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[FF] Deadman Wonderland : To Keep Sane
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DWTCS chapter 10.5
It just didn't make sense. Why would 3 girls I just met be in my high school yearbook? That’s the other mind boggling thing: why were just the three of them in here? You would think at least mina or kasuga would be in here also, but I looked and found no such luck. I closed the yearbook and looked up to find mina looking over me.

‘’ah!! Mina wh-whats up I said.

She quickly ran back into the pool.
(danmit! She saw I know she did!)

I put the yearbook back in my bag and went back to watching over the girls. They stayed in the pool for an hour and once they all got out I was notified that my mission was complete. Kasuga asked me to rinse her off with the hose and thanked me for it by blowing me a kiss. As taken aback as I was by that kiss, seconds after that something would happen that was almost too good to be true. Shiro texted me telling me that tomorrow I would have a day off from missions.

(hala luya! Now I get to find answers to a lot of these questions running through my head, or at least I’m going to try to.)

Usually at this point after clearing my mission I would go home. But I needed to find out who shiro really was. after the girls dried off I told them we were going back to the classroom because I needed to talk to them about something important. Once we got back though, I had a hard time starting up the conversation. If it wasn’t for karoko we would sat there all day.

‘’master you said you had something important to talk to us about didn’t you? Karoko asked.
Yeah I do, it’s about shiro.

‘’what about her? Kasuga asked.

‘’who is she really? I asked.
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DWtcs chapter 11

That question bordered on uncharted territory and I knew it. I could tell that just by looking at them. The girls were as tense as I had ever seen them.

‘’why do you ask master? Ami asked.

‘’well it’s just she looks familiar, i think I might have seen her somewhere before. I said

That wasn't a lie, she really did look familiar and I didn't need my yearbook to know that. But at the same time that wasn't what I really wanted to say either.

‘’have you? Mina asked with suspicion in her voice.

(Yep she saw it alright)

‘’no at least I don’t think so I said.

‘’master it’s funny you should ask that, we were going to ask you same thing’’ kurea said.
‘’really? I asked.

‘’yeah, we don’t really know much about shiro ourselves mimi said
‘’ do you find that strange master? Ohara asked.

‘’kind of, all this time I thought you all knew who shiro was and what her intentions were. I said.
‘’yes and no mina said.

‘’it’s true that shiro told us she had something in mind for you and that she wanted us to play along’’ Janet admitted.

‘’but we have no idea what that something actually is anymore’’. Judith added.

(That’s strange, why would shiro tell them to cooperate with her plan without telling them the details? More importantly why would they agree to it if that’s the case?)

‘’Girls while we’re on the subject, is she forcing you to cooperate with her? I asked.

‘’No not really master, she simply asked us help and we agreed. Makina said.

I doubted that was all there was to it , but either way I felt like I was getting somewhere with this conversation. Should they have told me all this? probably not. Still now that I knew what was really going on somewhat I was one step closer to solving the mystery of shiro.
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Dwtvs chapter 11.2

Even though this conversation about shiro was going smoothly I was worried she would hurt them if they told me too much. I had to end this now before I asked something that would get us all killed.

‘’alright then one last question, do you all mind being ordered around? I asked

Not at all master, we’re all happy with you and we’re more than willing to do whatever you wish kasuga said.

‘’yeah she’s right we don’t mind at all, we’ll do whatever you want.’’ Mimi added.

I believed them but yet somehow it felt like they were being forced to say that like if they were reading off of a script. i moved on to a different topic by asking the girls about their relationship with me. That was a stupid question and boy did mina ever rip into me for asking it.

‘’wow you’re a dumb ass! , I wouldn't be able to pick you up every day if your interactions with us were limited to just the school’’ mina said. ‘’if that was the case you’d be walking to school by yourself! Want me to make that happen!? Mina angrily asked.

‘’no mam’’ I said horrified at mina’s aggressiveness.

Master I walked home with you remember? Ohara reminded me.

‘’oh yeah I forgot’’ I said ashamed.

‘’don’t you usually leave at this point? Mina harshly asked.

(do you have to be so blunt about it?)

‘’mina stop it! Why are you picking on master like that!? Ami asked.

‘’I’m not picking on him! Mina responded.

‘’yes you are! ‘’ami responded back.

‘’I am not! , why are you fighting his battles for him anyway!? Mina asked

‘’I’m ‘’fighting his battles’’ for him as you put it because your being mean to master! Ami answered.

‘’oh please! The only reason you’re defending him is because he felt you up! Mina claimed.

Oh?! Do I detect jealousy?! Ami asked.

As much as I was enjoying this little cat fight, mina actually hit the nail on the head. I needed to get home as soon as possible.


They shut up and had terrified looks on their faces when all was said and done. No one said a word after that, so as usual I’d be the one to break the silence.

