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[FF] Deadman Wonderland : To Keep Sane
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Posted 2/8/15
Dwtcs chapter 16

Nothing? I sarcastically cleaned out my ears to make sure I heard that right. Didn't I just get a break? It was VERY uncharacteristic of shiro to not have something in mind for my next task.

‘’what? Shiro asked.

‘’what are you up to? I asked with a stern look on my face.

‘’I’m not up to anything’’ shiro said trying to match the intense look on my face with one of her own.

‘’I just haven’t thought of anything for your next mission yet, so just relax for now’’ shiro said.

I was going to yell at her and demand that she tell me the truth , but because I knew that trying to pry information out of her wasn't going to work , I just played along.

What happened after I entered the classroom and greeted the girls, made me wish that I had yelled at shiro. Firstly the girls sounded a with their greeting , like they each didn't get enough sleep or something. I also noticed something else strange about the greeting that kind of scared me a little: everyone did it except for Ami. This was very odd because she was usually so into it every time the girls lined up for it.

I didn't mind it much since a change of pace was necessary sometimes but what happened next I was not expecting at all.

Ami? Are you ok? I asked.

There was no response.

Ami? I asked again.

She remained silent.

‘’Ami! I screamed.

‘’what!? Danmit! Katsuki stop screaming would you?! I heard you already! Ami claimed.

I along with the rest of the girls was absolutely stunned. This new found attitude was so unlike the cheerful Ami we’d all come to know and love.

I tried snapping her out of it by shaking her but she yelled that she was fine and smacked my hands off of her shoulders.

‘’ami whats wrong with you!? I asked as I shaked her again.

‘’get off me!’’ Ami yelled as she shoved me to the floor.

‘’master please move , I’ll handle this.

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Posted 2/13/15
DWTCS chapter 16.2

‘’Master please move, I’ll take care of this ‘’. Those words took over the room as I looked to see who had said them. It was makina , who was preparing to snap Ami out of this viscous cycle by doing the only thing that was going to work at this point: by slapping her.

I told her to help me up first and she did. Then I did what makina asked and moved back so she could let Ami have it. I just thought maybe Ami had a fight with her family or something and wanted to be left alone for a few minutes. But as usual I would be dead wrong.

‘’makina! Get out of m-

Before Ami could finish, makina slapped Ami across the face just like she planned. The slap was thunderous and not surprisingly, it left a huge handprint on Ami’s cheek. We all expected Ami to start crying and run out the door but instead…

‘’huh? Makina? Hey what’s goi-ow! Man that hurts! Ami said as touched the cheek that got slapped.

What happened? Why does my left cheek hurt so badly? Ami asked.

‘’wait you mean you don’t remember what just happened? Kurea asked.

No, all I remember is greeting master and then after that everything went black’’. Ami said as she started rubbing her pained left cheek.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It was like something someone would say in a thriller. And then everything went black? None of that made any sense to me nor the rest of the girls. The only thing I could grasp from the whole thing was that shiro could’ve been behind it somehow. No in fact I know she was without a Doubt.

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Posted 2/13/15
Dwtcs chapter 16.5

I didn’t know if I believed her at first, but if makina had to explain to Ami what just happened then I guess she really wasn't in control of herself after all.

‘’oh no! I’m sorry master did I hurt you? Ami asked.

‘’no I’m fine I said.

Ami let out a sigh of relief and said ‘’thank god.

Ami then turned to makina and thanked her for slapping her. I tried to hold in my enjoyment but I couldn't
‘’that was—Awesome! I shouted.

Makina and Ami were taken aback by my outburst while the rest of the girls laughed.

‘’what was master? Makina asked.

‘’that whole sequence! I explained.

‘’huh? What do you mean master? Ami asked.

‘’the new attitude , the way you ignored me like you did , the fact that you pushed me down , all of that was kick ass hot! I said.

Really? Ami asked as she started shaking flirtatiously.

‘’yeah! I shouted.

