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[FF] Deadman Wonderland : To Keep Sane
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Dwtcs chapter 20.5

My plan was not the smartest thing someone would do to try and ‘’crack the gender if you will, but it was effective.

Mina started laughing and then said ‘’hold it hold it hold it hold it , you went to school with this chick from elementary school and it took you until your junior year in high school to figure out she was a girl?

‘’that’s pathetic!’’ mina continued as she started laughing harder.

She was right. No matter how much I hated the fact that mina was laughing at it, she was right. The
fact that it took me so long to figure out that senji was actually a girl was pathetic. But that was the whole reason for telling this story.

‘’if you don’t mind mina I would like to continue’’ I said with a bit of anger.

‘’yeah sorry go ahead’’ mina said as she continued to laugh.

‘’thank you’’ I said.

As I was saying, my plan was simple. If there was one thing I noticed about senji that seemed a little
off it was this: if we needed to use the restroom at the same time he never went with me like one would expect us to.

So while it was kind of embarrassing and weird the next day I asked senji to go to the restroom with
me before our next class. He agreed without hesitation since he told me he needed to go himself. I was surprised at how easy that was seeing as he would normally tell me ‘’no that’s ok I don’t need to go right now’’ even at times when it was obvious he did.

Walking there together was normal, so normal in fact that I thought I and nisaki were wrong about senji for a minute. When we walked in , the tension in that restroom was so thick you could cut it with a knife , because then everything wrote itself. The funny thing is everything once again felt normal while we were doing our business and all. Senji had finished washing up and was waiting for me to do the same.

I tried to warm him not to stand too close to the door because someone might open it and hit him by mistake, but it was too late.

As is if I was psychic , someone opened the door and hit senji right in the back of the head, and the force of the hit was so great that I thought he was going to hit his nose on one of the sinks and break it. I caught him before anything worse happened and in the process I felt something that I didn't want to believe he had: I felt a girl’s breast and nipple.

I wanted senji to stay draped over my arm forever because the sensation i was feeling in my hand had me craving sex like crazy.

Unfortunately I couldn't keep it that way all day long so I let go and helped senji back to her feet, and as soon as I did everything showed. Her beautiful orange hair stretched out in Rapunzel like fashion, the pink nail polish on her nails reared its beautiful head and her boobs popped out like a jack in the box. I was memorized at what I was seeing but I had no time to feast my eyes on the gorgeous beauty that was standing in front of me.
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DWTCS chapter 21

I said that in my mind but was that really true? Did I really care about going to class right now? Not really but as I tried to stop staring at her on my own, senji helped me out.

‘’stop it katsuki!’’ she said in a mixed tone of depression and anger as she finally looked up at me after keeping her eyes covered under her hair for what felt like forever.

‘’yes I’m a girl’’ she continued.

‘’you got a problem with that?! She asked.

That must have been a rhetorical question because senji ran out before I could get a chance to answer. I was going to go look for her, but I figured she needed some time to herself so I let her be.

I thought senji wouldn't talk to me for the rest of the day, but believe it or not she came to my table at lunch. The awkwardness of that moment didn't even allow me to make eye contact with her much less start a conversation. Waiting for someone to speak first in situations like this was always a bad habit of mine, so I decided I was going to break the ice this time. But as fate would have it I was cut off by senji. I was expecting her to yell at me like she did when we were in the bathroom, man was I way off.

‘’katsuki may I sit next to you? She asked

I was completely thrown for a loop. The calmness of that was almost like nothing happened.

‘’yeah sure’’ I said nervously.

Senji sat next to me and got way closer to me than I expected her to. Yet that wasn't even the most startling part of this whole ordeal. She grabbed my free hand and placed it on her right boob. Then she made sure that hand felt her nipple like I did earlier only this time she did it herself. I wasn't sure if I should feel like I was in heaven or hell. I love boobs as much as the next guy but there had to be a reason she was doing this, like if she was trying to get my mind off of something important. That didn't work on me.

‘’senji I want to ask you something now’’ I said.

‘’What is it ‘’senji asked.

Why did you hide that you were a girl from me all those years? I asked.

There was an awkward silence but only for a moment , which was probably due to the fact that I came straight out with the question instead of beating around the bush.

‘’I couldn't believe how much of an idiot you were that’s why’’ senji explained.

I had a feeling she would say that. There was no sense it me asking what she meant by that because I knew exactly what it meant. Senji hit it dead on the mark, not only was I an idiot back then I was also very dense. I think that’s what still hurts the most. I knew I was like that but I didn't do a danm thing to try to change, and by the time I actually did try it was already too late.
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DWtcs chapter 21.2

I take back what I said earlier. After hearing senji call me an idiot it was more like hell for me now that I think about it. She didn’t need to explain anything but she did anyway.

‘’you were so oblivious to everything around you that it made me want to puke’’ senji continued.

I wanted to say something, but with the way she was shaking as she said that I just couldn't. It looked like from this point on the mood was only going to get worse , until senji made a very…would strange or shocking be a right word for this request? No actually I got it, the word to describe it would have to be absurd.

‘’katsuki do me a favor? She asked.

‘’yeah what is it? I asked

‘’you know my sister nisaki right? She asked

‘’yeah I wish I didn’t, but I do why? I asked.

‘’I want you to hit on her’’ she said.