‘’makina walk me home’’ I said.

‘’yes master’’ makina said.

‘’oh so NOW you leave!? , you should have done so earlier! Mina claimed
‘’leave him alone! ‘’ami screamed.

Stay out of it! mina yelled back.

‘’NO! Ami said.

I wanted to leave with makina right away, but I had to put a stop to this before it got any more heated than it already was. Besides all this bickering was pissing me the fuck off!


I was out of breath, but whether it killed me or not I was going to make sure those two knew who was in charge of whom.

‘’Now, mina and Ami, both of you apologize to each other’’ I ordered.

‘’but master she- Ami tried to explain.

‘I SAID APOLOGIZE’’ I said trying to control my anger.

They did as I said and apologized to each other without question.

‘’good, now ami you come with me also’’ I said

‘’yes master gladly! Ami said with an upset tone in her voice.

I said bye to the rest and took one last look at mina before I left. She had her usual pouty face on only this time with a bit more fury behind it.

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The story gets interesting! and easier to read now it looks like real story now, and a lot nicer too. description is well for imagination too
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bananalen wrote:

The story gets interesting! and easier to read now it looks like real story now, and a lot nicer too. description is well for imagination too

lol thanks much , i said it would in an earlier post.

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DWtcs chapter 11.5

Makina and ami walked behind me and I could feel their breath on my neck. Ami’s was the heaviest which meant she wanted to say something, but didn’t because she thought I would yell at her again if she did.

It wasn't until I took them inside and up to room that they said anything.

‘’you have a nice room master’’ makina said as she surveyed her surroundings.

‘’thank you’’ I said.

‘’you’re welcome master’’ makina said.

Ami looked too scared to say anything.


Ami tapped makina on the shoulder. Signaling that she wanted to talk to her in private. Makina agreed and they both got up to leave the room.

‘’master will you excuse us for a second? Makina asked.

‘’sure katsuki said.

Makina and ami left the room and walked a safe distance away from the door so their master couldn’t hear them.

‘’What’s wrong ‘’ Makina asked.

‘’I can’t do it. Ami managed to squeak out.

‘’do what? Talk to master? Makina asked.

‘’talk to? I can’t even face him! Ami said as she started to cry.

‘’he hates me I know it. ‘’Ami continued.

‘’no he doesn't! , get that out of your head right now! ‘’makina warned.

Yes he does! , he screamed his head off at me! Ami continued while her crying got worse.

‘’ami listen to me, master katsuki is not like Ganta at all he is much nicer than he is. Makina said.

‘’I know, that’s why I feel like an idiot for getting him upset’’ Ami said calming down.

‘’he’s been so nice to us ever since we met him, and here I go getting him all pissed off. Ami continued.

‘’it’s not your fault, mina was being as unreasonable as ever you had every right to yell at her.’’ Makina said.

Yeah but still! , what if master never wants to never talk to me again? What if we have to go back to ganta? Ami asked in fear

Ok’’ number one like I just said master is doesn't hate you so thinking stuff like he’s never going to talk to you again is crazy. Makina assured.

‘’number two I promise you that will never happen, why are you even thinking about that asshole? Makina asked.

‘’it was the way he yelled at me, master katsuki sounded exactly like him! Ami explained

‘’well he’s not and I’ll prove it to you, now let’s go back inside master is waiting for us.
‘’sniff* ‘’ok Ami said.

Ami and makina went back inside to find their master reading a book. They say the words ‘’kindai high school yearbook class of 2012’’ engraved on the front.

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Dwtcs chapter 12

makina and Ami wondered why master was looking at his high school yearbook but they weren't about to ask. They told katsuki they were finished talking. Katsuki said ok and he told them to sit down and relax.

‘’girls I want to show you something’’. Katsuki said.


I could see the look of angst on Ami face as she sat there with makina waiting for me to show them what I wanted to show them. Even though I was mad at Ami for fighting with mina, I hated seeing her like this. I ended their suspense and showed them the photos of shiro and the twins.

. They didn't know what to say and that was a bad thing because I didn't have an answer myself. Once again it would be up to me to lead the conversation.

‘’girls what do you make of this? I said.

‘’I don’t know master; I’m just as confused as you are. Makina said.

‘’Ami? I asked?

Ami didn't say a word. I didn't realize I had frightened her this much. Makina’s thoughts on this situation weren't enough I needed ami’s.

I told makina to go home and get some rest. She got up and headed to the door but she stopped in mid walk.

‘’master before I go may I ask you something? Makina asked as she turned back around.

‘’you just did but yeah sure what is it? i asked.

Makina chuckled at that joke and said ‘’just out of curiosity master, why did you show that to us?

‘’shouldn't you be showing that to Judith , Janet and shiro.? Makina continued.

