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[FF] Deadman Wonderland : To Keep Sane
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Posted 11/1/14
how do i do that again?
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Posted 11/2/14

Just go to your original post on the first page and edit it in. I suggest it be formatted in a bigger font so it will be more noticeable.
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Posted 11/3/14 , edited 11/3/14
chapter 4.5

I slept through the rest of the day and before I knew it, it was already morning. This was the second time I didn’t hear the alarm go off. Either I was in such a deep sleep that I didn't hear it go off , or this danm thing wasn't working anymore for some reason.

I got up, sat on the edge of the bed and got lost in thought about everything that happened yesterday. The fact that I have 10 college girls following my every order , their transformation ability , the order types and professor shiro. Everything was a blur and my head was starting to hurt from all this.

then out of nowhere a very loud knock on the door startled me enough to snap me out of the trance I was in.

I knew that knock way too well, it was my mother. ‘’yeah!’’ ‘’katskuki that girl from yesterday and a friend of hers is here for you , get dressed’’. ‘’ok!’’ I looked back at my alarm clock to see what time it was. It read ‘’9:00’’ what is mina doing here so early , and who is this friend she’s with? I was still tired even after sleeping for so long , but I did what my mom told me to and got dressed.

I went downstars to my mother and a waiting mina and karoko. ‘’hi mina , karoko I said as soft as I possibly could. ‘’whats with the shy greeting? Say hi to us with more energy will ya? ‘’mina don’t pressure him , master hasn't fully woken up yet’’ ‘’I know that but still’’. I took both mina and karoko by the hand and led them outside. I was sure to take one last look at my mother; she was grinning from ear to ear and trying to hold in her laughter.

Once were actually outside, I made sure that we were as far away from my house as possible before saying anything.

‘’karoko’’ I said with a serious tone in my voice. ‘’yes master? ‘’next time you’re in front of my mother don’t call me master, save that for when where in school or somewhere other than my house’’ ‘’ok master’’. ‘’so you like being called master then? mina asked with a mischievous grin on her face.

‘’n-no that’s not it I just- mina cut me off before I could finish explaining. ‘’YOU LIKE BEING CALLED MASTER ADMIT IT’’ Mina said while leaning over staring into my eyes and her grin getting bigger by the second.

‘’no I will not admit it because it’s not true danmit!’’ mina and I were so busy arguing that we didn't realize we were already at the school. ‘’mina we’re here’’ I said trying to stop her from belittling me.

‘’don’t think I haven’t caught on to you you pervert’’ mina said quietly to me. the three of us went to class and upon our arrival shiro was standing near the door. I tried to enter the classroom but shiro grabbed my hand , stopping me from going in.

‘’mina and koroko you two go inside , I need to borrow your master for a minute , katsuki come with me’’. I nodded my approval for mina and karoko to go in without me and followed shiro .she led me to the hallway and we walked until shiro was confident enough that the girls wouldn't hear us. ‘’alright katsuki remember when I said yesterday that I couldn't tell you everything because I had to leave? ‘’yeah’’ ‘’well its time for round 2 , which brings me to my second point’’ shiro said while pulling out her galaxy s3.

‘’do you also remember when I said there would be no more than three apps added to your phone? Yeah’’ I said nervously. ‘’well I changed my mind , originally I was going to use the sexual orders alone as your lesson but last night I came up with a better idea’’.

I was shaking in my boots just hearing that she came up with a new idea, as if the first one wasn't bad enough. ‘’so does this mean your getting rid of the original plan? I asked still shaking in fear. ‘’yep now take out your galaxy and look at the home screen’’. I did what she asked and looked at the apps on my phone.
It said ‘’professor’s objectives’’
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Posted 11/8/14 , edited 11/8/14
chapter 5
This feeling I had in the pit of my stomach came out of nowhere. this one wasn’t like the one I had earlier this one was worse.

‘’Take a guess katsuki , you’re a smart boy so you probably know what I intend to do using this app don’t you? Shiro asked with a voice that sent a chill down my spine.
‘’I have no idea’’ I said even though I already did to an extent.
‘’well then let me explain’’ shiro said knowing that I was lying.

Shiro opened the app and showed it to me seeing that I was too scared to do it myself. The screen showed a mini shiro icon with the words ‘’professor’s task underneath it. There was a column underneath the icon and the words. One was the only number in that column so far.

