LoL ingame shop acting up
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Posted 10/27/14
Hey guys I know this isn't a LoL forum site, but I was on CR anyways and felt lazy to log into my LoL forum account, so might as well right? Well anyways I recently have been getting this bug on my LoL client every time I go into the store. Is anyone encountering this? If so has anyone found a solution to fix this? Thank you!

Note: If it were possible to fix this without re-installing the game that would be great!

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Posted 10/27/14
Hi there,

As this is a personal thread I'm going to close this one, it is not allowed to make personal Help threads on Crunchyroll.
You are free to use the General Help/Advice thread for this question, if you want to, but I would still recommend to ask this question on the LoL forums.

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