ! I love to write but only when I feel the inspiration flowing. I guess I love fantasy settings where there's mysteries and things top be solved. In the middle of writing a story and I'm nearly on part 2! I love reading (especially the maze runner). Well I guess that's the end of my short ish long ish introduction. I hope we can write a story together! (^°^)/
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25 / M / A galaxy far far...
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Hi all I am higu!!! I like ummmm stuff!! That's the word! I haven't managed to write a lot lately but I'm hoping maybe il put some atuff up on here and see where it all goes!!
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Hello, I'm.. Uh, call me whatever you want.

I read basically anything. I don't like sad or depressing endings much. At the pace I read, books tend to not last long, so I've gone through a massive amount.

I can not write stories myself, but I wish I had that talent.
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Posted 11/25/14 , edited 11/25/14
Hey everyone! I am Aurasphinxiar, call me Aura for short.

I was just looking around on the Crunchyroll site's grouping page and saw this here! To me, stories are fascinating in every aspect. I look forward to reading the stories others create and interacting with the members of this group.

Keep reading, keep writing, and keep on typing!
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