‘’you should be that aggressive more often , it totally makes you look hotter when you act like that. I explained as a lewd smile began to form on my face.

‘’l-look hotter!? Ami asked as her face turned red.

The girls began laughing again , but the first time it was only chuckles , this time they couldn’t contain themselves and started bursting out with laughter. I was having so much fun with them that I didn’t realize things were about to get even stranger.

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Posted 2/18/15
Dwtcs chapter 17

‘’master? One of the girls called me and I was in denial as to who did. From Ami and makina who were standing in front of me , to the girls still in their greeting line , I asked each of them if they just said master. In reality though I knew who said it, I just was in shock when I heard ‘’her of all people call me that. Hell the girls even pointed to her after they all shook their head no.

‘’yes mina? I asked with fright in my voice.

‘’can I walk you home today? Mina asked.

I couldn't believe she called me master, I couldn't believe she asked to walk me home today and I couldn't believe the look she had in her eyes. It wasn't her look of suspicion or her usual pouty look either this time the she had a poker face on. Believe it or not I was usually very good at reading poker faces , but this one that mina had on was very…troubling.

‘’sure’’ I said.

Cool’’ mina said as she continued to stare at me with those malicious eyes.

‘’s-so Ami’’ I said as I turned away from mina trying not to let her get to me.

‘’you’re ok now right? I asked.

‘’yes master’’ Ami said.

‘’good’’ I said.

‘’I’m really sorry master I don’t know what came over me’’ Ami said.

‘’I don’t either, but it’s alright as long as your back to normal now, that’s all that matters’’ I said.

‘’I know but still I want to make it up to you somehow’’. Ami said.

‘’then you should transform for him’’ kasuga said.

‘’That’s a great idea, master loves it when we transform for him ‘’karoko said.

‘’well master, would you like it if I transformed for you right now? Ami asked.

‘’yeah I would I said.

‘’then its settled! What age would you like master , I’m currently at 16’’ Ami said.

‘’um 30 I said.

‘’yes master Ami said.

Wait ami before you begin, kurea? I said.

‘’yes master? Kurea asked.

You've been in your transformed state for a while now, are you ok staying like that for so long? I asked.

‘’yes master I don’t mind, it actually helps to stay like this; it’s less strain on my muscles. Kurea explained.

‘’oh alright’’ I said.

‘’Ami go ahead’’. I said.

‘’yes master. Ami said.

All eyes were on Ami in anticipation for her transformation. I kept a box of tissues next to me for my usual nosebleed fiasco.

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Posted 2/18/15 , edited 2/18/15
DWtcs chapter 17.2

My eyes were glued to her as Ami began transforming. One thing I was starting to notice about these transformations is that something different stands out for girl. in ami’s case it was her hair. The process was the same, but the result was very different. Am’s dark brown hair engulfed her entire body but at the same time spread out so that she wouldn't trip over it and you could still her face. That cheerful kid like attitude suddenly turned mature in an instant. I would even go as far as to say Ami looked like a goddess.

‘’well master? Does this make up for earlier? Ami asked.

‘’y-yes it does’’ I struggled to say.

Ami then came up to me, looked me in the eye and chuckled.

‘’good happy to hear it’’ ami said.

I chuckled after her and tried to say ‘’Ami your kinda-

I was cut off when Ami did the unthinkable and kissed me. Her lips felt so soft against mine it was unbearably awesome. I was left in a trance after it was over. Thankfully I was only stunned for a few seconds thanks to karoko.

‘’MASTER! ‘’She yelled.

‘’huh wha- uh sorry’’ I said as I snapped out of it

‘’thanks karoko’’ I said in shame,

‘’no problem master’’ karoko said.

All of them except for mina chucked at me for being embarrassed, thinking I was cute. That’s right, Ami’s transformation had me distracted to the point where I almost forgot about mina’s unusual behavior. Mina still had that stare in her eyes that was freakishly directed at me.

