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Thoughts on Mobile App
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Posted 10/28/14 , edited 10/28/14

Do you have any HTML, Java or C# experience? If you do then I might be avail to help you make the app and it's UI run on a Android phone.
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Posted 10/28/14
No I have absolutely no experience with any of those. Coding is foreign to me lol
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Posted 10/29/14
The Chromecast part of the app has a few issues.

After watching say Ep.5 of something, when you go back to the app you have to back out of the Queue page (the app then disappears), bring the app back up from the list of running apps, let it wake-up and go back to the Queue page before it will show you Ep.6.

Sometimes after watching for a while, it seems there are two instances of the app running. You have to close one down and swipe it off the list of running apps, then pull down the notification bar and activate the one that's still running. (and then to the close/reopen dance to get the Queue page to update).

Sometimes after watching a show, if you just leave the phone sitting, it will start playing the end of the show you just finished watching on the phone (not on the Chromecast).

Sometimes the play-time indicator at the bottom of the screen gets all messed up, like showing a length of 5:00 for a 24:00 show.

It's not unbearable, but too often it gets totally messed up and needs a full-blown restart of the app to fix it.

UI-wise, it needs a 'seen it' icon after you've watched something so you don't have to keep checking until the 'Coming Soon' finally shows up. (or a 15:42 -ish display of how much of a show you've watched for the ones you haven't finished).

It would be nice to have '<' '>' back/forward buttons on the shows in the Queue so you don't have to go to the list of all videos to pick a different episode.

The play screen needs a 10s rewind button like Netflix so you can go back and pause to read those screens that are full of translated text that flash by way too fast to read.

I'd really rather tapping on a show in the Queue would bring up a page with the episode summary and a play button rather than playing the video directly so you can make sure you haven't watched it before waiting for it to load and play.

I could probably go on forever...
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