‘’now open your app, do it!’’ shiro commanded with a frightening look in her eye.
I felt a little better now that I knew what the app looked like, and besides I didn’t want to piss her off because only god knows what she would have done to me if I did. My screen was exactly the same as hers.

‘’From now until the end of the semester I will be giving you task to complete involving the girls either by telling you in person or by simply sending you a notification to your phone’’ shiro explained.
‘’each time you complete a task your phone will make whatever sound your phone makes when you get a new message , telling you that you have completed said task’’ shiro continued.

‘’yes I will also be notified in the same way’’ shiro said just to make sure I knew.
‘’now are there any questions? Shiro asked trying to make sure I understood everything.
‘’so whats my first task? I asked in fear.
‘’Your first task will be to cop a feel on one of the girls’’ shiro said.
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Posted 11/12/14
To keep sane chapter 6.

There was absolutely no way out of this. if I didn't do it shiro was going to do something horrible to me. on the other hand if I did cop a feel and one of them I may not be able to control myself and my boob fetish was going to become worse!

At this point i was in no way shape or form willing to find out what shiro had planned for me if I didn't do what she asked. First thing was first though, I had to eat.

Kasuga’’ bring me some bacon and eggs’’ I commanded.
‘’yes sir she replied.

Kasuga brought the food and told me to enjoy. I tried to eat as slowly as possible so that I didn’t have to face the music so soon. I cringed when my tray was empty. I could have sat there all day but that would have only delayed the inevitable. It was time to get this over with.

My choice was ami. I threw away my tray and then called on her to get started.

Ami’’ I said.
‘’yes sir? She asked.
‘’let’s go to the second floor, I want to check it out.’’ I told her.
‘’alright master’’ she replied.

This was part of my plan yes, but there was also some truth to that. I wanted to go explore some of the floors yesterday, but I didn't get a chance.

‘’the rest of you can do anything you want until we get back’’ I said directing my words towards the other girls.
‘’yes master’’ they responded in unison.

(I don’t think I’ll ever get used to girls my age calling me master) I looked over at mina before we left. She was blushing and when I made eye contact with her she turned away from me. (mina if you knew about the situation I’m in right now , you wouldn't be turning away from me like that) we left and headed for the elevator.

Once we got to the second I started looking for a room we could go into. There was the nurses office , bathroom’s , the principal’s office and classrooms for some of the other professors. I didn't want to disturb any of the classes and I didn't want any staff members seeing us.

Finally after some tiresome searching I finally found a room. I signaned for ami to follow me inside and braced myself in case god didn’t forgive me for what I was about to do.

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Posted 11/14/14

what is he gonna do man! my first time reading hentai in words got me imagining the whole while man
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Posted 11/14/14
lol glad to see your into it.
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Posted 11/15/14
To keep sane chapter 6.5

Slap* katsuki you pervert! , did you guys see that!? What a creep! , this guy’s a lowlife! , he makes the male population look bad! , he should be ashamed! –master…master! Ahaa! Wha- master are you alright? Ami!’’ ‘’yes it’s me , are we going inside now? She asked.

‘’yea I said still not knowing what was going on. I must’ve been spacing out. What was that just now? I was standing in front of this girl and all of a sudden she slapped me called me a pervert! Then these people were calling me names.

Thank goodness ami snapped me out of it. the door to the room I had chosen was surprisingly open. It took me until we went inside to notice , but this door didn’t need a key , once you turned the lock it locked by itself. Ami closed the door upon my request and faced me with a cold but cute stare.

(this is a nice room but wait a minute this is too much of a coincidence.) alright ‘’Ami I know you must be wondering why I brought you in here so allow me to explain’’ I said
‘’you don’t have to master but I would like to know’’ ami said.

( what should I do? , I can’t just touch her breast without asking , I mean she is a girl after all I’m sure she has her pride. ‘’I could tell her that it’s for a mission but would she believe me? No I know what I need to do. I need to call shiro).

‘’ami I said with conviction in my voice.
‘’yes master’’ Ami replied.
‘’do you have shiro’s phone number? I asked
‘’we all do master, her number is in your contacts just call it.
(I’m an idiot, why did I even ask that) ‘’thanks, I’ll be right back’’ I said leaving the room.
‘’ no problem master”” Ami responded.