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Posted 2/22/15
Dwtcs chapter 17.5

Mina just wouldn't take her eyes off me. Shiro claimed that she didn't do anything to them, but the way this day has gone so far is telling me shiro knew more than she let on. Then again that was always the case with her. No matter how much I tried to ignore it , mina’s stare and out of nowhere interest in me kept getting creepier by the second. I motioned ohara to leave the room with me so we could talk in private.

‘’what is it master? Ohara asked.

‘’what is up with mina? I asked.

‘’she’s been staring at me ever since I got here today’’ i said.

‘’I know master, she hasn't taken her eyes off you since we greeted you’’ ohara said

‘’I don’t know what’s wrong with her either master’’ ohara continued.

‘Man what is going on today?! I asked.

First Ami starts acting up and now mina with this stare of hers’’ I said.

‘’well actually mina was staring at me before Ami went nuts’’ I said.

‘’but that’s beside the point’’ I added.

‘’ I wonder if all the girls are affected in the way Ami and mina are’’ I continued

‘’as a matter of fact are you* feeling ok ohara? i asked just to be sure.

‘’yes I’m fine master ohara said.

‘’at least I don’t feel any different than usual’’ ohara added.

Good’’ I said.

‘’but master what are you going to do about mina? Ohara asked.

I thought about it for a moment and came up with an idea. I was originally thinking about having makina slap mina like she did with Ami , but I’ve had enough of all this confusion and drama.

Ohara do me a favor’’ I said.

Yes master?’ ohara asked.

‘’go get mina for me’’ I said.

Ok master’’ ohara responded.

Ohara went back inside to get mina and I braced myself once again for what I was about to do. Then I signaled to ohara to bring kurea as well.

‘’alright kurea listen I’m going to try something and if that doesn’t work be ready’’ I said.

‘’ok master’’ kurea said.

Hoping to snap mina out of it with shock, I did the unthinkable and kissed her. Just like with Ami’s earlier, mina’s lips were soft and precious. This was the first time I’d kissed two girls in one day but I wished it was under better circumstances, as the kisses I received from and delivered to Ami and mina were bittersweet.

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Posted 2/27/15
DWTCS chapter 18

It didn’t work. I put everything I had into that kiss and it didn’t work. Mina was still her ‘’changed self and it was really getting creepy now.

‘’alright that obviously didn't work’’ I said

iKurea do you still have all your strength even though your transformed? I asked as I turned to her.

‘’yes master in fact I’m even stronger in my transformed state’’ kurea said.

(that scares me a little)

‘’ok good I said.

I then whispered in kurea’s ear ‘’knock her out’’.

‘’yes master’’ kurea said.

She did what I said and with just one punch to the stomach knocked mina out cold.

‘’good now give her to me’’ I commanded.

Kurea threw mina’s unconscious body at me, which caught me by surprise even though I still managed to catch her. Maybe it was just me and my weak as hell body, but mina felt really heavy.

‘’h-hey kurea next time just put her o-on my shoulder instead of throwing her! I said as I struggled to walk with mina now draped across my shoulder.

‘’yes sorry about that master’’ kurea said.

‘It’s alright I said.

‘’man is she heavy! ‘’I continued.

‘’do you want either of us to carry her for you master? kurea asked.

n-no its fine I said.

‘’tell the girls I’ll be back. I ordered’’

‘’yes master’’ ohara said.

I don’t know why but for some reason I was determined to carry mina home by myself. Somehow I was able to make it home, go up to my room and lay her down on my bed without collapsing or pulling a muscle. I pulled the covers over her and waited a bit to see if she would wake up, before heading back to campus. Finally after I don’t remember how long, mina woke up. Of course she was a little dazed and confused given the state she was in , but that didn't stop her from finally returning to her normal self.

‘’ngh where am I? Mina asked.

‘’good your awake’’ I said.’

‘’huh? Katsuki? Mina asked as she sat up.

