One piece: strawhats haki
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Posted 10/25/14
there are some spoilers in here i will hide the major ones.

hey guys, i just wanted to say my opinion and hear yours too.

i believe that zoro was the first strawhat to show signs of observation/Kenbunshoku haki in episode 119 aorund 16mins in
he says he can sense the rhythm of the soil, trees, stones, and of mr1's steel.
see image in spoiler tag

i also believe that people there are different styles and strengths of haki and each person manifest it visually in different ways.

Aisa on sky island was born with hers and she could feel peoples emotions aswell as when they died. she could also differentiate between different signals and locate enel
coby awakened his in the war: at first he could hear the voices of people dying out.
Madam shirley i believe she has powerful haki than can go from days to years in the future

voice of all things, i think this is the highest level of observation haki a mix of all types that enable the user to hear sea kings, and understand the past experiences that inanimate objects absorb. such as roger reading the poneglyphs

*i am sure each person could train them all, and people are not just stuck with one type.*

Zoro i believe his projection is so strong that is how his victims see hallucinations, *or it could just be his mega killing intent/intimidation*
he also sends a lot of flying slash attacks, im thinking it must be infused with haki that's how you see those coloured spirals and stuff.
Sanji i believe his haki manifest as flames of passion, his diable jambe is one of the ways he can use his haki.
especially now that he no longer needs to spin to activate it.

*i actually thought that luffys haki was black because he was rubber, and vulcanized rubber is strong and tends to be black, its a bit odd they show him as the first to use black haki, then all of a sudden everyone elses is black, i think it was a mistake.. or just a new way to show it.

i cant wait to see how the rest of the team develops and uses their haki.
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Posted 10/25/14 , edited 10/25/14
well it could be said the Nami has been using Haki since the beginning since she could beat luffy bloody when she got mad but that probably can be taken out of context. from what I can understand only like one out of 100,000 or so are born with the ability to access haki whether it is acquired since birth or activated through times of great stress or duress. it seems the most easiest to access is observation since as you stated Aisa was born with the innate ability to use it. Armament Haki is described as a sort of thin armor that can be used offensively and defensively, its acquired through training and I'm only assuming very intense training.

I haven't read the manga in a while so I'm not fully caught up to the dressrosa arc, it would be interesting to see what the other members would do with Haki if they had it, Brook is already a speed demon with his sword skills maybe he could infuse it with his music, Franky would probably try to learn to store it away for use on the Sunny or try to make actual homing missiles. and Chopper, well he'll probably become more of a monster then he already is.
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Posted 12/27/15
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