As stupid as this might have been, I stood by the door and called shiro. I don’t know why but I felt like something was going to happen to ami if I left her unguarded. At the same time , I didn’t want ami overhearing our conversation but I had to take that risk

‘’hello’’ katsuki how’s it going? Shiro asked too calmly for my taste.
‘’its going terrible! I said’’ with quiet anger.
‘’what’s the matter? , you’re not afraid to touch a girl’s breast are you? Shiro asked mockingly.
‘’No shiro , quite the opposite! I said trying so hard not to raise my voice.
‘’then there shouldn't be a problem’’ unless.. Wait who are you with?
‘’I’m with Ami’’ I said.
‘’oh the perverted one, well then this should be easy so get to it.
‘’Don’t say ‘’perverted one’’ so casually! I screamed.
‘’and no this isn't easy , why do you think I called- hello?
Just like that shiro hung up on me. anger began to swell up inside me as I was once again left in the dark.

I felt like going home and crying myself to sleep, but I couldn’t because of this stupid mission. I took a deep breath before going back inside. I actually began to wish I had brought one of the other girls with me , but then again that might’ve have made things worse. I went back inside and closed the door. With my body feeling tired and thoughts about shiro doing something bad to me in my head I finally said it.

‘’ami” listen I’m going to get behind you for a sec ok’’ I explained.
‘’’ok master’’ she said holding her blushed face.
(shiro Is right she is perverted , that was obvious when she blew me a kiss after she introduced herself.)
I got behind ami and proceeded to feel her up, while she was moaning I was anxiously waiting for my phone to beep, telling me that I had completed the mission.

(cmon you stupid phone! Notify me already!) After what felt like 2 To 5 minutes rather than a few seconds , my phone beeped. I took my hands off of ami's breast and checked the teacher’s task app. It read ‘’ task 1: pop a feel complete’’ with a check next to it. that took way too long. The moment I put my hand on ami’s boob I should have been notified.

I had a feeling shiro set it up so it would make me wait intentionally. I called kurea and told her to let everyone know we were coming back.
‘’Ami cmon we’re leaving I said still disgusted with myself.
She didn't hear me. Ami was lost in her own little perverted world thinking about what I just did to her.

‘’Ami!! I screamed.
‘’y-yes master I’m sorry let’s get going shall we?
‘’I just said that!’’ I yelled becoming annoyed.
‘’i-im sorry master for spacing out like that, it won’t happen again’’ she apologized.
‘’no I’m sorry ami I shouldn't have screamed at you like that.’’ I said calming down.

We went back down to the classroom and didn't say a word to each other on the way there.
(danm you shiro! , Danm you!)

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Posted 11/22/14
To keep sane chapter 7

We all met up in the classroom. The rest of the girls looked like they hadn’t left since ami and I have been gone. ami went back to her little dream world on the way to the classroom and hasn't snapped out of it since. She liked it when I felt her up that much? While I sitting at my desk lost in thought the blushing mina banged her hands down on the desk and scared the crap out me.
‘’ami is thinking something dirty! , what did you do to her while you were you gone!? Mina asked angrily.

‘’i- I have no ide- I tried to finish saying.
‘’he felt me up!’’ ami happily interrupted.
Facepalm* ami you weren't supposed to say anything! I shouted.
‘’f-fff-felt her up!? Mina asked as her face turned plum like.
‘’sorry master’’ ami apologized with way too much happiness in her voice.
‘’wow so bold’’ the twins said together.
‘’sigh* mimi I’m hot please fan me. ‘’I asked nicely.
‘’ yes master’’ mimi responded.

Mimi took a magazine out of her bag and started fanning me with it like I asked.
‘’I don’t believe you katsuki’’ mina said under her breath before going back to her usual pouting.

‘’cmon mina I can explain! I had to do it I had no choice.’’ I said trying to plead my case.

‘’huh? What do you mean you had no choice? Mina asked with the rest of the girls wondering the same thing.

They don’t know!? Shiro that bitch! She’s planning to make me do all these unholy things to the girls without telling them?! What kind of professor is she!?

‘’well you see the thing is , whether I like it or not I have to- gak.

