Is Hashirama Senju wrong?
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Posted 10/20/14 , edited 6/20/15

Hashirama is known to be a great man who brought about great peace.
But did he...?

Hashirama successfully set an example for the other 4 nations.
People even said "Hashirama ended all minor conflicts" but what they neglect to mention is that he started all MAJOR conflicts. Four Great Shinobi Wars took place within a a few decades because of him.
He said his dream was to unite the Five Nations so one day they can fight side by side and he stands so proudly on the battlefield as he watches his dream become realised. But Madara is the real reason why they all united.
The Tsuchikage said to Madara "We've united now and understood each other, surely there's hope for the future" to stop his plans, however even if they have united now, if Madara loses, they will eventually continue fighting again.

As Nagato put it: "As long as humans exist in this world, there can be no peace."

Madara isn't a villain, his ultimate objective is to obtain World Peace. And he has the most realistic approach to obtaining it. Hashirama's plan is futile, just like the Sage of Six Paths' plan.
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Posted 10/20/14 , edited 10/24/14
This Madara worship has to end.

No Hashirama is not responsible for the war that followed, not even indirectly.
His vision was exactly that of what he spoke of, unlike so many others he did not have any ultirior motives.

You cannot compare real world logic to a universe like Naruto.
We may obtain peace through deterrent in our world, but in a world like Naruto, people's convictions are shared mostly with the vision of their leader.

Putting the entire world in a coma like state can hardly be considered a realistic approach.
That's practically the same as saying that by wiping every human being from the planet, we can avoid war.
No shit, because there will be no one left to start a war.

The only thing I agree with you on is that Madara is not a villain, unlike someone like Orochimaru who is truly twisted, Madara is simply misguided.
And from what I can understand from the upper circles of spoilerland, there is a very good reason as well, one that I won't spoil here, because I'm not that much of an asshole.
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Posted 3/18/16
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