‘’well as for shiro I already did , she couldn't give me an explanation I said.

‘’as for the twins, I don’t know if I should’’ I said.

‘’what do you mean master? Makina asked

‘’ i don’t know why, but I just get the feeling I shouldn't , not yet at least’’ I explained.

‘’oh alright master, I’ll be leaving now makina said.

‘’right see you tomorrow makina “ I said.

‘’see you tomorrow master’’

Makina left and I was alone with a very distraught Ami. The poor thing looked like she was about to ball.

‘’Ami listen to me, I don’t hate you alright’’ I said.

After hearing that Ami finally looked up.

‘’I let my anger get the better of me and when that happens I go a little too far. i said.

‘’I know mina can be bossy and trust me when I tell you I hate that side of her. ‘’ I said.

‘’but you have to try to put up with it. I said.

‘’but master she’s so- Ami tried to finish saying , but her sniffling wouldn't let her.

‘’I know she is , like I said it irritates me to no end , and I’ve only known her for a short time’’ I explained.

‘’but the semester just started even though it doesn't feel like it’’. I said.

‘’so you’re going to have to deal with her for a pretty long time , we all are. I explained.

‘’ok Ami said while wiping away her tears.

‘’good, you’re a feisty one you know that? I said as I laughed.

That cheered her up and we started joking around and laughing. We were having so much fun we didn’t realize it had gotten so late. I told ami to go home and that I would see her tomorrow. I also told ami to pick me up tomorrow and she agreed. Once she left I went straight to bed and slept comfortably knowing that I was back in Ami’s good graces.

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DWTCS chapter 12.2

The next morning Ami woke up to find a missed call on her phone from makina. Ami thought makina had gone to bed as soon as she got home but obviously that wasn't the case. Ami smiled at the fact that makina had called to check on her so late but at the same time she felt like she felt like she was being treated like a child. Of course Ami would never tell makina that as it might ruin their friendship. Ami remembered that she had to pick up master katsuki but she wanted to give makina a call while getting ready.

‘’hello? Makina asked.

‘’hey makina what’s up, you called last night? Ami asked wanting to confirm.

‘’yeah I did I just wanted to know how things went that’s all’’ makina explained.

‘’you mean with master? ‘’ami asked.

‘’yeah’’ makina said.

‘’fine, I’m getting ready to go pick him up as a matter of fact.’’ Ami said.

‘’really? Do you need me to go with you? Makina asked.

Ami chuckled and said ‘’no I’ll be fine on my own’’

‘’ok then I won’t keep you. But I do want to ask you one thing before we hang up’’ makina said.

‘’what’s that? Ami asked.

Well, he didn't do anything to you did he? Makina asked trying to word around her actual question in a way.

Ami actually laughed this time before saying ‘’no silly! He didn't even attempt to do anything I promise!

‘’Good’’ makina said.

‘’makina quit worrying would you? You were the one that said he wasn’t like that’’ Ami reminded her.

I know I’m just..a bit on edge after ganta’’ makina said.

‘’I know and you have a right to be, but like we already established master katsuki isn't like that bastard ganta at all’’ Ami said making sure to drive the point home.

‘’don’t worry if master harms me in any way I’ll let you know alright , now I got to go see you at school’ Ami said.

‘’alright makina responded.

Ami hung up and headed for master katsuki’s house. She knew where it was since it was only a few blocks away from the school.


‘’yeah but aren't you used to it by now? Mom asked.

‘’even if I am that doesn't mean I don’t have a ton of questions I want to ask! ‘’I firmly said.

‘’like what? ‘’mom asked.

‘’oh um I don’t know maybe, why’d you recommend that I go to an all-girl school in the first place?! , who the hell is shiro!? How in the hell are these lessons or ‘’task I should say , supposed to help me learn self control?! You know things of that nature! I screamed.

‘’katsuki you just answered 2 of your questions in one swoop. ‘’mom said.

‘’I wanted you to go to Osaka university BECAUSE you needed to learn self-control! Mom shouted.

‘’yeah? Well guess what, it’s not working! I yelled back.

‘’this is just making everything worse! ‘’I continued.

‘’the semester just started, give it time’’ mom said.

(It sure doesn't feel like it)

*Katsuki and his mom are having such a heated argument , that they are unaware that Ami is standing near the door listening to their conversation*

‘’Anything else? Mom asked.

‘’no that’s it’’ I said.

‘’what happened to your third question? Mom asked.

‘’it was nothing forget it’’ I lied.

‘’you sure? Mom asked trying to pry it out of me.

‘’positive’’ I said.

‘’are you finished? Mom asked pointing to the little bit of food that was left on my plate.

‘’yeah here’’ I said as I handed the plate over to her.

