School Grounds
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Through the school gates lies the front of the school, beautiful and well kept. On the school grounds students have ideal chatter, standing or sitting on benches. Others admire the school garden that's filled with beautiful flowers. Manly students and teachers roam these grounds, but visitors as well may if they have a partner with them.
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Early birds lingered on the school grounds, yawning and stretching to let their tiredness out into the morning air as they trudged their way to the main school building from the dorms.
Except for the blue-haired female, who walked among the crowd without a single yawn or stretch. It was quite obvious she was a morning person by the flamboyant step in her walk. Lissette definitely was one to show the complete opposite of how she felt inside because, truthfully, she'd been up all night working on some new techniques for one of her Familiar-only classes. If she wanted to get a good Caster someday, she'd have to be able to protect them, no matter how tired or exhausted she was.
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 Given the grace to her walk and the churn of the whistle blowing from her pretty, thin lips, a young dame with silky, rose hair sauntered the school grounds. She had been awaken early by the quake of the sun rise kissing her skin and it nuking her eyes to opening.
 Now, she smiled widely, hugging her pale complexion, and enjoying the outside noises that caressed her ears. Young Faeron closed her eyes and abruptly halted her step. She breathed, seeking the tender smells of the outside. When she opened her eyes, she scouted another young dame in the distance with her shiny, blue locks.
 "So- I'm not the only one up this early," Faeron hums in melody.
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Lissette's mismatched eyes slowly scanned the nearby morning faces as she continued on towards the school building; the faces of the people she normally never spoke to. Out of her time in this place, she had never managed to mutter any more than a "hello", or a small wish of good health to her fellow pupils.
Did she ever really need to, though? Eventually, she'd be leaving this place because of her finished studies. That's when she'd be able to search for her caster; the person she'd protect.

As she neared the building, she pulled her burlap bag closer to her and stood on the top step with her eyes closed, head tilted back to let the sun wash over her sensitive skin. It warmed her, and she felt even more awake. Lissette's lips curled up into a smile before she turned around to walk into the building,

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 Her head steered slightly sideways, the sprinkle of a raindrop dressed her skin, slowly venturing down her arm along with other small drops of transparency. Despite, the sky had been clear with multiple colors of oranges, reds, and yellows, yet the clouds above began to bellow rain.
 Hurrying to cover, the frail caster descended into the nearest building. Faeron wiggled the water from her body and brushed small, solid drops away from her uniform. Luckily, her morning class would be held nearby.

Posted 3/21/15

As she had just been walking into the building, the scent of rain on the paved sidewalk reached her noise and she took in a deep breath, turning back to watch the small droplets fall from the sky. Lissette would have to admit that the rain was beautiful with the sun's shining rays glinting off each drop as they plummeted to the earth.
The blue-haired female reached a hand out to let the rain soak her uniform's sleeve, allowing the navy blue material to cling to her pale wrist. As she stared at her wrist, she caught a glance of the female who ducked for cover as soon as the rain started to fall.

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 Faeron stood by the entryway, allowing little rain to sparkle against her complexion and wet her hands as she held them out. She smiled softly. The dampness of each drop and the way it reflected the sun's rays were beautiful.
 As another fell, the dame managed to poke it just as the water droplet fell. The light that it once had reflected spread in many directions and formatted a small rainbow. As so, her eyes glowed with power. They were bright in yellow tones and blue midtones. Thankfully, little tricks such as these did not wither her life expectancy.
 Straining from the entrance, Faeron exposed her body to the light, sunny rain. She chuckled, enjoying it's softness against her skin. Turning her gaze toward the same women she saw earlier, Faeron lightly smiled. "Morning." She echos across the lot in her melodious tone.

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Lissette, who had been watching this with a look of small interest, had lifted her head as soon as hearing the small hello escape the Caster's lips. Both of her eyes locked onto her face, and her lips turned up into a greeting smile.
"Hello," she called back softly, smoothing out the bangs on her forehead, the fringes gently soaked with water droplets.
The branded eye slowly closed as self-consciousness crept up on Lissette.
Ever since she was young, she'd always been uncomfortable with people pointing out the brand in her brighter blue eye.

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 Not entirely soaked yet from the small drizzle, the girl moved her way to the other young dame, lightly hosting her smile still and offering friendly gestures in her eyes. Perhaps she could conjure a small conversation, say hello, or maybe make a new friend. "Hi," Faeron begins.
 "It's nice to see I'm not the only up this early. I'm Faeron." Her voice was sweet.

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With her own gentle smile, Lissette looked at Faeron, head tilted to one side just a bit. Her bright eyes showed nothing but friendliness as they met the other young female's.
"Hello," she responded softly while gently scratching the back of her head, hand braced on her waist as she looked away just slightly because she wasn't used to conversation with others,
Lissette's eyes returned to Faeron when she introduced herself.
"Faeron..." She repeated just once to be sure she had heard her right.
"Oh, ah, likewise. I don't normally see others awake this early. Anyway, I'm Lissette."
The familiar offered Faeron her hand.

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 She nods her head in certain grace before tucking it down and conjuring yet another slightly bent grin. "It's nice to meet you," She says as her head heightens with the happiness that easily flows her lips.
 Through her years at the academy, Faeron often found herself quick and easy at gathering friends and followers, but never had been so lucky with searching for the right partner. Most familiars often make her back crawl despite attitude, friendship, or power.
 Turning her head away to gaze upon the lifting sunrise now, Faeron speaks again, almost lucidly, "I'm not usually up this early." She laughs quietly. "But the sunrise was nice. It woke me up."
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