‘’yo ‘’ I said

‘’what’s going on? Why am I in your bed? Mina asked.

‘’and why aren't we at school right now? Mina continued.

‘’it’s a long story I said as I got up from my desk chair.

‘’c’mon we’re going back’’ I said.

‘’what?! Right now? Mina asked.

‘’yes lets go I said.

‘’if your still too out of it to walk I’’ll carry you I said.

No its fine I’m ok’’ mina said.

We went downstairs to mom making ramen for herself.

‘’oh mina your awake good’’ she said.

‘’yes hello mam how are you today? Mina asked nervously for some reason.

I’m good thanks for asking mom said.

‘’you two want any ramen before you go? Mom asked as she saw we were getting ready to leave.

‘’no I’m good’’ I said.

‘’no thank you mam mina said.

‘’alrighty then you two be safe now’’ mom said.

‘’we will’’ mina and I said at the same time.

Once we made it to class I immediately sat down at my usual seat and plopped my head down.

‘’welcome back master ‘’everyone except mina said

‘’hi girls’’ I said in my tired voice.

‘’mina are you ok now? Karoko asked.

‘’yeah I’m fine thanks’’ mina said as she let out an ashamed chuckle.

‘’what happened to you earlier? Janet asked

‘’I have no idea ‘’ mina said.

‘’I went black after I greeted katsuki this morning and then next thing I knew I was laying in katsuki’s bed. Mina continued.

I was extremely tired, but I still heard the girl’s conversation. Now there was no doubt in my mind shiro had something to do with this. Was I going to bring it to her attention? No not right now. I told myself I would do it when the semester was over and all these missions came to an end. I was just listening, listening to the conversation, and I knew that wasn't right. I had something to ask them and now was the time to ask it.

‘’girls’’ I mustered up the strength to say loud enough so they would hear me.

‘’yes master? They all asked.

(if I can’t get a direct answer as to who shiro really is I’ll get the next best thing)

‘I have a question’’ I said.

‘’how did you all get your powers? i asked

They all looked at each other like they couldn't believe I asked that question.

‘’you really don’t remember your time at kindai huh master?’’ mimi asked.

‘’or should I say your time at kindai with us’’ mimi said.

‘’I don’t know if I do or not anymore’’ I said.

‘’I feel like I remember you all and yet I don’t have a clear indication of why I do’’ I said.

At first I didn't remember them at all. But after seeing my yearbook again I began to reconnect a bit with my memories. I wasn't making any sense to the girls, so I had to come up with a better explaining it. It was time to tell not just the rest of the girls, but Judith and Janet in particular. Something that I wanted to tell them about on my own terms, instead of coming to the point where I had no choice but to bring it up.

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Dwtcs chapter 18.2

This wasn't the way I wanted to do it. I wanted to show Judith and Janet my yearbook before saying anything else. Why did I have to get some of my memories back now?

‘’what makes you say that master? Kurea asked.

‘’it was when I was waiting for mina to wake up’’ I said.

‘’i looked at my yearbook again and for some reason I started getting some of my memories back’’ I said.

‘’as opposed to when you looked at your yearbook the first two times master? Kasuga asked.

‘’yeah that’s one of the weird things about it I said.

‘’the other is the fact that I've only regained some of my memories’’ I said.

I couldn't tell if mina was happy about this or not.

‘’so what you’re saying, you remember us now , but you don’t remember if you had any special relationships with any of us’’ mina said’’

‘’right’’ I said.

‘’how is that possible? Mina asked

‘’we just graduated’’ mina said

‘’exactly that’s why I want to know where you all got your powers from , maybe if I find that out I can remember some more’’ I said.

‘’ok ok! Mina said in a freaked out tone.

(I didn't yell)

‘’it was around February and we walked home from school together after finishing up with the club.

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Dwtcs chapter 18.5

We stayed quiet for a while until you decided to start a conversation.

‘’so mina what did you think about my character huh? You asked.

‘’You’re a pervert that’s what I think ‘’ I said.