At that moment I started choking. It took a few minutes for me to catch my breath. Everyone except for mina who was startled by my sudden choking came to my aid. I knew it. I had a feeling shiro would make it so I couldn’t say a word about this to any of them.
Danmit! What am I supposed to do now!?
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Posted 11/22/14 , edited 11/22/14
To keep sane chapter 8

I couldn’t tell them. Every time I tried the same thing happened again and again. I even tried writing it down for them but when I tried that my hand cramped. When I tried sign language that didn’t work either. But worse than any of that though mina was leaning towards the fact that I just felt up karoko because I was being perverted! She started to believe that with every second that passed because I wasn't able to explain myself.

‘’can’t explain yourself!? I knew it you just wanted to be alone with her so you could feel her up without someone interrupting you! Mina said angrily.

(yeah I can’t! , but it’s because shiro is somehow stopping me from saying anything! , not because I don’t have an explanation.)
‘’well?! I’m right aren’t I?

‘’yeah- yeah you are. I said just to stop her from yelling at me.
The other girls gasped in shock.

‘’hmph! Pervert’’ mina said with disgust
‘’I got up and headed for the door, making sure to avert my eyes away from the girls in the process.
‘I’m going home, I’ll see you tomorrow. I said

Ok master see you tomorrow. ‘’everyone except for mina said’’.
Later that evening, just as I was about to dose off my cell phone rang, it was Judith.
‘’Hello? I said surprised.
‘’Hey there Hun! Judith and someone else with a familiar voice said.
‘’hi Judith’’, is that Janet on the line with you?
‘’yep you guessed it! Janet said apart from her sister.
‘’hey guys what’s up? Is something wrong? I asked.
‘’no not really’’ Janet said.

‘’we were just wondering something’’ Judith said.
Yeah? What would that be? I asked getting a little nervous.
‘’why’d you lie like that? Janet asked.
‘’what do you mean? I asked.
‘’When you told mina that she was right about you and ami ‘’ Judith said.
I got out bed so fast I almost fell. ‘’you guys knew!? I asked.
‘’well yeah all of us expect mina knew something was up when those weird things started happening to you out of nowhere’’ janet said.

‘’ suddenly choking when you tried to speak, your hand cramping on you when you tried to write , struggling to use your fingers for sign language. Janet explained.
‘’ it just didn't make any sense! ‘’judith proclaimed.
‘’no it didn't’’ I agreed.
So what happened? ‘’Janet asked.
(If I start saying it I might end up choking again!, should I text them? Something might happen if I try that to but it’s worth a shot.)
Hello? Katsuki are you there?’’ Judith and Janet asked together.
‘’ yes girls sorry about that, listen could I text you guys I have to go’’ i said.
‘’sure. Judith and Janet responded.

We hung up and I immediately started typing my message. ‘’I think shiro is able to control what I’m allowed to tell you somehow , please tell the others about this ASAP’’. I pressed the send button but my message didn't go through.

(I knew it! , sigh* oh well that ends that, I’ll figure out a way to tell them somehow. Besides I have to deal with another task’’ of shiro’s tomorrow anyway so why waste my energy right now.)

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Posted 11/30/14 , edited 12/3/14
To keep sane chapter 9

‘’no I’m not going to tell him, he has figure it out’’ shiro said to an unidentified person over the phone’’.
‘’you really think he will remember you? ‘’the person asked
‘’he will..he has to’’ shiro says as she starts to do her hair.

Huff huff huff* I made it to the door out of breath and feeling a little dizzy after running so fast.
‘’ga-girls! I said breathing heavy.

‘’hello master how are you today!? They all asked in unison.
‘’I- huff* Im fine, a little out a breath but fine’’. I said as I took my usual seat.
‘’should I get you something to drink master? Ohara asked.

‘’yes ohara thank you, a glass of water will do’’ I said
Yes master’’ ohara responded.

I drank the glass of water ohara brought me and was able to catch my breath. mina, who seemed to be the only one that didn't know what was actually happening to me yesterday went with her usual stick of ignoring me.

‘’judith will you please tell her about the conversation I had with you and your sister yesterday!? I asked getting a little upset myself.

‘’yes master’’ Judith responded.

Judith explained to mina that all of them except her knew something was up after seeing the weird things that happened to me yesterday. She told her that Janet and herself called me on the phone to ask why I said that mina was right even though I knew in my heart that wasn't true. Lastly Janet joined in and said that I told them I was going to text them why instead, but they never got the text.

