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Based on attractiveness, what type of girl do you usually see that is genuinely into anime?
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Posted 10/29/14 , edited 10/29/14
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Posted 10/29/14

I don't get it. How can someone be into cosplaying but not into anime???

That's like saying someone is into light sabers but is not into Star wars...

Or are you just trying to find a reason to say that only ugly people watch anime?

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Posted 10/29/14

After going through numerous forums and anime discussions from different websites (like crunchy roll), I have come to discover a pattern through my observations. I rarely see women (at least in public discussions) reveal their gender.

ProTip: A major reason for the above is because of posts like this.
How about you stop categorizing women based on appearance? Women of all types are into all different things.

Check your own prejudices first. You declare any attractive women cosplayers as "fake fans", and all the rest must be ugly if they like anime; because anime is less desirable than other activities.

What the hell man??? Check yourself.
Posted 10/29/14
The only way there can be a relation between attractiveness and watching anime is if watching anime is the attraction.
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Posted 10/29/14
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