Quick Pistols
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Posted 11/1/14 , edited 11/1/14
Hey I do vocals in a metal band and I write lyrics on a wide variety of subjects. So here as a first one, one of my shortest yet. Sorta inspired by the tone of a band named Mastodon and old western saloon fight scenes in silent films.. you know one of those where they play upbeat piano music over it. I guess also a bit inspired by the standoff quickdraw scenes. It's meant to be a little silly and embrace the fun of slapstick in old cliché westerns.

"Quick Pistols, save that "special someone"
A duel as flame draws dawn like a moth
Man's weapon of choice draws forth
The peacemaker selling itself so short
Hand 'em the die and roll double six
Six rounds play drums on the song of common sense
Quick pistols, a quick fistful o' lead
Gunpowder sparks the arrival of the dead.
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