‘’idiot’’ mina said hiding her face under hair.

‘’you idiot!! ‘’mina screamed , this time revealing her face that was covered in tears.
‘’whoa! Hey why are you-
Before I could finish my question, she slapped me across the face with all her strength and then ran out. The rest of the girls came to my aid immediately.

‘’are you alright master? Kurea asked with worry.
‘’yeah I’m fine’’ I said while getting up and sitting back in my chair.
‘Should I go after her master? Mimi asked.
‘’no leave her alone for now. ‘’ I said.

(I guess she knew after all, but if she did why didn't she just say that instead of yelling at me and accusing me of just being a pervert? That would have made things much easier)

Ami and koroko decided to try to make me feel better by giving me a double kiss. Right at that moment shiro walked in.

‘’alright you two that’s enough you’ll have plenty of time to kiss his cheeks later , right now I need to borrow him for a minute’’.
(Here we go again)

‘’girls I’ll be right back’’
Ok master ‘’ they all said.

I followed shiro to the hallway like before. She really was determined to make sure the girls didn't hear our daily conversations about these tasks I had to complete.

‘’alright katsuki first I want to congratulate you on completing your first mission here at Osaka university. Shiro said with a smile on her face.

(I don’t know if that’s something to congratulate me on) ‘’thanks I said
‘’so what will it be this time? I asked trying to hurry the conversation.

‘’this time I want you to ask one of the girls some personal questions’’ shiro said.
‘’p-personal questions? I asked as I started quivering.

‘’yep , you know things like what their measurements are , when is their period , or maybe just their cup size instead of all three mesurments’’ shiro said sounding too delighted.
(is she out of her fucking mind!? , a boy is not supposed to ask girls those kind of things!?
‘’shiro cmon I can’t ask-

‘’yes you can and you better’’ shiro said with an evil grin on her face.
‘’shiro please! Even you have to admit this is going way too far.

‘’oh trust me when I tell you this is not EVEN CLOSE to ‘’to far’’ in my book.
(that..scares me.) ‘’ok..well can I choose the one I want for the mission? I asked.
‘’no I want you to use a specific girl for this mission’’ shiro said still grinning from ear to ear.
(Please don’t choose her, anyone of them except her!)
‘For this mission, I want you to use mina.

The moment shiro said mina’s name my heart dropped. Images of the incident with mina earlier , played in my head over and over as I stood there in shock. she just HAD to choose mina. Any one of the other girls would have sufficed, but no shiro just HAD to choose the one girl who didn't even want to look at me right now.

(I have to try to convince her to choose someone else)
‘’shiro please choose someone else I-
‘’no my decision is final, you will use mina for this mission and that’s that. Shiro said turning her back to me.

‘’shiro please! Choose someone else I’m begging you! I shouted as I dropped to my hands and knees.
‘’she doesn't want to even look in my direction right now! , I don’t even know where she is! I explained.

‘’that’s your problem! , go find her and get started!’’ shiro yelled as she walked away.
I tried to get up but I couldn't. before I knew I fainted from the shock right there on the floor.

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Posted 12/6/14
To keep sane chapter 9.2

While I was knocked out I had a dream. A dream where I went on a date with ohara. On this date, we went to buy some anime DVDs and new manga that were coming out. then we went to coney island and rode the cyclone and a few other rides. Then while we were eating ohara told me a shocking story.

A story about her father saving her from a couple of kids picking on her in junior high. She went on to say that one of the boys was about to land a punch that would have broken her nose , but then her father shielded her with a mask and took the brunt of the blow himself. He used the same mask that she is wearing now according to her. She finished up by saying he took the hit but amazingly didn't suffer any significant damage. After the boys ran off she thanked him and he gave her the mask, telling her to wear it and to never show her face to anyone other than the person she loved. This is where the dream ended.

When I came to , ohara was the one calling me oddly enough.
‘’master! Your awake! , thank god. She said as she hugged me.
‘’ugh , ohara? What happened? I asked still a little dazed and confused.
‘’we were all starting to get worried after you took so long to get back from your meeting with shiro” ohara replied.

‘’yeah and then when kurea went to look for you, she found you lying on the floor.’’ Ami said.
(oh yeah that’s right I fainted after the shock shiro’s mission and hearing mina’s name gave me)
*Gasp oh crap mina! I said out loud.