A few minutes later the doorbell rang. It was Ami who when she greeted katsuki and his mother, pretended like she just got there.

Katsuki said goodbye to his mother and left with ami.

They went to class and met up with the rest of the girls. They were standing in their usual greeting line, even mina was getting used to it. The only one who wasn't in her usual spot (not counting Ami) was karoko who was sleeping at the desk next to katsuki’s.

‘’karoko wake up, master is here’’ ohara said while shaking her just in case.

‘’ugh, good morning master’’ karoko said still dazed from waking up.

‘’hey karoko , you look tired didn't get enough sleep last night? Katsuki asked.

‘’no master I didn't, I apologize for dozing off like that’’ karoko said as she yawned.

‘’don’t apologize, if you’re tired your tired simple as that’’ katsuki Said.

‘’im going to go wash my face master, is that alright with you? ‘’karoko asked as she got up to leave.

‘’yeah sure go ahead’’ katsuki said.

Katsuki finally sat down at his desk and ordered kurea to transform. Katsuki didn't order the girls to use their transformation ability often because it always gave him very bad nosebleeds. That isn't to say that he didn't get nosebleeds just by being around the buxom ladies , they just got really bad whenever they transformed for him.

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DWTCS chapter 13.

It was going to happen of the girls was about to transform. I took a few tissues out of my pocket so I could wipe away the blood that was about to drip from my nose.

‘’what age would you like master? I am currently at 18’’ kurea said

‘’27’’ I said.

‘’yes master’’ kurea said

So far the transformations I had seen from the twins and Mimi were impressive, but this one by kurea absolutely left me in shock. kurea literally went from jacked up to feminine in impressive fashion. Her multicolored hair changed to single colored blonde , her neon pick lipstick , which I didn’t even know she had on became noticeable and most importantly her huge muscles thinned down . All while remaining as beautiful as ever.

‘’so master what do you think? Do you like what you see?’’ the transformed kurea asked.

‘’Yeah I love it ‘’I said.

Other than their attractive bodies and the fact that their attitudes towards me didn't change when they transform, another turn on was the change in their voices.

Take kurea for example. In her normal state her voice is all tough and hardcore, but in her transformed state she had one of the most innocent voices I had ever heard.

Kurea laughed and said ‘’master your face is all red’’

I was caught off guard by that.

‘’uh what!? No no no I wasn’t blushing or anything! I was just-

The girl’s laughter stopped me from finishing what I was trying to say.

I asked where the student lounge was and kasuga said it was on the 4th floor. We were all in for a surprise when we got there. We found shiro laying on one of the couches.

(What is she doing here? More importantly where has she been?)

I was afraid of what might’ve happened if I woke her up, but I braced myself and tapped her on the shoulder .

then the unthinkable happened: shiro unconsciously pulled me onto her and our lips touched.

It took a few seconds for shiro to wake up and realize what was going on , and when she did she screamed and kicked me off of her with ferocity.

‘’katsuki! What in the hell do you think you’re doing!? Shiro screamed in embarrassment.

‘’me!? you were the one that pulled me on top of you! I rebutted.

‘’are you ok master? Karoko asked.

Yeah’’ I said.

‘’shiro wait! ‘’I yelled as she was heading towards the door.

‘’what!? Shiro asked in disgust.

‘’you were in here all this time? I asked.

‘’obviously katsuki! Shiro screamed.

‘’yeah your right that was a dumb question, I’m sorry I woke you up’’ I said.

Shiro left without saying another word. We all spent the rest of the day in the lounge doing different things. The twins played pool together , makina and kasuga talked to each other , karoko and ami drew characters of their favorite anime , mina was reading a magazine , ohara spent time adjusting her mask , mimi and kurea (still in her transformed state) were fixing their hair and I was sitting on a couch adjacent to the one shiro was on moping about what just happened between us.

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Dwtcs chapter 13.2

Why can’t I remember who she is? That question in his head left him deep in thought as katsuki sat there on that couch. Katsuki tried as hard as he could to remember but failed every time he thought about her. Katsui had this feeling however, that those memories whatever they were, were very important to shiro which was proven to him when he showed her his yearbook. Even though he had shiro on his mind, katsuki was enjoying his day off with the girls. katsuki tried not to make a scene by quietly texting mimi even though she was only a few feet away from him.

‘’Mimi I need to ask you something, but stay where you are and respond to me through text’’ katsuki texted her.

Mimi saw the text and responded with ‘’ok master what is it”?

‘’what high school did you go to? katsuki typed.
‘’kindai’’ mimi responded.

Katsuki’s eyes widened at the fact that mimi went to the same high school as he did. Katsuki fast typed the word ‘’really!?

‘’yeah why? Mimi asked.

‘’did you ever see me around? Katsuki asked.

‘’at times yes , we never really talked that much but we said hi to each other on occasion’’ mimi responded.