I almost choked on my food.

‘’the fuck!!? Why!? I asked.

‘’senji I’m sorry to break it to you but your sister is unbearable , there is no way I would ever think about hitting on her of all people. I said.

Senji let out a small laugh and said ‘’that’s exactly why I want you to hit on her.

‘’your right she is unbearable you don’t need to tell me that’’ senji continued.

‘’but she’s really not that bad once you get to know her’’ she continued.

‘’oh I know nisaki , and I can without out a doubt say that she is a whiny unappreciative little slut! I said.

‘’like I said I know that trust me I’ve been around her my whole life, you’ve only known her for what two years now? Senji confirmed.

‘’yep and I would prefer it I could keep my distance from that wrench of a girl as much as possible I said.

‘’oh come on please? She begged.

‘’I’’ll let you do whatever you want to me for the rest of the semester’’ she said.

‘’ tempting but no’’ I said.

Senji continued to beg until I gave in. she even used the old puppy dog eyes on me.

‘’fine fine! I said.

‘’but on two conditions I continued.

‘’People usually say ‘’on one condition and then if there’s another condition they add it in after the fact’’ senji explained.

‘’really? I asked getting off track for a second.

‘’yeah it’s kind of an annoying cleverness but hey it works’’ senji explained.

‘’ oh wow I didn’t-

I shook my head and said ‘’anyway one I want you to tell me what your real name is.

‘’and two I want you to explain to me how you were able to deceive me for all that time’’ I continued.

‘’Gina’’ she said.

‘’Gina farunta she finished.

I had something I wanted to ask her regarding that name but I knew I’d get in trouble if I did, so I didn't bother. As for the second question, Gina’s explanation for that proved just how stupid and naive I really was. She said when she was younger all she had to do was cut her hair , use foundation to cover up her nail polish and make sure she never hinted anything that would give away she was a girl which obviously she didn't. then she said when she got older and started to develop more all she had to was keep her hair pinned down , make sure she didn’t wear any bright colored lipstick and use bandages to keep her breast from sticking out , along with the foundation and never hinting or showing me anything suspicious. I understood then why whenever I asked her to go to the bathroom with me she always refused up until that point. She knew something would happen that would blow her cover. and in her mind she had to avoid that at all cost.

‘’so you’ll do it now? Gina asked.

‘’yeah I guess’’ I said in a stressed out tone.

‘’great invite her to your house later and get started.

‘’alright I said.

I finished eating, said bye to gina and headed to my next class as I hoped to get through the rest of the day without any other problems. But thanks to my dumb luck the first thing I would hear when I got to P.E was the voice of the very same girl that I was supposed to hit on , greeting me with a false accusation.

‘’katsuki! Why you! Nisaki screamed.

‘’you raped my sister you bastard! She yelled.

oh for the love of god.

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Dwtcs chapter 21.5

This is exactly why I was hesitant to ‘’hit on nisaki like Gina wanted me to. I had no idea what she was even talking about. What did she mean I ‘’raped her sister? That wasn't even what happened!

‘’what are you going on about now nisaki!? I asked

‘’don’t play dumb! She said.

‘’I saw you feeling up my sister at lunch! Nisaki screamed.

‘’are you an idiot or what!? I yelled.

‘’Gina put my hand on her boob while I was trying to eat my food! I shouted.

‘’if you really saw what happened you would have known that! I said.

‘’stop accusing me of things I didn't do! I said.

Nisaki didn't respond to that and just walked away with a look of hatred on her face. I failed to see how I was going to pull this request off.

‘’that was mean master’’ Judith said.

‘’yeah master you didn’t have to call her an idiot’’ Janet added.

‘’well I wouldn't have if she wasn't so godanm stupid!’’ I yelled back as I clinched my fist.
The girls looked frightened after I said that.

‘’I’m sorry girls I didn't mean to scare you’’ I said.

Its ok master’’ karoko said.

‘’continue’’ karoko added.

‘’right’’ I said.

After that little spat I waited until P.E was over, I found gina and told her I couldn't do it.

She refused to let me refuse no pun intended and told me she’d blackmail me into doing it if I didn't do it willingly. I wanted no part of that so I had no choice but to hit on nisaki. I tried to be as positive as I could be telling myself that I would just do it and get it over with. Everything changed though when I got home from school. nisaki didn't know when to leave well enough alone and had called me on my cell at least 4 or 5 times after p.e . I had to get this request started anyway so i called her back. As soon as she answered the phone nisaki started nagging me about how much of an asshole I was for ‘’raping her sister’’.

‘’look would you just come over here!? I asked.

That must have caught her off guard for a few seconds because it was so quiet on the other line. I thought nisaki hung up but she didn't.

‘’why? Nisaki asked in a much calmer tone.

‘’I want to talk to you about something and if I do it over the phone it defeats the purpose’’ I lied.

‘’ok ‘’ she said.

I was a little concerned about how easily she complied with my demand, but the first part of the job was finished. You might think I was nervous but I wasn't nervous in the slightest. When a girl has all the qualities I want but is a bitch, then it makes it easier for me to accomplish my goal. I understood where Gina was coming from with this, as much as I hate to admit it nisaki is drop-dead gorgeous and is good at heart , I just didn't like her attitude towards me. nisaki showed up looking like she had just climbed the great wall of china , all out of breath and shit. She introduced herself to mom as we were walking upstairs to my room.