‘’mina! Where’s mina!? ‘’I asked.
‘’I’m right here, stop yelling would you? A familiar voice said.

I was finally able to shake the cobwebs loose and notice mina standing right in front of me with her arms crossed and acting as shy as ever. The dryness under her eyes after crying showed as she still refused to make eye contact with me. I was afraid to say anything because of what happened between us earlier. But it didn't matter whether I liked it or not, I had a mission to complete.

‘’mina I said trying not to upset her any more than she already was.
‘’what? She asked
(she really isn't in the mood to talk right now and I don’t blame her)
I struggled to say anything else. This silence was killing me but I just couldn't bring myself to ask her these ridiculous questions especially with the mood she was in.

‘’what!? She asked raising her voice a bit.
(I can’t do it).
‘’nothing forget it.’’ I said.
Again there was mere silence. Not even ami who would usually say some kind of perverted joke in this situation said a word. I had to do something to not only break the silence, but to cheer myself up as well.

Mimi’’ I said.
Yes master? She asked.
Transform for me will you?
‘’yes master what age would you like? I’m currently at 17.
27’’ I said.
Yes master’’ she replied.
Mina rolled her eyes and turned her back to me with her arms still crossed.

Mimi began her transformation. It wasn't much different from Judith and Janet’s transformation, except that her shortened hair covered her face with the tip which looked bad ass in my opinion. I was starting to get a nose bleed again from the buxom sight that was before me.
‘’well master what do you think? , do you feel better now? Mimi asked as she bent over, causing her boobs to jiggle in the process.

‘’ yeah ugh! Yeah I do thanks mimi I needed that.
(Chuckles) no problem hun’’ mimi sweetly said.
Mina was so disgusted that she started to walk out.
‘’mina wait! I Yelled!
What? She asked more calmly this time.
(Its time for me to get this thing started, no more stalling!)
‘’can I call you later?
She went silent again for a few seconds and then she said ‘’sure’’ before leaving.
(What was that pause for? she doesn’t know about the missions does she?! , no that can’t be! Shiro is trying so dam hard to keep it between us.)

(Alright now for ohara , I really shouldn't ask this and she doesn't have to tell me if she doesn't want to. But i need to know what that dream was about.)
Ohara? I asked
‘’yes master? ‘’ohara asked.
‘’I want to ask you something, that mask your wearing, did your father give it to you?

As expected there was silence. I could tell this was personal to her. It was all because of that stupid dream I had! Where in the hell did my subconscious get the idea to put that dream in my head!?
‘’ohara its ok you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to’’ , I was just wondering that’s all.’’ I said.
‘’no its OK, yes he did. Ohara replied.
‘’oh alright I said.
(what does this mean then? ,not that I’m complaining or anything) but why did I have that dream about ohara of all people?

‘’alright girls I’m going to leave there’s something I need to do.
‘’ok master see you tomorrow’’ they all said.
Ohara , walk home with me.
‘’yes master’’ ohara replied.

Ohara and I waved bye to the girls and we headed home. While we walked I explained to ohara that the reason I asked about her mask was because I had a dream about her. I told her that the dream was about a group of boys attacking her in junior high , and that a punch from one of them would have broken her nose.

I went on to explain that thanks to her father she was spared and that he gave him the mask afterwards. Ohara was a bit surprised and told me that that’s exactly what happened to her. She asked me why I had that dream.

I told her I didn't know but that she didn't need to worry because I wouldn't tell anyone.

‘’thank you master. ohara said as we arrived at my house.
‘’you’re welcome, I’m just glad your face is ok. I said as I went inside.
‘’oh ohara? I asked as I came back out.
y-yes master? Ohara asked as she jumped.
‘’I’ll call you in a bit’’ I said.
‘’alright master’’ she responded.

Ohara left and i went upstairs to my room. Mom said dinner would be ready in an hour so that gave me plenty of time to do what I needed to do. I sat down on the bed and prepared to call shiro’s number. But as fate would have it , my phone rang before I had the chance to push the call button. It was shiro.


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to keep sane chapter 9.5
(danm that shiro! , how the hell does she do that!?)
I picked up the phone expecting her to yell in my ear until my eardrum busted, but instead the reaction was kind..too kind.