‘’you did a good job katsuki it’s just – well did you have to make her boobs that big? I asked.

You let out a perverted laugh and said ‘’men love women with huge racks: it’s a fact’’

‘’besides its not l went overboard. You continued

‘’yeah I guess’’ I said

When we got to your house we went our separate ways. Shiro called me that night and asked if she could come by the club to see what it was was like and I told her she didn’t have to ask, she could just come. So as one would expect, the next day after school she stopped by. That’s when things got..out of hand. Everything was actually going fine for a while, until she saw that one drawing of yours.

‘’wow katsuki! This is really impressive’’ shiro said.

‘’i think this is the best character out of all the other ones you’ve drawn so far’’ she continued.

Then after congratulating you on ‘’ one of your best drawings shiro asked you something that would take me by surprise.

‘’but katsuki? She asked.

‘’why does she look like mina? ‘’she continued.

I along with the rest of the group froze, but especially me. I thought no one but you and I would notice , I prayed to everything holy that no one else in our group would notice. I was like I got to have my cake and eat it to. No one in our group paid attention and noticed that I was the inspiration for the character. Yet someone who was only visiting managed to figure it out right away.

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Dwtcs chapter 18.6

I was so embarrassed. I wanted to kill shiro for saying anything about the drawing out loud, but I didn't because I thought she would get off the subject sooner rather than later. But shiro at the time was too nosy for her own good, which only led her to add more fuel to the fire.

‘’Oh wait don’t answer that I think I know ‘’ shiro said.

‘’it’s because you wish you could see mina in a swimsuit right? Shiro asked.

I quickly got out of my seat and screamed ‘’hey! Shiro that’s enough!

Shiro turned to me in fear for a quick second before one of the other club members decided to intervene.

‘’QUIET!!’’ She yelled.

We were all stunned by her sudden outburst and nobody said a word, until suddenly shiro left and wagged her finger at me telling me to come along. I followed her without telling you and the others because I assumed you all saw shiro indicate for me to follow her. For some reason, shiro didn't even try to look for a place that would suffice as being far enough from the club room , it was like she just had to take me outside.

‘’hey listen mina sorry about all that’’ shiro said.

‘’I didn't mean to cause trouble’’ shiro continued

I forgave her deep down, but my face and voice showed anger towards her for embarrassing me like that.

‘’its fine’’ I said with an edge to it.

‘’but why did you do that!? I Yelled.

‘’mina please calm down’’ shiro said.

Calm down!? Don’t tell me calm down! I yelled.

‘’you went way too far back-

I need your help! Shiro said cutting me off.

I had never seen shiro so desperate before, I think she was about to cry as she said that. Much like you katsuki I hated seeing people cry, but I had no choice but to help her out after what she said next.

‘’please mina! It’s for katsuki! She said.

‘’I’ll prove it to you! ‘’she screamed.

After literally begging me to help her , shiro took out a pair of headphones

‘’take these’’ shiro said.

‘’after the club finishes I’m going to ask katsuki if we can walk home together shiro explained.

‘’I want you to put these on and listen to our conversation’’ shiro instructed.

‘’ok but how? I asked.

‘’he won’t know what these are actually for’’ shiro said.

‘’he’ll think your listening to music’’ shiro said.

‘’no I mean what am I supposed to plug these into’’ I asked

‘’your phone’’ shiro said.

I was hesitant but curious at the same time. What was the purpose of all this I wondered. Why was shiro so desperate for me to hear your conversation with her? The suspense was too much and I ended up helping her out. As a result I would hear something I never expected to hear from you katsuki.

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Dwtcs chapter 19

Once the club finished shiro did as she said she would and asked you if she could walk home with you. You agreed and that’s when it was time for me to do my part. So I got on the bus, plugged the headphones into my phone and after a few seconds I heard shiro’s voice.

‘’so katsuki I didn't get my answer’’ she said.

‘’A-answer to what? You asked.

