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Posted 10/21/14 , edited 10/21/14

eyeofpain wrote:

DarkAbsol wrote:

asharka wrote:

I can also verify this behavior on that episode.. I tried a different browser (IE), bare bones, no add-ons or extensions, without logging in, so the commercials came up and it did freeze at exactly 8 minutes at both 360 and 480p resolutions.

It doesn't freeze in Chrome when I log in with my membership so that ads do not come up. It plays through with no problems at both 480p and 720p as well that way. It only seems to affect users who would get ads.

Glad to know I'm not the only one who's experiencing this exact problem. I'm a free member, so I watch with either SD or 480p. I watch the anime here with Adblock no problem, until I encountered that exact problem, which caused the system to crash. I just wish 12th Episode of Chronicles of the Going Home Club would be fixed. :(

Koitenshin wrote:

I finally hit the 12th episode of that series today, and I too am having DarkAbsol's issue. I've done EVERYTHING that normally clears up issues on this site (for me anyways), and nothing worked at all including lowering the resolution.

I had some extra guest passes, so I sent you guys one each. Let us know if you can get past the 8 minute mark as a premium member.

Thank you for the Guest Pass. I used the Pass and watched beyond the 8 minute mark and is working just fine (yes, still has Adblock enabled). Seems that the ad at the 8 minute mark (i think it's 8:07 or 8:09 mark) is the bad 'bug' that causes the system to crash. :/
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