‘’hello I said all choked up.
‘’katsuki what happened? , Why didn’t you complete the mission?
‘’uh I can explain’’ I said.
‘’yes please do. Shiro said.

I explained to shiro that mina was in such a pissy mood, that it made it really hard for me to say anything to her much less ask her the questions.

‘’ I told you I didn't care about that didn’t I? , sigh* katsuki your such a wuss! Shiro claimed
‘’professors aren't supposed to call their students wusses!’’ I shouted.
‘’Besides I’m going to call her and do it after we hang up. I explained.
‘’no you have to ask her in person’’ shiro said
‘’oh cmon! Why!? I asked.
‘’it defeats the purpose if you don’t that’s why! , now I’m going to give you one more day to complete this task no exceptions!’’ shiro screamed.

After giving me a second chance we hung up. I didn't know whether shiro was being generous or if she was just so upset she took pity on me. Whatever the case was , all I knew was I had to complete this task or I’d be a dead man walking. I found it irritating that shiro never told me what would happen to me if I didn't complete all her missions. Then again deep down, I don’t think I wanted to know.

(alright now its time to call mina)
I took a deep breath before I hit ‘’call on mina’s number. The way it was going I thought it would go to voicemail, but she picked up.
‘’hello mina said

‘’hey there mina’’ I said.
‘’hey she said trying to sound as happy as possible.
‘’mina listen I’m sorry about yesterday, I don’t know what got into me.
‘’its fine she said.
(She’ll probably never really forgive me for this and I wouldn’t blame her for that either)
‘’mina if it’s not too much trouble, could you pick me up to tomorrow? I asked
‘’sure she said.
‘’alright well I have to go now so I’ll see you tomorrow morning then?
‘’yeah mina said.
‘’alright bye. I said.
Bye’’ she said.

Thanks to that conversation, a ton of weight was lifted of my shoulders. I felt like I could complete this mission without any worries.

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Posted 12/13/14
To keep sane chapter 10.

The next morning, mina was on her to pick up katsuki , when she ran into makina.

‘’oh hey there mina, where are you headed? Makina asked.
‘’I’m going to pick up katsuki why is there something wrong? Mina asked.
‘’Well it’s about master ‘’makina explained.

‘’what do you think shiro is making him do? Makina asked concerned.
‘’your guess is as good as mine mina said.
‘’I overheard katsuki talking to shiro yesterday. Mina added.
‘’is that why he fainted? Makina asked.
‘’could be, I couldn't make out everything but I heard shiro say my name and then he dropped to his knees.

‘’I hope she’s not making him do anything other than what we agreed on. Makina said.
‘’yeah let’s hope not mina agreed.
‘’you want to go pick up katsuki with me? mina asked
‘’yeah sure’’ makina said.

‘’mom! Bring me a bottle of soap please!? I yelled.
‘’you used that one up already!? ‘’mom asked.
‘’yeah sorry about that’’ I apologized.
Jeez katsuki stop using the whole bottle in one whole swoop will you!? She lectured.
‘’here! She said as she passed me the bottle of soap.
Thanks ‘’I said.

‘’you’re welcome and hurry up mina’s going to be here soon. She said.
‘’I know , I’ll be ready in time don’t worry. i said.

I finished up in the shower and got dressed. While I was tidying myself up, I heard a thump. I looked over and saw my high school year book lying on the floor. Something was telling me that I missed something when I looked at it the first time. I couldn’t help myself. I picked up the yearbook, sat at my study desk and started skimming through it. What I found when I got to the students section was absolutely baffling,

staring me dead in the face were photos of Judith and Janet. Why the hell were they in here!? I never saw them in the halls, I never had any classes with them and I danm sure didn't see them at graduation! My confusion meter had gone past 100 at this point, but just when I thought it couldn't get any more confusing than everything already was, I saw it. There was a girl named shirona. The name wasn't what threw me off, it was the picture.

This girl looked exactly like shiro only here she was in her teenage years! I closed the book so fast after seeing that it wasn't funny. I tried doing breathing exercises in my chair but that didn't work. I tried closing my eyes and resting a bit but before I could do that my mother’s all too familiar knock stopped me.

Katsuki! Mina and another one of her friends is here.’’ Mom said
‘’ok I’ll be down in a minute. I responded.
(I don’t even want to see the cover of this yearbook right now but I have got! To know what’s going on here!)

