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Posted 10/21/14 , edited 10/21/14
Hello Integrians!

We here at Integrability hope that you all have been doing great, and do apologize for the delay in the annual monthly update last month. However, it seems that we've had gigantic things come up between this month and the last such as the official announcement of The World R:2.5 from CC Corporation, finding out what really caused The World R:2 to mysteriously go offline, and big events in the offline roleplay too even.

Speaking of which, in the offline roleplay it looks like we've had some steamy dealings with Kordello and the ever popular Hannah. The two put up a great show, posting almost daily to make up what made for amazingly intimate banter as well as some much needed comic relief. So our applause goes out to those two for doing such an excellent job and really spicing things up. Great job you two! On the other hand the fight continues as unknown assailants begin to attack Kyomi and Tsunami. It seems that the two have it under control though as Kyomi made her way up to the snipers that had been firing at them, helping Tsunami's friend take them out from the rooftops. Tsunami on the other hand is fighting hard, raging against hordes of enemies and standing his ground all on his own, but seems to not be doing so hot. So we'll just have to wait and see how that all pans out. Exciting stuff though!

In other news, it looks like CC Corporation has finally released their Official Website for The World R:2.5, along with many little fun tidbits of information relating to the game itself. What was most interesting though was the Pre-Launch Patch Notes that the corporation put out and the announcement of an official release date for The World R:2.5. You can find both of the links to those articles at the bottom of this update.

As we look on toward that November 1st release date, and all of the changes that have apparently been made to this revision of The World we just can't help but be excited. It seems that CC Corporation has out done themselves this time and we couldn't be more thrilled, and we hope that you all are just as excited!

Anyhow, we hope you all have a wonderful month and that we see you at the release party in Mac Anu on November 1st. Until then!

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