Playing Any Games In November?
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Posted 11/1/14
Welcome Steam Users,
Last month's forum topic went well therefore we intend to continue with these monthly forums. (:
If you are purchasing any games, be it new or old, post it here on the forums.
November's here and countless AAA titles will finally release.
Furthermore, with Black Friday at the end of the month, we can expect some astonishing deals!
Happy Gaben!

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Posted 11/14/14
Only game I've bought so far this month is Evolve (beta test) and Valkyria Chronicles which I am enjoying. So far though Archeage has commanded my attention for 872 hours. Which I am both equally proud of and ashamed of but I am a pirate I do what i want.
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Posted 12/1/14
Has anyone else hit up the Imperator Augustus release for Rome Total War 2? All the factions from the Second Triumvirate are playable and they totally rebalanced the game, it is much easier to upgrade cities and the garrisons arent ungodly large.
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