Katsuki felt even guiltier that he was ordering mimi around after reading that. If he would have commanded her to do things for him back then like he was now, she probably would have sued him. Katsuki stood up and told the girls he was going home.

‘’ok master see you tomorrow’’ they all said in unison.

‘’mimi come with me , I need to talk to you ‘’katsuki said out loud while putting his phone away,

‘’Yes master ‘’ mimi responded.

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DWTCS Chapter 14

Katsuki was on eggshells walking home with mimi. If mimi really did go to kindai like she said, that meant she still had her yearbook as well. When they got to the house katsuki knew if he was going to find out whether his premonition about his girls was true or not, now was the perfect opportunity. They had told him that shiro simply asked them to go along with her plan, but in katsuki’s mind that was bullshit. There had to be another reason why 10 girls , who if they were still in high school would have beaten the absolute shit out of him for giving them orders to strip , were now calling him master and striping for him whenever asked.

‘’mimi do you know where your yearbook is? Katsuki asked.

‘’yeah I have a drawer specifically for my old notebooks and yearbooks why? Mimi asked.

‘’I want you to go get it and come back here’’ katsuki said.

‘’yes master, I’ll be right back’’ mimi said.

Katsuki went upstairs to his room and waited for mimi to come back. Mimi greeted katsuki’s mother upon her return and went upstairs to his room.

‘’master I’m back! ‘’mimi shouted as she knocked on the door.

‘’it’s open mimi come in’’ katsuki said.

‘’I brought it just like you asked master ‘’mimi said.

‘’good now sit next to me’ katsuki ordered as he reached for his yearbook.

Mimi did as she was told and sat next to him leaning on his bed. Katsuki then ordered her to open
her yearbook to the students section and show him her photo. Katsuki was in absolute shock. He was positive that when he looked before , he didn't see mimi in his yearbook.

‘’whats going on here?! Katsuki asked.

‘’I don’t know master. That is kind of weird, to not have me in your yearbook when I clearly have you in mine. Mimi said as she showed him his own photo.

‘’yeah and not just that, look at this! katsuki yelled as he showed mimi the picture of shiro in her teens.

‘’shiro went to our school!? i didn't see her there’’ mimi claimed.

‘’I know neither did i! katsuki said.

‘’master what is going on? Mimi asked.

‘’I don’t know that’s why I was hoping I could ask you’’ katsuki explained.

‘’the twins are in here also look! Katsuki shouted as he showed mimi Judith and Janet’s pictures.

‘’well I remember the twins being there, but not shiro master.

‘’you do!? Katsuki asked shocked.
‘’yeah we all went to kindai , don’t you remember? Mimi casually asked.

His premonition was right. Katsuki was hoping that he was wrong in thinking that he had met the girls before coming to Osaka University. The reason for that was because now this just proved his point to an extent.

If he would have touched Ami’s breast without permission like he did in that room when they were in kindai , she would have clobbered him. If katsuki had asked mina those personal question’s or asked her to strip in front of entire classroom especially, she would have more than likely broken every bone in his body.

Sure they probably would have gotten him something to eat or drink or even fan him if needed. But back then in high school he would've had to ask politely instead of ordering them around like he owned them. Calling her was the last thing katsuki wanted to do, but at this point the best thing to do was to get information straight from the source.

Katsuki firmly stood up and said ‘’mimi

‘’yes master? Mimi innocently asked.

‘’call shiro for me’’ katsuki ordered.

‘’yes master ‘’mimi said as she searched for shiro’s number in her contacts.

At first it looked like it was about to go to voice mail, but shiro picked up. Katsuki was careful not to say anything until mimi handed him the phone.

‘’hello mimi’’ shiro said.

‘’hi there shiro , master wants to talk to you hold on ‘’mimi said as she handed the phone to katsuki.

‘’oh? And why didn't he call me himself? Shiro asked with no one on the line as of yet.

‘’I knew you weren’t going to pick up if you saw my number that’s why ‘’katsuki explained while putting the phone to his ear.

‘’and what makes you think I wouldn't pick up because it’s your number? Shiro asked.

I don’t know just had a hunch that’s all’’ katsuki said sarcastically.

‘’very funny katsuki ‘’ shiro said catching on to his sarcasm.

‘’thank you’’ katsuki said.

‘’what do you want? Shiro asked getting annoyed.

‘’I just wanted to apologize’’ katsuki said.

‘’for what? What happened earlier? Don’t bother.

‘’well for that to, but I wanted to apologize for something more important than that. Katsuki said.

‘’what would that be exactly? Shiro asked.

‘’I wanted to apologize for not being able to remember you , believe me when I tell you I’ve tried my best but I just can’t seem to remember who you are.

once again shiro was rattled. She was surprised to know that katsuki was even trying to remember her. Even though she was touched by this , shiro promised herself she wouldn't let her personal feelings get in the way of business.