‘danm those stairs were long’’ nisaki said as she started huffing and puffing again.

‘’your cardio must really suck’’ I said as I opened the door.

Nisaki grunted and looked like she wanted to hit me for saying that.

Come on in’’ I said.

‘’you’re a punk you know that? She asked as she sat down on the floor and took her shoes off.

‘’hey hey hey! You were supposed to leave your shoes at the door! I said.

‘’well I’m not going back down there until I leave so suck it!’’ she said.

(why this little!)

I calmed myself down before I did something I would regret and sat down on the floor myself.

‘’so what did you want to talk about? Nisaki asked.

Somewhat truthful but mostly a lie , I started complimenting nisaki on how beautiful , smart and self-aware she was. Every single word that came out of my mouth was killing me to say. Even nisaki saw through me, that’s how you could tell I was forcing the issue.

‘’OK stop, Gina put you up to this didn't she? Nisaki asked.

(So she can use her brain when she wants to huh?)

Yeah she did’’ I said.

Nisaki sucked her teeth and said ‘’I knew it I’m going home’’

‘’this was a waste of time’’ she continued before getting up to leave.

‘’wait nisaki! Before you leave I gotta ask you something’’ I said.

‘’what is it? she asked.

I don’t know what posed me to ask her this, but the question came out of my mouth without a second thought.

‘’if I asked you out would you go on a date with me? I asked.

‘’no not a chance’’ nisaki said with pride.

‘’if I went on a date with you you’d probably grope me the whole time just like you did to Gina’’ nisaki said.

After nisaki left I had a moment, and in that moment I promised myself I would never try to touch breast ever again even if I had permission to. No it wasn't because of the incident with Gina, and it wasn’t because what nisaki said was wrong. It was because what nisaki said was right.

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DWTcs chapter 22

katsuki was ashamed to have told that story, but he felt comfortable telling to the girls.

‘’so master if that story is true then why were you able to-

Ami had a vision in her head about the time katsuki felt her up in that room, which stopped her from finishing what she was going to say.

‘’never mind’’ Ami said under her breath.

‘’Ami did you say something? Katsuki asked.

‘’no master’’ Ami lied.

‘’ok so now we have a few questions for you’’ mina said.

‘’do you remember Gina master? Kasuga asked.

‘’yeah I remember both Gina and nisaki, even though I haven’t spoken to nisaki in a while’’ katsuki said.

‘’what about your fear of touching breast master? Kurea asked.

‘’yeah I've got my fear of touching boobs back now’’ katsuki said in a depressed tone.

‘’I’ve got back my boobafobia’’ katsuki added.

That had the girls laughing so hard that they almost went off topic. Not even mina could keep from cracking up.

Thanks to that story katsuki remembered his fear of boobs which he liked to call boobafobia, something he had also forgotten about until now.

‘’well master if there’s anything we can do to help cure your ‘’boobafobia please don’t hesitate to ask mimi said while still laughing midway through.

‘’yeah sure thanks’’ katsuki said.

‘’anyway’’ mina said trying to get serious again.

‘’do you still keep in touch with her? Mina asked.

‘’yeah of course’’ katsuki said.

‘’call her please? Mina asked nicely.

‘’huh?! , but why!? Katsuki asked in shock.

‘’I don’t know , she sounds kind of cool’’ mina explained.

Katsuki didn't get it all but for once mina asked katsuki nicely to call Gina so he didn't mind.

‘’hello? Gina asked.

‘’hey Gina what’s up? Katsuki asked

‘’hey katsuki’’ Gina said.

‘’nothing much just relaxing’’ Gina added.

‘’how’s school going? Gina asked

‘’good, thanks” katsuki said

Of all the things he had forgotten, Gina and nisaki weren’t one of them, and katsuki was very grateful for that. Katsuki had told Gina about the kind of university he was attending, and now after getting a crucial part of his memory back he understood why she always asked about his ‘’boobafobia.

‘’hey Gina listen one of my girls wants to talk to you’’ katsuki said

‘’here’’ katsuki said as he handed mina the phone.

Katsuki closed his eyes for a bit as he waited for mina to finish talking on the phone. He only got 5 to 10 minutes of rest but that was more than enough for katsuki to get his fill. After her she hung up , mina woke katsuki up and told him about her conversation with Gina. She told him how Gina thanked her and the other girls for taking care of him, and that Gina pleaded with her to help katsuki cure his problem.

Katsuki let out a happy sigh and said ‘’that girl’s too much’’

‘’whats that supposed to mean? Mina asked.

‘’nothing katsuki said.

‘’alright girls I think I’m going to head home’’ katsuki added.

‘’ok master see you tomorrow’’ they all said in unison

‘’oh yeah, girls next time i-

Katsuki stopped himself as he was about to say something he shouldn’t. The girls wondered what he was about to say as they watched him leave. Even though it was probably the safest thing to do , katsuki still wanted to tell the girls what shiro was up to , since they now knew about his ‘’boobafobia and would make the connection sooner rather than later.

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DWtcs chapter 22.5

The walk home for katsuki was normal, and he expected the same when he entered the house. It was. Except for the recognizable white pair of shoes next to his mother’s.

