In the Dark
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Posted 10/25/14 , edited 10/26/14
In the Dark

I thought I was standing beside my friends

Enjoying life side by side

I thought we were happy and all seemed well

But one day, it all went to hell

Suddenly, darkness surrounded me

And my so called "friends" did nothing but flee

Hello?! I called to them but there was no reply

I reached out for them yet my hand only to grasp thin air

Again and again, I called for them

Only to hear nothing but the echoes of my cries

I've been abandoned, left to my thoughts

But I could not hear them, for the silence was deafening

Alone, confused, angry, and afraid

I have been left here

In the Dark

I hope all of you who read my poem enjoyed it and are willing to leave your thoughts afterwards!

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Posted 10/26/14 , edited 10/26/14
Oh, despair. That sticky black ooze that binds us together whether we want to feel it or not.
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"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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