‘’Its fine you don’t worry about it , but don’t think I’m going to ease up just because of that apology. Shiro

‘’no I wasn't thinking that at all’’ katsuki said even though that’s what he was hoping for.

‘’I have to go katsuki , see you tomorrow ‘’ shiro said.

‘’right’’ katsuki said.

Katsuki hung up with worry and regret. He asked himself ‘’what have I just done? Now the missions were probably going to get more crude than ever , and when it came to shiro that was never a good thing.

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DWTCS Chapter 14.2

‘’I really shouldn't have done that’’ that was the only thought in katsuk’s head at the moment as he turned his attention back to mimi.

‘’Master what did she say? Mimi asked

‘’I didn't ask ‘’katsuki said.

‘’I know you didn't master, I mean did she accept your apology?

‘’yeah she did’’katsuki said halfheartedly.

Katsuki was going to say ‘’yes and no’’ instead of just ‘’yeah she did’’ but then mimi would have started asking questions and he had to make sure that didn't happen.

‘’ok that’s good’’ mimi said knowing full well that there was something more to the conversation.

Mimi could tell there was something bothering katsuki , but she didn't want to ask. She wanted to let him tell her whenever he was ready.

mimi I want you to leave , I’ll see you tomorrow. ‘’katsuki said.

‘’yes master ‘’mimi said as she stood up to leave.

‘’mimi wait I want to ask you something before you go’’ katsuki said.

‘’yes master? Mimi asked.

‘’well I have two questions actually , but you don’t have to answer them if it’s too hard for you , I’m just curious that’s all'' katsuki said.

‘’Not at all master, I’ll always give you an honest answer to any questions you have ‘’mimi said.

‘’ok so lets say I for whatever stupid reason, order you to let me touch your breast would you allow me to do it? katsuki asked

‘’Yes master ‘’mimi said as she started to blush.

(Wow she didn't even hesitate!)

‘’ok and when we were in kindai and I ordered you to let me touch your breast would you have allowed me to do it back then as well? katsuki asked.

‘’maybe’’ mimi said.

(What!? , no mimi your supposed to say ‘’I would've beaten the absolute shit out of you for even mentioning my breast)

‘’oh’ katsuki said.

‘’Now I’m curious master, where did those questions come from ‘’mimi asked.

‘’no like I said I was just wondering that’s all’’ katsuki assured her.

Oh ok, well I’ll see you tomorrow then master’’ mimi said

‘’yeah see you tomorrow’’ katsuki said.

For the rest of the evening, katsuki went to work on trying to find information on shiro. From pictures in his yearbook to files about shiro online, all the information katsuki found on his professor was very vague and didn’t jog his memory at all. After a while all the searching and constant failure of not finding any reliable info grew tiresome so katsuki decided to quit and go to bed.

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DWTCS Chapter 14.5

The next morning katsuki woke up feeling more tired than usual, due to the stress of last night’s shiro research struggles. Katsuki began his usual morning routine with the frustration of his failures in the back of his mind.

Luckily the warm shower he took gave him the energy he needed to get through the day, energy katsuki knew he would need.

Usually after he collected himself, katsuki would call one of the girls to come get him but something just said: go to school by yourself for
today. So after getting dressed he went downstairs to go eat.

‘’here you go’’ katsuki’s mom said handing him the plate.

‘’all out of syrup? ‘’katsuki asked.

‘’yep, you’re going to have to eat those with just butter’’ she said

Eww! Pancakes with just butter disgusting! ‘’katsuki claimed.

‘’sorry champ’’ she said.

‘’don’t worry about it I’ll get some syrup later’’ katsuki said as he began eating.

‘’alright. she said.
‘’going to school by yourself today? She asked.

Yep’’ katsuki said as he finished his pancakes.

Really how come? She asked out of curiosity.

‘’I don’t want to bother them today and besides I’ll see them all at school in a bit anyway’’ katsuki said.

‘’good point’’ she agreed.

‘’later katsuki said as kissed his mom on the way out.

The moment he entered the classroom, shiro was right there pushing him outside and leading him to their usual spot for conversation. Katsuki did get a chance to lean over her shoulder and yell ‘’hi girls! After which they followed up with ‘’good morning master!’’ But that was about it for the time being.

(‘’what’s with the smile on her face? It’s not as evil looking as they usually are, but it’s not exactly flattering either.)

‘’how was your day off katsuki?’’ shiro asked.

It was good’’ katsuki lied.

‘’then why do you look so tired? Shiro asked.

‘’uh no reason in particular katsuki said nervously.

‘’well let’s get on with it. ‘’shiro said.