‘’mom who’s shoes are those? Katsuki asked just to be sure.

‘’oh those? Katsuk’s mom asked as she turned her head and saw the shoes he was talking about.

‘’their shiro’s’’ she confirmed.

Katsuki ran up the stairs like a madman and barged open the door.

‘’hi there katsuki’’ shiro said cheerfully as she waved.

‘’what are you doing in my house!? Katsuki asked.

‘’you have a comfy bed’’ shiro said completely ignoring him.

‘’answer me!’’ katsuki demanded.

‘’sit next to me and I will shiro said.

katsuki calmed down and sat on his bed next to shiro.

‘’so did you enjoy your day off? Shiro asked.

(Why does she keep asking me that?)

‘’yeah’’ katsuki said.

‘’good’’ shiro said with a bit of a smirk.

(I hate it when she smiles)

‘’I’m here to give you your next mission’’ shiro said

( I knew it!)

‘’for this one I want you to use ohara’’ shiro continued.

‘’I want you to get her to take off her mask’’ shiro continued.

‘’impossible’’ katsuki quickly answered.

‘’when she introduced herself the first day she said,
‘’hey there master katsuki , My name is ohara pleasure to be of service to you, I’ll do anything you
want except take off this mask’’ katsuki remembered.

‘’I know she told me’’ shiro revealed.

‘’that’s why I want you to do this’’ shiro said.

‘’I want to see if you can actually get her to show her face!’’ shiro continued.

This may be self-explanatory, but the reason katsuki was against this was because of the lecture he had given karoko a few days earlier. If he were to try to get ohara to remove her mask after telling karoko it was wrong of her to try to do so , what would that say about him? If he was going to do this there was only one way he could even attempt to remove ohara’s mask without being looked at as a hypocrite.

‘’ok fine’’ katsuki said.

‘’good, see you tomorrow’’ shiro said as she got up to leave.

Once shiro left, katsuki put his plan into motion and called karoko. Alone or together with someone, either way it probably would still make katsuki look like a hypocrite , but he felt a little better knowing that Karoko would be by his side.

‘’hello? Karoko answered.

‘’hey Karoko , listen do you still want to see ohara’s face? Katsuki asked even though he knew the answer was obvious.

‘’yes I do master’’ karoko said.

‘’badly’’ karoko added.

‘’good because I’m going to help you’’ katsuki said.

‘’really!? Karoko asked.

‘’yes’’ katsuki said.

‘’we’re going to-

(oh crap! I forgot to ask shiro if it’s ok to do it myself!)

‘’Karoko can I call you back? , I’ve got to make another call really quick’’ katsuki explained.

‘’yes master’’ karoko said before she hung up.

Katsuki called shiro in hopes of getting the ok to take off Ohara’s mask himself (along with karoko)
‘’hello shiro answered.

‘’shiro it’s me’’ katsuki said.

‘’oh hey there katsuki’’ shiro said.

‘’miss me already?’’ shiro asked.

‘’yes, yes I do’’ katsuki said sarcastically

‘’aww how sweet’’ shiro said in the same sarcastic tone.

‘’what do you want? Shiro asked.

‘’well about this task’’ katsuki said.

‘’do I have to get ohara to remove her mask or can I do it myself? Katsuki asked.

‘’hm well i did say I wanted you to get ohara to do it herself’’ shiro said.

‘’After all it is her mask’’ shiro added.

(Now you choose to respect someone else’s property?)

‘’true’’ katsuki said.

‘’hm…katsuki I’ll get back to you on this so hold off on the task until tomorrow’’ shiro said.

(I wasn't planning to do it tonight anyway)

‘’your other option sounds interesting’’ shiro added before hanging up.

Katsuki sighed and called back karoko. He told her that he had an idea as to how to get ohara’s mask off, but that it would have to wait until tomorrow.

‘’ok master’’ karoko said getting all excited.

‘’yeah’’ katsuki said.

‘’goodnight karoko’’ katsuki added.

‘’goodnight master’’ karoko said.

After he hung up , katsuki went to bed since he had nothing else to do. It had been a long day so katsuki was also worn out from the stress. Sure he didn’t have any trouble sleeping, but katsuki wondered in the back of his mind what would ohara think if she heard about this task that shiro gave him? And what would she do if she learned that her close friend and her own master were planning to take off the one thing she treasured most?
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Dwtcs chapter 23

No, a better question would be what will ohara do? What will ohara do when she finds out her master and close friend are trying to remove her mask from her very existence? Katsuki woke up the next morning with the fear of that thought in mind, as he sluggishly got out of bed. Katsuki dragged himself through his usual morning routine and left the house looking like he lost his best friend. When he got to campus he found Karoko sleeping on one of the benches.

(She was so excited she couldn't sleep, unbelievable)

‘’hey karoko!’’ katsuki shouted.

She didn’t wake up, all she did was turn to her left side.

‘’hey! Karoko! ‘’ katsuki shouted again while shaking her this time.

She budged a little and opened her eyes halfway.

Ugh’’, master is that you? Karoko asked.

‘’yes’’ katsuki said.

‘’who else would it be? Katsuki asked.

Karoko sat up and yawned.

‘’I see you didn’t get any sleep again’’ katsuki said.

‘’no I didn’t master’’ karoko admitted.