I put the yearbook in my bag and went downstairs. Mina and makina greeted me and we left. When we got to the building I told makina to go ahead without us because I needed to talk to mina alone. My yearbook had me so distracted that I almost forgot about the mission.

‘’so what is it? mina asked.
(Ok here goes nothing! , I have to keep a flow going through if I want to end this quickly)
‘’I just want to ask you a few questions that’s all.’’ I said.
) way to go genius! , nice job making it sound like your interrogating her for a crime!)
‘’ok shoot she said.
‘’ok um what’s your cup size? I struggled to ask.
‘’im a k she said as she started blushing again.
Are- are you on your period? I reluctantly asked
No’’ she said.
(Ok one more and I’m done)
‘’are you pregnant? I asked.
‘’Absolutely not! She yelled.

My phone beeped which gave me the signal to stop. I checked the app and it read ‘’task number 2, ask mina personal questions complete’’

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To keep sane chapter 10.2
Dignity... that was the only thing I’d had left and now it was gone thanks to these so called ‘’tasks. Mina and I went to the classroom where we expected the rest of the girls to be waiting. To our surprise the only one in the room was shiro. It was always uncomfortable when shiro was around, but this time I felt even more disturbed since the girls weren't here
‘’oh hey katsuki looking for the girls? shiro asked with a sly smile on her face.

(What is she plotting now?)

‘’yeah I said.
‘’there at the pool on the sixth floor, mina why don’t you get changed and go join them. I have something to talk to katsuki about anyway shiro said.

‘’alright. Mina said.

Mina left and once again I was alone with shiro. She still had that stupid grin on her face , and i don’t know if it was my eyes playing tricks on me but it looked like it was getting to the point where shiro would have to get that smile of hers surgically removed.

‘’let me guess another mission? I asked

‘’well someone has a brain; yes I have another task for you.

(You didn't have to insult my intelligence like that)
‘’well what is it? I asked getting impatient.

‘’well as I said the girls are at the pool on the sixth floor.’’ Shiro repeated.
(Please tell me this isn't going where I think it’s going)

‘’ok so? I asked
‘’so I want you to keep an eye on them.

‘’by keep an eye on them, You mean be a pervert and watch them bathe from a distance.
‘’if that’s the way you want to put it shiro said.
‘’and if I get caught? I asked
‘’there is no getting caught'' shiro said.

‘’now get to it’’ shiro said.
‘’sigh* ‘’ok I said.

As I was leaving I remembered the yearbook. I had brought it to school to show it to shiro and the twins, yet amidst all these stupid task I had completely forgotten about it. It was kind of funny how the exact opposite happened earlier.

‘’shiro wait a sec before I go I want to show you something.’’ I anxiously said as I turned back around.
‘’what is it? , make it quick you don’t want to keep the girls waiting. shiro said.
‘’right this will only take a second’’ I said.
I took the yearbook out and immediately flipped to the students section and showed her Judith and Janet’s pictures.
‘’well this is a surprise, I had no idea Judith and Janet went to your high school’’ shiro said with a bewildered look on her face.
(I’m not so sure I believe that)

‘’wait I’m not done look at this! I shouted as I turned to shiro’s picture.

Shiro didn't say a word. I may have only just started going here , but I could tell in this short amount of time that shiro was a very talkative person. She loved to talk your ears off, but somehow after seeing a picture of herself in my high school yearbook she was rattled.

Shiro turned her back to me and said ‘’katsuki go upstairs the girls are waiting’’.
(I think I just made her mad)

I went up to the sixth floor and headed for the pool. It wasn't hard to find, as soon as you got off the elevator the entrance was straight ahead. I spotted the girls having a good time splashing each other.

‘’hey girls! I said loud enough so they could hear me.
‘’hi master! Everyone but mina said.

‘’what took you so long? Mina asked.

‘’sorry shiro kept me’’ I said.

‘’what are you carrying? Mina asked looking at the book in my hand.

‘’oh this is just my high school yearbook. I said.
‘’oh mina said with a look of suspicion on her face.
‘’yeah, girls I’ll be right back! I shouted.
‘’ok they all said.

I moved a few feet away from the girls and looked through the students section of my yearbook one more time. My original plan was to look through the whole thing, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't seeing things when I saw Judith, Janet and the most suspicious of them all shiro in here.

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