‘’the question I asked about your drawing’’ shiro reminded you

‘’if you drew that girl based on mina because you want to see her in a swimsuit? Shiro continued.

‘’ i was just looking for someone I knew really well for inspiration to the drawing that’s all’’ you said.

‘’are you sure that’s the reason? Shiro asked.

‘’I think maybe it’s because you want to touch them’’ shiro said.

‘’I mean you pretty much got her bust size down pat shiro continued.

‘’no’’ you said in a depressed tone.

‘’no? What do you mean no? shiro asked trying to sound surprised.

‘’I mean no I don’t want to touch them’’ you said as your tone got more depressed by the minute.

‘’I don’t understand, why would you not want to touch mina’s breast?

‘’I just don’t ok!!? You suddenly screamed.

‘’I don’t want to touch a girls breast ever again! You continued.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. You katsuki Ameno who was and is one of the most perverted boys I have ever met was saying that he ‘’never wanted to touch a girls breast ever again? I thought there had to be a mistake somewhere, but no this was indeed coming from you katsuki. After that I lost the signal which must have been shiro’s doing. I don’t know what you told her as to why you would say such a thing, but after hearing what I heard I was sucked in to helping you out.

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Dwtcs chapter 19.2

Mina couldn't believe it and I couldn't believe it either. I said I didn’t want to touch boobs ever again? I started to remember actually saying that to shiro now that I heard it, as preposterous as it sounds.

‘’that’s right I remember now’’ I said as I hid my face under my hair in shame.

‘’do you now? Mina asked.

‘’I’m interested, would you mind telling us what happened? mina asked.

‘’yeah master we want to hear about it also’’ mimi said.

‘’me to ‘’kasuga said

They all said ‘’ me to’’ one right after the other as I tried to gather myself.

‘’finish your story first’’ I said.

‘’Fine ‘’ mina said with scorn in her voice.


After I got home that night I was going to call shiro but she beat me to it

‘’hey there mina’’ shiro said

‘’do you get it now? Shiro asked.

Yes , I’ll help you’’ I said.

Good’’ I’ll be right over'' shiro said.

About 10 to 15 minutes later shiro showed up with a mixed look of a smile and a frown as she thanked me for helping her out before we got started. Then she took out a pill and told me to swallow it with some water. I was scared, but I did it knowing that it would help you out. Next thing I knew I was out like a light, and then i finally woke up after what felt like I had just gotten surgery. I found myself lying in shiro’s bed and she herself was hovering over me to confirm that I was awake.

‘’good your up’’ shiro said.

‘’Oh hey shiro I said in a drowsy voice.

Did it work”? I asked.

‘’see for yourself shiro said as she showed me what I looked like through the camera on her phone.

It worked alright. Everything about me changed during that period I was out of it. I developed in areas that your fond of katsuki and to be honest I was a bit surprised that it worked out so well. Shiro was relieved that her little experiment didn't kill me, but she didn't give me any time to waste. Shiro gathered everyone and told us about your fear and that she wanted us to help you get over it using our new ‘’womanly bodies’’ as she put it.

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Dwtcs chapter 19.5

(‘’thanks mina I remember everything now’’. That’s what I should have and would have said if I could.)

‘’now it’s your turn katsuki’’ mina said.

‘’huh? I asked.

‘’Don’t ‘’huh’’ me you know what I’m talking about’’ mina said with disgust in her voice.

‘’oh yeah’’ I said.

‘’oh I can’t wait to hear this’’ mina said as she crossed her arms.

I bet you probably sexually assaulted a girl or something’’ mina continued

‘’Well I wouldn't exactly call it sexual assault ‘’ I said

‘’more like people got the wrong idea’’ I continued

The girls were flabbergasted. That’s why sending me here to Osaka to go to this class still makes no sense to me.

‘’funny how our stories happened in kindai a year apart from each other huh mina? I asked before I began.

‘’they did? mina asked.

