Perfume World Tour 3rd
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Posted 10/26/14 , edited 10/26/14
Out of curiosity, is anyone else going to see those lovely Perfume girls while the three of them are on tour over the next month?

I'm very much looking forward to seeing them perform live in London! Especially since I missed out on tickets last year. It's a shame that London is going to be the only European show this time though, but Europe's cloud has a silver lining for the US, as they've instead added shows on the far side of the Atlantic.

You're not familiar with Perfume? Don't worry, here's a few of their songs for you! Enjoy!


Magic of Love

Natural ni Koishite

Spring of Life
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Posted 10/29/14 , edited 10/29/14
I really want to go to the London show, but I don't think I'll be allowed since it's on a school night.
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Posted 11/8/14 , edited 11/8/14
Yes! I'll be at the Apollo, singing along (badly) and trying to mimic the dancing (also badly). So excited.

I missed last year's event too, in fact I only realised they were performing in London several days after the event. I was quite annoyed for not paying attention.
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