Explain An Anime Plot Badly
Posted 10/22/14 , edited 10/22/14
Ripping off the Twitter hashtag

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Posted 10/22/14 , edited 10/23/14

AiYumega wrote:

Ripping off the Twitter hashtag

Hi, I've closed this because it doesn't contain any rules/explanation of how it would be played as a game. It also doesn't give enough information about what to do as just a fun thing as not-a-game in, for example, the Anime forum.

The topic in general seems fine but really needs some fleshing out to be either a game or a topic in the Anime forum. Believe it or not, some folks won't know what Twitter hashtag you're talking about, or what the point of the activity is. Are people supposed to guess what anime someone is describing? Are they just supposed to throw out their own explanations for the heck of it?

Please feel free to try again--with more detail.

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