‘’yeah yours happened in our senior year and mine in junior’’ I said

‘’wow that is funny’’ mina agreed.

‘’But go on ‘’ mina said.

The girls were all ears as I began my story.

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DWTCS chapter 20

I had this friend of mine that I hung out with a lot back then. His name was senji furunta , a tall dude with orange hair and amber eyes. We became best friends in elementary school and swore to never hide anything from each other from then on. That all ended one particular day that I woke up sick and was in no shape to go to school. When senj texted me for the first time that morning, it was 10:30 and class had already started.

‘’hey man, you not coming to school today? He texted me.

‘’no man I’m too sick to make it in today, sorry bro’’ I responded back.

‘’alright bro no sweat I’ll have the notes for you when you come back’’ he responded back.

‘’thanks man’’ I wrote

‘’right’’ he wrote back.

That was the end of our conversation and I assumed I was going to get a stress free and quiet day of rest. But as a blessing and a curse at the same time, I had my share of acquaintances that would pick and choose when to give a danm about me. The one on that day to act like she cared about me was a bossy 17 year old by the name of nisaki furunta. That’s right, just like you two Judith and Janet, senji and nisaki were twins. I don’t know how senji always puts up with her and I could care less about where nisaki is and what she’s doing now. But like I said on that one day, for some reason she decided to check up on me.

‘’Hey katsuki I heard you’re sick, you ok? She wrote.

Every time nisaki texted me it was always for some stupid shit , and I always imagined her saying the words on the screen in that bitchy and annoying voice of hers as if she were right next to me. So for her to ask me if I was ok was too good to be true.

‘’yeah I’m fine, just have this nagging cough that won’t go away’’ I wrote.

It was actually more than that, but I didn’t feel like explaining it just for the fact that it was nisaki I was texting.

‘’oh man yeah that is annoying’’ she wrote back’’

‘’I hope you feel better’’ she wrote back.

I snickered at those two messages before replying ‘’thanks

I was hoping that was the end of it all and I could finally get some sleep , but no nisaki kept the messages coming. The next one she sent caught me off guard.

‘’hey katsuki? Thanks for taking care of my sister’’.

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DWTCS chapter 20.2

My eyes popped open at the sight of that text. At first I thought it was a cruel joke nisaki was playing on me since she always liked to pull that crap whenever she got the chance. But then my emotions took over and I responded in a way I didn't want to.

Sister? I wrote

‘’LOL yes my sister, who else would I be talking about? Nisaki wrote back.

I went from being annoyed of this conversation to being afraid of it in a matter of seconds. i even forgot I was sick for a minute thanks to what nisaki was texting me. i didn't believe her and I wanted to rest so I could get over this cold , but nisaki had me wondering was my best friend really a girl? Did he..or she really break the pact that we made with each other back then? And if that’s true then how was she able to hide that from me for so long?

‘’oh yeah wait a minute what am I saying, your welcome’’ I wrote back just to play it safe.

Nisaki sent me a smiley face as a response and that was FINALLY the end of conversation. I managed to get some rest for a few hours and woke up to find that someone else had texted me. This time it was senji again.

‘’yo katsuki how are you feeling? She wrote.

I didn't know how to respond at first after I had just found out my best friend was a girl, which is something I should have tried to figure out from the day we first met. But after thinking it over a few minutes I decided to text her like normal instead of asking her about all this right off the bat.

‘’Better now that I got some rest’’ I wrote,

‘’good I have the notes for you and the homework assignment’’ she replied.

‘’ok cool, you don’t have to bring it over I’m coming to school tomorrow’’ I wrote

‘’you sure? She replied.

‘’yeah don’t worry about it’’ I replied.

‘’ok she wrote.

Our conversation ended there and we didn't see or hear from each other the rest of the day, and by nighttime I was at least 85% which meant I could go to school. So before going to bed I concocted a plan to get senji to reveal himself as a girl to me, which like I said before is something I should have done a long time ago.

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