‘’so excited for today you couldn't sleep? Katsuki asked

‘’Yeah ‘’karoko said.

‘’you look tired as well master’’ karoko noted.

‘’yeah I am’’katsuki

‘’but for a different reason’’ katsuki added.

Katsuki’s reason is somewhat different.

‘’ c’mon let’s get to class’’ katsuki added as he held out his hand.

Karoko smiled as she took katsuki’s hand and headed to class with him. Shiro was standing by the door when they got there as usual. This time however, shiro just whispered into katsuki’s ear ‘’you can try to take off ohara’s mask if you want’’. Katsuki smiled as he went inside with karoko and greeted the rest of the girls.

‘’good morning master’’ they all said in unison.

‘’good morning karoko’’ they all added.

(wow , they greeted one of their own , impressive.)

‘’good morning everyone’’ karoko said as she bowed.

After the greetings were over, karoko joined the line and awaited her master’s orders. katsuki sat down at his desk wanting to sleep but I knew he had to stay awake. A life or death mission was ahead of him tonight and the last thing he could afford to do was fall asleep.

‘’makina ‘’ katsuki said.

‘’yes master? Maskina asked.

‘’go get karoko and I some coffee ‘’ katsuki said.

‘’yes master’’ makina said

‘’how would you two like it? makina asked.

‘’milk and three equals’’ katsuki said.

‘’ok master’’ makina said,

‘’karoko? Makina asked.

‘’half and half’’ karoko said

‘’ok’’ makina said as she left.

It was a little too quiet while waiting for makina to bring the coffee, but luckily I had something on my mind.

‘’hey girls? Katsuki asked.

‘’yes master’’ they all asked.

Going back to the story I told you earlier’’ katsuki said.

‘’about my boobafobia’’ katsuki added

The girls chuckled a bit.

‘’I want to try something if you don’t mind’’ katsuki said.

‘’not at all master’’ Ami said.

‘’’I bet it’s something perverted’’ mina said in disgust.

‘’well yeah it has to be’’ katsuki said.

‘’hmph! I knew it’’ mina said

Yeah well, this is where you come in’’ katsuki said nervously

‘’what are you talking about? Mina asked.

‘’I’m going to need to pop a feel’’ katsuki said

Huh!? Mina asked as she cradled herself in embarrassment.

‘’how is that supposed to help!? Mina asked.

‘’I just want to see something’’ katsuki said.

(if I’m right about this then the moment I touch her boobs)

Mina sighed and then said ‘’alright fine’’ as she relaxed her muscles
katsuki got up from his seat, headed over to mina and placed his hand on her left boob. Mina blushed, but that wasn’t what this was for. Just like he predicted, the moment katsuki’s hand touched mina’s boob he had a vision of some girl with pink hair calling him a pervert in a telepathic like voice. The second that vision ended katsuki freaked out.

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Dwtcs chapter 23.2

I scurried back to my desk like a frightened little girl. That person I saw in my vision just now looked very familiar.

‘’katsuki what happened?! Mina asked.

‘’yeah master are you ok?! ‘’kurea asked.

It was nothing, don’t worry about it’’ I lied as I tried to catch my breath.

‘’don’t give me that! Mina said as she came up to me to see if I was ok.

‘’what just happened? Mina asked as the others rushed to my aid.

‘’yes master please tell us’’ kasuga said.

Right at that moment, makina walked in with the coffee.

‘’makina! Karoko screamed.

‘’get over here!’’ karoko continued.

It took makina a few minutes to get a grasp on what she was seeing, but once she did she put the cups of coffee on a desk nearby and rushed over.

‘’what happened? Makina asked.

‘’that’s what we want to know’’ ohara said.

‘’master are you ok? Makina asked as she put her hand on my left shoulder.

‘’how did he get like this? Makina asked.

Mina explained to makina that I had asked her to let me pop a feel because I said I needed to test something.

‘’then as soon as he touched my breast he freaked out!’’ mina continued.

Makina didn't know what to make of it

‘’ok but what made him freak out? Makina asked.

‘’That’s what we’re trying to figure out ‘’ Janet said

‘’so katsuki? Mina asked.

Katsuki didn't answer; instead he got up and went to get his coffee of the desk. Karoko followed suit and began to drink hers.

‘’hello! ‘’mina shouted.

‘’katsuki did you hear me?! mina asked.

After taking a few sips of his coffee, katsuki finally answered her.

‘’right as I touched your boob I had a vision’’ katsuki said.

‘’a vision? Mina asked.

‘’yeah ‘’ katsuki said.

‘’it was a vision of a girl calling me a pervert’’ I said.

‘’this girl is smart’’ mina proudly said.

Katsuki paid no attention to that comment and took another sip of his coffee.

‘’what did this girl look like’’ mina asked.

‘’she had pink hair, hazel nut eyes and she was wearing a red ribbon in her hair ‘’ katsuki said

The feeling that description gave off was eerie, almost as eerie as shiro’s laugh.

‘’master? Judith asked in fear.

By any chance, was that girls hair tied up? Janet asked as she struggled to get the words out.


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Dwtcs chapter 23.5

Judith and Janet the poor things, they must think I’m talking about them. I know it sounded like I was but I know it wasn’t either of them. No matter how much that girl resembled the twins I refuse to believe it was either of them calling me a pervert.

