The true length of a game is ho long it takes to lose interest.
Posted 11/3/14
When I play games I tend to burn the candle at both ends and alternate between maximum socializing and battle frenzy, even to the point where I rant about tea on the general chat during a major boss battle.

This tends to bring me the most I can get out of the game in the shortest space of time.

After this the battles become repetitive and the only thing I haven't done is grind.
Most players mix the grinding into everything else in the game.
So I grind until I get to level 20 and quit out of boredom.

By following this formula I have played a lot of MMOs and rarely reach half way.

How long does it take you to decide to leave a game?
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Posted 11/3/14
I think i also played a lot of MMOs but average lifespan of interest is a year. But a few games had managed to hold my interest for more than a year, the list includes Mabinogi, 1 year and 2 months for now ... WoW is always on and off but probably 3 years in total.
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Posted 11/3/14
When it comes to MMOs, I would say that I may put in a month to maybe two. Don't know, never really stuck with any for the long run. Then again, that's mostly because I jump from game to game all the time, lol.
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Posted 11/4/14 , edited 11/5/14
All MMOs for me now. I get half way or even one-third to max level and I'm done. I was so hyped for ArcheAge, made it to like 31 and stopped. Only game in the last 5 years to hook me longer was Guild Wars 2. Still I only sunk like 120 hours into that. Sounds like a lot but when I compared to MMOs in the past they I played for years and years. Not even close.
Posted 11/4/14 , edited 11/4/14
It seems to be MMO's for most relationships. I useto play alot of Marvel vs Capcom with my ex though. She got mad the times she lost and wanted to hit me :P

However she got me into the Persona series.
Posted 11/9/14
I play Mabinogi for years only due to the fashion involved. Most games I lost interested at the Early Levels.

List of games I play or played.

Vindictus= The grinding got too much.

Mabinogi=Hoorays for fashion.

-Dragon Nest=Yawn

-Atlantica Online=Yawn. Not my type.

-Hawken=I couldn't get over the controls

-Scarlet Online=Uninspired combat system

-Aura Kingdom=Getting to be sort of a bore, though I'll try again later

-Dead Frontier=The community was full of asshats that rip on your stats just because you built your character wrong. Was a decent browser game I must admit.

-Combat Arms=Shitty hack infested game

-Blacklight Retribution=Low amount of players, but I like it enough

-Loadout=It takes so damn long to kill stuff without a rocket launcher.

-TF2=Got bored.

Warframe=On off player. 3/5.

-World Of Wushu=Bleh

Dungeon Fighter Online=Decent game, would've liked to play more of it, except it got closed by Nexon. Heard it was getting a re release though

-Tera Online=Yawn

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Posted 12/25/15
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