Writing a story. Help (artists) needed!
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Posted 10/21/14
Hello People!

I'm writing a story which I intend to release as a manga. The problem is I can't draw, so I'm at the mercy of you talented artists.

Here is a blurb of the story:

"After saving a mysterious man from a mugging, Himura Satoko had a strange gift forced upon her: a magical clone of herself!

Strangely enough, the clone calls herself Yuno and apart from their physical appearances, Satoko and Yuno are completely different people. Because of this, Satoko begins to question the origin and purpose of this 'clone'.

Exactly what kind of chaos has the strange man that day, who obnoxiously refers to himself as Blackstone, brought into Satoko's high school life?"

The story includes the following genres: Supernatural, Romance, Comedy, Drama

Your Role: I'm looking for artists to first help me with the character designs. Once that is done, we can discuss if you still want to help out.

If you are interest, PM me and I will give you my contact details.

***Please be prepared and willing to show me some of your work (this is so I know what art style/s you use). You can just link me with your DeviantART page or anything similar if you have one.***

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Posted 10/21/14
Hi there,

I'm closing this one because you made the exact same topic here.

Please refrain from making multiple topics with the same subject/purpose in different forums.

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