‘’girls don’t worry about it, it wasn’t either of you’’ I said directing my attention at the twins.

‘’huh?! Mina shouted.

‘’but the way you described her sounded just like them!’’ mina continued.

‘’she’s right master that’s us’’ Janet said in a pained tone.

Katsuki finished his coffee and said ‘’I know it sounds like either one of you but trust me it’s not’’.

‘’that girl’s voice sounded way too evil for it to be either of you’’ katsuki claimed.

‘’evil? Mina asked.

‘’yeah like she wanted to kill me’’ katsuki explained.

‘’well you probably felt her up to you sicko’’ mina said as she looked away a bit.

‘’no not like that’’ katsuki said.

‘’I mean literally kill me, as in take my life’’ katsuki explained.

Karoko spit out the coffee she had in her mouth and then said ‘’ma-master are you sure it was that bad?

‘’yes katsuki said as he threw his coffee cup away.

‘’who would want to kill you master? Mimi asked.

‘’that’s a good question’’ katsuki said.

Katsuki headed towards the door.

‘’let’s go girls’’ katsuki said as he looked back.

‘’we’re heading to the library’’ katsuki continued.

‘’yes master’’ the girls all said in unison.

Katsuki headed for the elevator as the girls followed. Karoko who went to throw away her cup almost got left behind however.

‘’karoko come on! ‘’ kurea yelled.

‘’right sorry! karoko shouted as she ran to join the rest.

Katsuki pushed close and the elevator starting moving in a way that made everyone feel like they would get stuck. They didn't thank goodness and reached the library safely.

‘’phew! That was close! Mina said.

‘’you’re telling me’’ katsuki said.

Is everyone alright? Katsuki asked.

‘’yes master’’ the girls all said in unison.

After checking on the girls to see if they were all right , katsuki went to a computer to do the unthinkable: to look up information on every single girl in the school. Mina wanted to say something badly but chose to keep her mouth shut. Even though his intentions were to search up every girl in the school, katsuki began to struggle after he happen to stumble upon shiro’s staff member page he didn't know the username or password to.

This was the page he needed access to , as it more than likely had a list of all the students in this now sort of co ed school , and since he was the only male on campus katsuki felt he should have access to it. Which is why mina decided to do something that would excite but scare katsuki more than anything: she wrote the username and password on a piece of paper she took out her bag and handed it to him.

‘’huh? katsuki asked as he took the piece of paper from mina.

(Not that I care, because she always does this, but why is she blushing?)

Katsuki let out a gasp after reading what mina wrote.

Password: obedience23

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Dwtcs chapter 24

I couldn't believe mina gave this to me, I didn’t even ask for it! You mean to tell me I gained access to information on to every single girl on campus that easily? If I’d known mina was going to pull this stunt I would've went straight to shiro’s page in the first place! Well no actually I shouldn't say that I just happen to come across her page while I was searching. But forget about that for a second, what’s with this username and password?



I wasn't sure whether to enter this stuff in or not, until mina left me with no choice.

Well?! Mina quietly shouted.

‘’are you going to login or not!? Mina quietly asked.

(I’m the one giving the orders around here)

‘’mina stop it’’ kasuga said.

Mina went into pouting mode after kasuga told her off. I paid those two no mind and entered the information mina gave me at the login screen under shiro’s picture. The fact that it actually worked put a bunch of theory’s in my head that I should have put more thought into at the time. My choosing to dismiss those thoughts would come back to haunt me, but I wasn't concerned with what would happen to me in the future. All I could focus on was looking up information on as many students as I could. Why was I doing this you ask? Well I wanted to see if there were any other students besides Judith and Janet , who looked like the girl in my vision. Yes I knew looking up over 16,000 girls was going to be ridiculous and time consuming , but that’s why I said I would look up as many as I could. I looked up at least 50 students and found some look alikes but didn't find an exact match. Before I knew it I was so tired that I needed another cup of coffee to stay awake.

‘’ alright that’s it I’m done’’ I said as I yawned.

‘’Its only 2:30? I asked myself as I looked at the time on my phone.

How’s that even possible? I asked myself jokingly.

‘’I know it seemed like forever master’’ kurea said.

‘’but looking up 50 out of 16,000 students is a mere joke believe it or not’’ kurea continued.

‘’Yeah true ‘’ I said as I laughed a little.

‘’let’s go back to the classroom’’ I said as I got up from the chair and stretched.

‘’yes master’’ the girls said in unison.

I threw my coffee cup away and headed for the elevator with the girls. Like I said before, I wasn’t worried about the future as it related to my theory that I had , but there was one thing I was worried and a little curious about: what will shiro do to me when she finds out I hacked her account on the schools website?
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DWTCS chapter 24.2

We all were a little worn out when we reached the classroom, though I had some of my energy thanks to the cup of Joe I just had. My research was over and it was time to refocus on the task shiro gave me.

‘’Ami , kurea’’ I said as I sat down at my usual seat.

‘’yes master? They both asked.

‘’revert back to your normal forms’’ I said.

Yes master’’ they both said.

Ami’s Detransformation was pretty much what I expected it to be, just a normal regress of the goddess like form that she was in. in Kurea’s case, her retrogress was absolutely freakish. Her multicolored hair slowly shaded over the blonde color like some kind of mind control setup, and the muscles of her original form stretched out with way too much strain on her body. I understood why kurea preferred to stay transformed after seeing that.