It was that time again. It was time for another one of shiro’s crude missions that katsuki didn't want to do ,but had to.

‘’for this mission I want you to use the twins.

If anything that was not the selection katsuki wanted to hear. He was already having enough trouble mustering up the courage to show them their pictures in his yearbook so whenever he was around them these days , guilt and foreshadowed thoughts crept up into his head.

‘’ok so what do you want me to do with them? Katsuki asked.

‘’wait I wasn't finished! Shiro said as she took a pair of shades out of her bag.

‘’there are two parts to this mission, here put these on shiro said as she handed katsuki the shades

‘’what-are these for? Katsuki asked nervously.

‘’Put them on and you’ll find out ‘’shiro said with the smile she had on her face earlier now becoming a full grin of evil.

Katsuki put the shades on and quaked in fear at what he saw.
Katsuki could literally see through shiro’s clothes. The yellow bra and panties , the leggings the other under clothes she was wearing , all of it was on display under the long white suit that covered everything.

‘’where did y- where? Katsuki murmured.

‘’where did I get them? A friend gave them to me’’ shiro explained.

‘’for the first part of your mission I want you to use these on the girls. shiro explained.

A massive amount of sweat poured down katsuki’s forehead as he took the shades off.

‘’your kidding right?’’katsuki struggled to ask but did.

‘’stop asking me that! I’m not kidding I’m never kidding! Shiro explained.

Now get to work! Shiro said.

‘’wait what about part 2 with the twins? Katsuki asked.

‘’your phone will tell you about that after you finish part 1’’ shiro explained.

‘’right katsuki said.

‘’don’t worry so much katsuki! , you like bra’s and boobs right? So just relax and have fun! Shiro said.

(Its not as simple as that no matter how much I wish it was!)

With the perverted pair of shades in hand, katsuki parted ways with shiro and was on his way back to the classroom when two people running in the hallway almost knocked him silly with the wind of their speed.

‘’ohara!? , karoko!? Kastuki yelled.

‘’master! Help me! ‘’ohara screamed

‘’hi master! karoko yelled.

‘’come back here!’’ katsuki screamed at the top of his lungs, hoping they would hear him but they did not.

Worried that karoko had caught up with ohara and done something terrible to her, katsuki rushed to the classroom and called on mina to
go get them. Surprisingly mina obeyed without question and went to go get them. Ohara was found giving karoko a piggy back ride and karoko was laughing like a spoiled brat because of it.

The hell are you doing ohara?! Katsuki asked with disdain.

m-master she huff* She tried to take off my mask’’ ohara said as she put karoko down.

Karoko is that true? Katsuki asked with a little malice in his voice.

Karoko nodded ‘’yes as the playful face she had on quickly became a face of sadness.

‘’karoko you know that mask is important to ohara right? Katsuki asked.

‘’yeah I know , I just wanted to see her face that’s all , ive known her for a while now and she’s never shown me her face. karoko explained.

Katsuki smiled and said in karoko’s ear ‘’you’ll see it one day.

Karoko regained her smile and nodded in agreement.

Now that that little episode was over. It was time to get down to business. Katsuki put the shades on and began his mission. His first target was ironically janet as he saw that she was wearing a hot light blue colored bra and red wine like panties. Katsuki tried not to focus on janet’s cups but it was impossible seeing as how big they were. so with his heart beating at a fast pace katsuki continued to look through the clothes of his girls. katsuki was actually starting to believe the mission would be easy. However almost every time he saw the underclothes of the girls he started to sweat and grit his teeth. This strange behavior had the girls wondering what was up, mina in particular.

‘’katsuki what’s wrong? Your sweating like crazy’’ mina noted with that usual suspicious look on her face.

‘’nothing I’m fine katsuki declared.

Even though he was very nervous , deep down katsuki was really enjoying himself. That was until he managed to complete the first part of the mission without mina or the rest of the girls catching on to the secret of the shades. It was the text from shiro about the twins involvement in the mission that put somewhat of a damper on this little pervy party he was having.

The text read ‘’I want Judith and Janet to sleep over at your house tonight, and I want you to order them to sleep with you naked’.

You have be fucking kidding me!

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Dwtcs chapter 15
After reading that text I took back what I had said earlier: THIS was now going to be the craziest thing I had ever done. Not that it bothered me to sleep with two hot girls, twins at that. But as with the missions I had done up to this point that one question always came to mind: how in the hell is this supposed to help me learn self-control?

‘’can’t they sleep in their night gowns or something?’’ I texted her back.

Shiro immediately responded back ‘’no.

I shook my head in dismay at just how lude these missions were getting. Yeah it gave me a chance to ask about kindai and all but this was not the way I wanted to do it.

I tried to drag the day on as much as I could, but eventually it got late and it was time to get the mission underway. I said goodbye to the girls except for Judith and Janet who I ordered to walk home with me.

