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The chaos subsided and the ragtag group of heroes went their own ways. It was going to be a while before the meeting so Wolf and Anria set off for a bit. Around noon, Wolf sensed a most terrifying presence. Wolf talked more with his eyes and his energy so when he made the decision to gather the group from earlier, Anria ended but doing all of the talking.

"Hello," the little girl walked up to each person, her greeting the same. "Mr. Wolf was wondering if you would help him with something." Her words were simple and the sentence was broken multiple times by brief pauses. She didn't appear to me of the age as to where her speech should be poor, maybe she didn't get enough education.

Regardless of each of the warriors decisions, Wolf and Anria proceeded to find the source of this scary and monstrous aura. Exiting town, the party headed towards a forest. "Be on guard," Wolf and party stood still, observing their surroundings for any sudden movements. Small creatures moved about the forest, climbing trees and dashing from bush to bush.

There it was, a slow and calculated movement of a cape edged deeper into the forest which swiftly vanished between the trees. Wolf caught something right before the figure disappeared. Unable to tell gender, Wolf noticed that the swords person wore 8 empty sheaths upon their body. "The Sword Dancer," Wolf's tone changed. As a man of actual battle experience, even he was unsure if he wanted to proceed or not.

//Chapter 1 (Side Quest),
The Sword Dancer;
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