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Posted 10/29/14
i was just wondering if someone knew if there was a better solution for the collection of All access Guest passes i have had collecting dust in my inbox since i joined this site. for example if some one needs one are there any rules/regulations regarding guest passes because my dilemma is the simple fact that either
A) My friends arent interested in anime
B) they dont have Time to watch it
C) a combination of the two

which leaves me with practically no one to offer them too and seeing as im a premium member.. i dont think ill be using them anytime soon lol

so any help would be gladly appreciated
thanks again,
Posted 10/29/14
just post them all in this thread

they're taken within like 1microsecond.

however, i heard there are bot accounts or fake accounts or something who take your guest passes without using them. idk if this is true. but if you want to go the extra length, ask people to PM you for guest passes in that same thread.
Posted 10/29/14
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