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Moral Implications of Profiling
Posted 10/29/14 , edited 10/29/14

Wihl wrote:

Farley file concept has been around for centuries. I first came across the concept in reading Heinlein's novel Double Star.

Yes! I knew there had to be a proper term for this. Thank you.

I've actually attempted to start up a Farley file a couple of times in the past, but the only thing that set me back was that I was worried my episodic memory would worsen if I began relying on it completely. Then again, it's no different from using Google to recall rusty knowledge and concepts. Reading some of the responses it's probably something I wouldn't want to be completely open about, which is a shame.
Posted 10/29/14
it's sport, i like to do this and can do it easily. sometimes it can be flattering to others..other times creepy. i don't need to create any databases apart from the one in my mind. you might need small trigger words or images, that can help.
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Posted 1/15/15
OP Nuked. Locked,
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