(Both the transformations and retrogresses are impressive, I wonder….)

‘’master? Ohara asked.

‘’yeah ohara? I asked.

‘’is something wrong? ‘’ohara asked.

‘’your staring at me pretty hard’’ ohara noted.

(Let’s try this)

I took some of the strain off of my stare and said ‘’ohara.

‘’yes master? Ohara asked.

‘’transform for me’’ I said.

(I know what she’s going to say)

Ohara tried to stall for as long as possible.

‘’ohara what’s wrong I asked.

Ohara kept quiet for a few seconds until she finally mustered up the courage to say ‘’no

(I figured)

The girls understood why ohara rejected my order and so did I. still ohara felt she needed to explain her refusal.

‘’master I’m sorry’’ ohara said.

‘’it’s just that if I’m going to transform for you, then I’d need to take off my mask first’’ ohara continued.

‘’I know that sounds like a stupid reason for not obeying your orders master’’ ohara added.

‘’not at all’’ I said

‘’I get it’’ I said.

That’s it; there was no way I was going to be able to do this mission now. I decided then that I would get shiro to cancel this mission no matter what it took.

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DWTCS Chapter 24.5

I don’t know why, but for some reason I actually had the courage to stand up to shiro this time. Why is that? Why did I choose this task in particular over the other ones, as the time to stand up to shiro? I guess for now the reason why doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I was going to get this task cancelled someway somehow.

‘’I’m sorry master I just can’t’’ ohara finished.

‘’ohara enough you don’t have to keep apologizing’’ I said.

I wouldn’t let her say another word, not before I got up from my seat and went to hug her. Katsuki couldn’t tell because of the mask on her face, but ohara was overjoyed and surprised at the hug, and at the fact that another man besides her father understood and accepted her situation.

(He feels so warm)

I wanted that hug to last forever, but eventually I let go of ohara and turned my attention to karoko. I told the girls I’d be right back and took karoko out in the hallway.

‘’karoko listen, we might not go through with it after all I said.

‘’I’m sorry to disappoint you’’ I added.

(Now I’m the one apologizing)

‘’no master its fine I get it’’ karoko said.

‘’in fact might isn't the right word’’ karoko continued.

‘’more like we won’t go through with it’’ karoko said with a look of satisfaction on her face.

I nodded in agreement.

(Yeah she’s right, we can’t do this, and we won’t. Allow me to apologize one more time, I’m sorry shiro I can’t complete this task, so just this once you’re going to have to change it.)
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DWTCS chapter 25

After karoko and I made our decision, it was time for me to call shiro and see what would happen. I prepared myself in advance because I knew she would argue with me on this until she had the last say. I was in a similar situation last time with mina, but I had no idea what I was about to get out of this one. I peeked my head into the classroom and said bye to the rest of the girls.

‘’bye master, see you tomorrow’’ they all said in unison.

‘’bye karoko , see you tomorrow’’ I said as I headed out.

‘’bye master’’ karoko said.

As soon as I got home and settled in, I went to my room and called shiro.

‘’Hello? Shiro answered,

‘’hi shiro’’ I said.

‘’hello katsuki’’ shiro said.

‘’what can I do for you?’’ shiro asked.

(We should do this face to face.)

‘’well, if it’s not too much trouble, could you come over’’ I asked.

‘’what’s this? Shiro asked.

‘’the same boy who yelled at me for being in his room before, is now asking me to come over? Shiro asked.

‘’oh the humanity’’ shiro sarcastically said.

(Yeah go ahead mock me why don’t you)

‘’you caught me off guard that day’’ I explained.

‘’and besides, I think you owe it to me for that time’’ I said.

‘’I don’t owe you anything ‘’ shiro said.

‘’but since your being so kind I’ll indulge you’’ shiro added.

We hung up and I patiently waited for shiro to get here. Surprisingly since she was coming from her house instead of campus, it didn’t take long for her to get her. I heard her downstairs greeting my mother and asking if I was up in my room. As shiro’s footsteps got closer, thoughts about the outcome of our conversation played through my head like a slide show. Her knock on the door brought me back down to earth.

‘’katsuki it’s me’’ shiro said.

‘’open up’’ shiro continued.

(Why does this feel so familiar?)

Yeah yeah hold your horses! ‘’ I said as I got up to let shiro in.

‘’you could have come in yourself you know, the door was open’’ I added.

‘’no use crying over spilt milk’’ shiro said as she walked in and sat on my bed.

‘’so what is it? shiro asked.

I took a deep breath before I began.

‘’look shiro , up until now I’ve been obedient and done every task you’ve asked me to do’’ I said.

‘’but this time I refuse, I’m sorry shiro’’ I continued.

For me the mood changed rather fast after those words came out of my mouth. But for shiro I guess it didn’t since she started laughing and rolling around in my bed like a child.

‘’what’s so funny!? I asked.
‘’nothing nothing , it’s just that I thought I just heard you say you weren’t going to do this task I gave you’’ shiro said as she sat up and calmed down.

‘’I did I said firmly.

Shiro decided to get serious.

‘’katsuki’’ shiro said.