‘’yes master’’ they said together.

I had never been so nervous while going home in my entire life. Each step I took felt like a bullet to the leg. I was supposed to be super stoked about getting the chance to sleep with twins.

Unfortunately this was not your average dating/sleep with situation. When we arrived at my house, I took a deep breath to calm myself.

‘’Judith , Janet come inside , I want you two to stay at my place tonight’’ I said.

The twins were ecstatic.

‘’yay! A sleepover with master! They both said.

‘’should we go get a set of clothes and come back master? Janet asked.

‘’no I said.

‘’ok master Janet said.

We headed upstairs to my room and I could see the smirk on mothers face as she said ‘’hey katsuki I see you brought two of your ‘’classmates over’’.

I stopped and said ‘’yeah is there a problem?

‘’No I’m just noticing that’s all ‘’mom said while chuckling a bit.

‘’hi mam, we’re Judith and Janet osami’’ the twins added together.

‘’but we’re not his classmates we’re his-
I covered Judith’s mouth and shushed Janet as we finished heading up to my room

Once there I took my hand off Judith’s mouth and told them both to be careful about what they say to my mother, including letting it slip that they were my girls. Yeah I knew mom was aware of the whole situation at Osaka , but discussing in front of Judith and Janet would have been embarrassing.

‘’girls go bathe, I’ll get the bed ready I said’’

‘’yes master’’ the twins said’’

I watched as the twins got undressed. Seeing that I actually got the correct bra and panty color ‘right this morning, thanks to those shades made me feel like a perverted criminal. I took a few seconds to thank god that the girls didn't catch on to me earlier. After I finished my short prayer I went downstairs to tell mom that my ‘’classmates’’ were going to take a shower, and she shook her head ‘’ok.
I rushed back to my room and expanded my bed so the three of us could fit. When Judith and Janet finally came out of the shower semi wrapped in towels, I once again hit erection city, and it was about to get worse.

‘’master where are our clothes? They innocently asked.

I kept silent for a few seconds and the twins thanks to their caring nature wondered if something was wrong with me.

‘’master? They asked as they bent over to see if I was alright.

‘’sleep naked’’ I grudgingly said.

Judith and Janet looked at each other for a second to confirm if they actually heard right and then giggled.

Master you’re a naughty boy you know that? Janet claimed as she took her towel off.

‘’leave him alone Janet’’ Judith said as she did the same.

Just like that , they were exposed and wet, a combination that didn't help my manly matters.

‘’D-dry off some more first! I yelled unable to control myself.

‘’yes master’’ they said

They did what I said and dried off, after which they each took a side of the bed while I slept in between. Throughout the night they kept grabbing me , swinging me back and forth like a pendulum and putting my hands on their breast and nipples all in their sleep. This of course left me without a wink of sleep, and what should’ve been the greatest night of my life turned into one of exhaustion and numbness.

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DWTCS Chapter 15.2

The next morning for katsuki should have been his normal hair is a mess and I’m too lazy to get up but I have to anyway situation. But this time he woke up to find himself in a position that he never thought in a million years he would find himself in. he didn't realize it at first because his eyes were only half open. But when katsuki finally became aware of what he was resting on and what his face was being squished between he freaked out.

His was face was Engulfed in between Judith’s large and soft breast , which is something that , even though it seemed unlikely katsuki knew it would happen because of what happened the night before. Katsuki’s freakish yell woke up the twins, as he freed himself from Judith’s grip.

‘’good morning master’ ’Judith and Janet both said as they sat up.

‘’morning katsuki said with his tired and unenthusiastic voice.

‘’did you sleep well master? Judith and Janet both asked as they moved closer to katsuki.

‘’yeah I guess’’ katsuki lied

Katsuki lay back down for a minute and Judith and Janet followed suit. He took turns turning his head to look at the both of them, trying to remember what it was he wanted to say to the naked duo. It wasn't about the yearbook, he was sure of that. Katsuki swore he had something else important on his mind. Sure that it would come back to him later, katsuki focused on getting ready for school.

After he freshened up and got dressed, katsuki told the twins to go on without him because he was worried if he was seen together with them by the others, they would start asking questions. Judith and Janet obeyed, finished doing their hair and left. Katsuki expected the usual when he got to school this morning, but he would be in for a surprise that would be more shocking than anything that had happened so far.

The only things that were ‘’normal was that shiro was standing by the door when katsuki got to the classroom. Shiro then led him to their usual taking spot. But then that was where the normalcy stopped.

‘’what’s it going to be this time’’ katsuki asked thinking he was going to get another mission.

Shiro exhaled and said ‘’nothing’

Katsuki was as confused as confused could be.

‘’nothing? What do you mean nothing?

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