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STDs And Other Fun Diseases
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Posted 10/23/14 , edited 10/23/14
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XXpoisonivyXX wrote:

galaxiias wrote:

Speaking of facial herpes, aren't cold sores categorized as a type of herpes? I mean, they aren't sexually transmitted, but that's what I've been told, anyway.

STDs frighten me, honestly. Use protection, mmmk.

I'm pretty asexual, so it would be a rare occurrence where I would face these problems.

yes herpes simplex virus-1 (HSV-1). Cold sores are transmitted by such forms of contact as kissing an infected person or sharing eating utensils, towels, or razors etc. Herpes Simplex Type 2 (HSV2) is genital ofc sexually transmitted.

Both "cold sores" and genital cases of Herpes can be cause by either HSV1 or HSV2. Meaning someone can have cold sores that are caused by HSV2, and someone could also have HSV1 genitally. They are not named for where they specifically go, though HSV1 is more common orally than genitally. Oral HSV can be transmitted sexually, unlike what you've been told. They aren't always, but they can be. (see below.)

galaxiias wrote:

Speaking of facial herpes, aren't cold sores categorized as a type of herpes? I mean, they aren't sexually transmitted, but that's what I've been told, anyway.

STDs frighten me, honestly. Use protection, mmmk.

I'm pretty asexual, so it would be a rare occurrence where I would face these problems.

^THIS i had my FIRST cold sore ever and i was like "oh my god i have herpes" :'3 only difference is that a cold sore is only contagious while it's flaring up. This was over a year ago so let's just keep my fingers crossed that it never comes back ^~^

Oh boy, were you misinformed by social stigma! Either kind of Herpes, oral or genital, is ALWAYS at least a little contagious. It is more contagious during flare ups, but the virus is still there and can shed through your skin even when you have no symptoms. Also, oral Herpes can be transmitted sexually if you are "going down" on someone with genital Herpes. That's right, it can move from place to place!

Kavalion wrote:

Sounds like oral herpes if you get a nasty blister from cutting your face. I mean, isn't that the only symptom? It's not a very scary virus... and everyone probably has it, since avoiding contact with human spit is easier said than done. It's likely suppressed into dormancy by most of us, so we don't even get the blisters.

You are correct! It is not a very scary virus! It is also extremely common. One in every 5 to 6 people has Herpes! Most people get it orally as a kid from sticking stuff in their mouth after another kid has put in their mouth. It can also be from something as benign as kissing a family member goodbye/hello if they have it. HSV does not discriminate! It is not always a sexually transmitted disease, though it is often thought of that way. The "sexually" part is where it usually gets stigmatized. The stigma is way way worse than the virus itself! As someone posted above, it is possible to get any STI on your first sexual encounter. So, trying to use an STI as a reason to call anyone by a sexually degrading name is completely wrong.

Also, did you know that people used to not give a crap about Herpes? Back in the early 80s, the Burroughs Wellcome pharmaceutical company invented a medication that can be used to decrease viral shedding and outbreaks. They didn't have a market, though, because literally nobody cared about Herpes. What was the logical decision? Write an article for TIME magazine about how having HSV makes you dirty. They called the article, "Today's Scarlet Letter." That's right. They were using a book about the stigma of sex to put a stigma on a virus that people associate with sex. Jerks.

Most pictures they show you in health class aren't indicative of what an outbreak looks or feels like. They blow up the picture to make it look like it's this huge horrible thing. Most get outbreaks the size of a pinhead. Most teachers aren't trying to educate you about the virus, they're trying to scare you into not having sex.

So today, more people with HSV feel worse after their diagnosis mentally than physically. It's a minor bother that lasts only a few days for most, but the psychological effects have been reason enough for most doctors to not test unless a patient asks or is showing symptoms. HSV can lie dormant for years without showing up. Some people get an initial outbreak right after they're infected, and then it never shows up again. They do still have it and can still pass it on, but they aren't affected physically; only mentally by the judgement of their peers. Think about it next time you throw around that "durr you're a xxxx because you have herpes/you must have herpes because xxx/thank god I don't have herpes like that person" jokes. Even if you don't know that someone who hears might have it, it's still a pretty shitty thing to throw around as an insult. Because it's so common, there's always a chance you'll get it. Your partner might not know they have it due to being asymptomatic. A few weeks later, suddenly you have an outbreak. Rushing to the doctor, you get diagnosed with Herpes. What happens then? You've been telling people for all these years that they're dirty for having it. What does that make you, in your social prison that you built for yourself? Think about that. Herpes does not discriminate between good or bad people, or by how many times you've had sex.

Having Herpes, or ANY STI, does NOT make you a bad person! It does not make you dirty or unwantable; you are still you.
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Posted 10/23/14 , edited 10/23/14
Tinfoil-hat ON!

Usually a disease relatively easy to get under control.
In the recent case it seems to be very close to the Ebola virus that was delivered from a German lab to the US in 2009,
the US was very reluctant to assert it will not be used for bio weapons research... (wiki-leaks document 09BERLIN1588_a)
The current outbreak happened near a research facility in a country that has not signed the Anti-Bio-Weapons treaty.
It' possible that the current streak is close to or weapon-grade and capable of being spread airborne in cold climate.

Known but little talked about available treatments: Blood transfusion containing antibodies from a survivor.

"Safe Sex" isn't exactly a scientific term, it's closer to a condom commercial slogan, implying "perfectly safe".
Condoms have a failure rate for pregnancies around 10%+ (regular sex for one year, 10% get pregnant)

The only published practical tests on the subject of AIDS and condoms were church funded,
conducted in Africa, and can not necessarily be trusted, but are still interesting.
Married couples, one partner infected, had regular sex using condoms: after one year all were infected, failure rate 100%

This does not necessarily translate directly to fair skinned Caucasians,
there seems to be a higher resistance to the disease for blue eyed people.
Likely due to selection during the plague, or of course a conspiracy.

don't worry about it. Like Hepatitis not necessarily a pure STD. Available almost everywhere, even outside the bedroom.

Thought to be close to extinct but on the rise recently, I wonder why that is...? everyone gets educated on "safe sex♫" these days...
Syphilis attacking the brain is fairly normal, it causes dementia in later stages.

General recommendations
If you and your future faithful spouse have only been interested in 2D and aware of indirect kisses,
there's nothing to worry about... other than Ebola.
It's always a good idea to have two or three weeks of mars-bars, vitamin pills and water in storage in case there's a quarantine.
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Posted 10/23/14 , edited 10/23/14
I feel like not enough young people know a lot about them. That's why some of us are so reckless. I also think sex education should focus more on this matter but this shouldn't the sole priority in sex ed classes.
Posted 10/23/14 , edited 10/24/14
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Being completely honest, I caught Gonorrhea once when I was younger
You learn your lesson. If you don't then you're an idiot.

Stay away from those skanky women (or men) my friends.

A weekend of partying is not worth the next week of pissing molten glass.
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