‘’what? I asked

‘’I’m going to let you in on something’’ shiro said as she looked at me with those evil eyes of hers.

‘’something that I should have told you from the very beginning, but didn’t because I thought you would do everything I asked without question! Shiro shouted

(Whatever this is it can’t be good! It doesn’t matter though , I’ve come this far so whatever she says now will not make me change my mind!)

Shiro started quivering with anger and her voice got crazier and deranged by the minute as she said ‘’if you don’t do the task that I give you, do you know what your punishment will be?!

‘’w-what? I asked as I started to get creped out.

‘’I’ll send your ass to an all boys school!!’’ shiro screamed.

Those words..that ultimatum sunk in right away and left me at shiro’s mercy , her cold blooded unhuman mercy.

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DWtcs chapter 25.2

I thought I was hallucinating. Her face certainly didn't look the part, but I thought shiro was making a joke. A boys only school?! The one thing I did agree with shiro on is that sending me to a boy’s only school would be punishment. I don’t think I’d be able to survive a minute on a campus with no females whatsoever.

‘’no shiro please! I beg of you don’t do that to me!’’ I shouted as I switched to all fours.

‘’then do this task! ‘’ shiro shouted in a softer but still angry tone.

‘’I’m giving you until tomorrow night to get it done!’’ shiro said.

‘’no later than that!’’ shiro added.

With that the vindictive shiro made her point and left, and any confidence I had in myself completely disappeared.
I knew I wouldn't be able to get ohara’s mask off by tomorrow night and I started crying. I cried like a baby for the rest of the day just about, and by nightfall I had cried myself to sleep. Come the next morning I woke up with circles under my eyelids from it all. For the first time since I started going to Osaka, I didn't feel like going to school. I didn't want to see shiro, the girls, or anyone else for that matter.

But see that’s the thing about my going to Osaka University: it just feels like I could never take a day off because not only would the girls be disappointed and worried, but shiro most likely wouldn't let me. I got myself ready and headed to school with one thing in mind, and that was to just get through the day so that I could go home and get prepared for life at whatever college shiro was going to send me to. When I entered the classroom for what I thought was going to be the final time, I sat down in my usual seat and was about to begin my goodbye speech to the girls.

‘’good morning ma-

‘’girls! I shouted cutting them off.

‘’look I know I’m about to sound really cheesy when I say this’’ I said as I started crying again.

‘’But I love every single one of you’’ I said.

‘’like sisters that I don’t have’’ I continued.

I was so choked up that I almost got a headache, but miraculously i didn’t, not even a small one from last night.

‘’even you mina you hothead’’ I added.

‘’Aww dam, did I really just admit that? I asked as I tried to wipe some of the tears away.

‘’I guess it can’t be helped’’ I said as I let out a forced chuckled.

I was just about to finish up when mina came over and slapped the taste out of my mouth.

‘’what was that fo-

Then out of nowhere mina hugged me, not allowing me to finish asking my question.

‘’katsuki? Mina asked as she tightened her hug a bit.

‘’yes? I asked.

‘’tell me the truth; you said all that because shiro did something to you didn't she? Mina asked.

(Please don’t let anything happen this time!)

‘’yes I said as I tensed up waiting for something to happen.

(huh? nothing happened to me?)

Mina let go and stood there for a few seconds gritting her teeth in anger and then pointed the girls.

‘’you see those 9 girls standing in that line right there!? Mina asked.

‘’they’re yours katsuki! ‘’mina screamed

‘’And so am I! ‘’mina yelled with worry in her voice.

I..know’’ I said.

‘’then let us help you! ‘’mina screamed as she started water works of her own.


I’m such a fool. From high school, or hell maybe 8th grade junior high my dream, my ridiculous perverted dream was to be surrounded by a bunch of beautiful girls who would do whatever I asked, and somehow that dream became a reality. Now that my wish came true I’ve lost all sense of myself and have treated my girls like garbage! I deserve to be sent to an all-boys school.
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DWTCS chapter 26.

Katsuki may have thought that little speech of his was going to be accepted by the girls, but they would have none of it.

‘’master?’’ Ami asked in a dark tone

‘’where is shiro? Ami continued.

(Why does she want to know?!)

‘’I wish I knew’’ I somewhat lied.

‘’I didn’t see her when I came in ‘’ I added.

‘’oh is that so? Ami asked.

‘’y-yeah’’ I said.

(Now Ami’s starting to sound devilish)

‘’well master, if you don’t mind we’re going to go look for her now’’ Ami added as she started walking out with the others.

‘’I do mind! I shouted as I got up out of my seat.

‘’kurea’’ Ami said.

Right on cue, kurea got behind me too fast for me to keep up, put my hands behind my back and forced me to the ground.

‘’hey kurea!’’ I yelled as I struggled to get lose.

What are you doing?! Let me go! I yelled.

(She’s too strong!)

It pained kurea to do this I could tell , but going after shiro wasn't going to solve anything.

‘’girls wait!’’ I screamed.

‘’they stopped.

‘’at least let me go with you’’ I said.

They didn't listen to me and left as kurea continued to hold me down.

‘’kurea stop this’’! I yelled as a last ditch effort.

My efforts proved to be worthless as kurea’s strength overwhelmed me . The only thing I could do was pray that they wouldn't hurt shiro if they found her.

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