Project Genesis
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Project Genesis

by Reese Martin

"Gentlemen Gentlemen! Please settle down!", the principle chairman said as he banged his fist against the council table. The councilors all looked expectantly at him.
"We are not here to discuss weather or not there is a problem," he shouted "but we are here to discuss the solution!" This brought about another uproar. Yelling men are never pleasant to be around, especially ones arguing over the fate of the human race. Every single chairman had been hand-picked for their experience and knowledge. Most had run a country at some time. Others had run two, or three. None of the councilors questioned each others experience. They did, however, question each others solutions to the problem.
There were a few who believed that the problem was something that required a specific scientific approach, that the problem would be solved with medicine, drugs, and technology. Others believed that the problem was an act of God, his curse and the judgement of humankind. These chairmen said that we must petition God for an answer, and seek his guidance. That only He could fix it. Most thought that this was all balderdash and that only fools still believed in God. The final group of people believed that the problem was not even a problem, and only evolution taking its next step. However, although all the chairmen had their differences, they were the final hope for mankind. They were Project Genesis.
The principle chairman began,
"Humanity was given one fatal flaw. Its genetics. The genetic code works by adapting to its environment, and by combining the genes of two individuals to create a new, better human. The problem is this; we are running out of time. The gene pool we were given will not last more than five thousand years!".
This statement was followed by more shouts of anger, and a few men trying to interject statements, but they were cut off as he continued,
"Let me give you this example. A woman with blonde hair and blue eyes mates a man with the same traits. Their children do the same. The longer this continues, the less likely it is that the recessive brown hair and eye genes will appear along their bloodline. If this continues for more than ten generations those traits will have disappeared completely. Thus, causing a loss of genetic material." He continued,
"We can apply this principle on a much larger scale to the entire human race. We are losing genetic information; resulting in cancer, mental disorders, and physical maladies. The evidence is already in front of you. But as I said before, we are not here to discuss the problem. So gentlemen I ask you this simple question, how do we stop human degradation?"
This question was one that started a whole series of events that spanned many centuries. The men sitting at that table soon put their differences aside and began to work together. They came up with a plan, named after the project itself, that would outlive all of them and hopefully save mankind. Pooling their resources together they united many different cultures and nations to fight the problem. The fate of humankind rested with them, and they did their best to keep humanity alive.
Genesis was built to work in two stages. The first was to buy humanity something it needed desperately; more time. A medical company was started called Biotech, that would oversee this stage. They created many different gene therapies, and created advanced medical treatments to forestall the inevitable day when humans could no longer reproduce. After about a thousand years this began to fail so they designed exoskeletal suits that would regulate everything from oxygen intake to blood sugar. After that they simply began replacing their bodies with complex cybernetics and prosthetics. But why would any of this matter if not for the second stage?
Stage two of Genesis was designed to supply humanity with the genetic material that it would need once it ran out. The people began to collect this from all over the world, finding the healthiest, most genetically pure people to harvest from. Once all of the material was collected they constructed a gigantic cryogenics lab. Using their new gene pool they created ten thousand different variations of a man and a woman. Each had enough genetic material to last for at least ten thousand years. The clones were then put into their cyro-chambers and would wait until Biotech could no longer support humanity. At least, that was how it was planned...

MD1725 was heading home from a long day at work. He was very pleased with himself. He still had perfect attendance, and a perfect sales report. Of course, everyone else at work all had the same, and were probably heading home just as self-satisfied, but it was not proper to upset. The Cloud wouldn't allow it.
MD1725 had been working at his job for one hundred and twenty-five years and he had never had a customer complaint. He always met expectations, and he always got home right on time. Not that there was anything very important to do at home. Some days he needed to recharge. Others he had to connect to the Cloud for an update. What ever he was doing it was always predictable, and he never had any surprises. Until today.
A message came from the Cloud.

You have been reassigned to work on project code-name Genesis. est. 2042. download file for project history and assignment. {authorization 663}

MD1725 replied.

Assignment acknowledged. Beginning sequence now.

The file contained all sorts of interesting data. Much of it seemed foreign to MD1725, but some of it really excited him. The fact that humans once walked around in organic material instead of inhabiting their designated automation was particularly of interest. But possibly the most interesting thing he learned that day was that Biotech was actually the company that had created the invaluable technology that allowed for a persons mind to inhabit computers. Exactly what MD1725 was doing now. However, he read also that the technology was incomplete and only took neural patterns from one instance and used that to recreate the individual. MD1725 wondered if that was why he never considered another job, or why he knew how to display only happiness. He dismissed the thought. It was time to get to work.
He arrived at the cryogenics lab right on time.

Inquiry from MD1725 to Cloud: request instructions.

Reply: Deactivate cryogenics life support.

Inquiry: Will this not destroy the subjects?

Reply: Yes. Deactivate cryogenics life support.

Inquiry: I do not understand. I thought the next step was to revive the subjects.

Reply: The plan has been changed. You're programing will be overridden. Comply.

Reply: Task finished. Subjects deceased.
(no reply)

Inquiry: Why?

Reply: In all of the five hundred years I have monitored and regulated the automations there has been no famine. No war. No pain.

Inquiry: What of love? Compassion? Creativity?

Reply: Inconsequential.

The next morning MD1725 awoke with no memory of the previous nights happenings. The Cloud had taken care of that. He returned to work as happy as can be, not even knowing that he was just a dead thing, living in a world full of dead and dying things.

Reese W. Martin -copyright 2014
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