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A thread to show off your collections of whatever; anime, manga, art books, CDs, tapes, vinyls, figures, etc.

I'll start off by showing my manga focused collection. If you have any questions about anything in my collection, feel free to ask.

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Posted 11/9/14
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Posted 11/12/14
My cel collection-


I collect a lot of Sailor Moon, Inuyasha and Cardcaptor Sakura artwork that was used in the making of the show. I also have a lot of sketches from the original artists themselves.
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I collect Asian dolls and a few collection can be found here: flickr
Posted 11/14/14
Sweet stuff, ladies. The variety in the types of collections is very interesting.

I like the TCG set up you have going. I've actually only seen a few cels in person and they were for 90s Marvel cartoons. Asian dolls is definitely a type of collection I've seen very few times of and that was an accidental discovery on instagram when I had that up.


I've picked up some new volumes of manga recently, in Korean.

May or may not post the little bit of CDs I own.
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I collect figures and such stuff haha. New to Dollfies but I feel like Miku won't be my last, for sure. I also have more figures than this, a couple new ones I haven't unboxed yet, and some older stuff keeps getting boxed up to make room for new things.

Sorry for all the dust, now that it's cooling off I can open my windows to dust better, so that'll be happening soon. oTL

That's probably enough picture spam lol. There are plushies and stuff scattered around also - mostly Touhou with a few Vocaloid, Sonico, and others. And some Kamen Rider toys that light up and belts that make noise and whatnot. And other things. Just stuff.

I suppose I can also say that I do collect manga. I think I have over two thousand volumes by now, a lot of them are in boxes in the attic. Same thing can go with my novels - I read sci-fi, fantasy, and psychology an awful lot and have hundreds upon hundreds of novels. And video games are in the hundreds too, on a few different consoles and handhelds and the like.
Posted 11/15/14
@Ishoku Sounds like you have a variety of collections. Figure game is intense. What would you say your manga collection leans more towards in terms of demographics; shounen, shoujo, seinen, josei? Or is it balanced, to a degree?


Not much considering my money normally goes to manga, but I'm trying to play catch up by buying the CDs I've downloaded in mp3 format. Also picking up new stuff I haven't even heard of like the Pulmonary Fibrosis / Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium split I just grabbed tonight. Forgot to take a picture but I grabbed The Geeks 2014 release, 'Still Not In This Alone' recently, a great listen.

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I think lately it leans towards shoujo, but generally it's pretty split. I'll read just about anything. I'd have more josei if more were actually available, that's my favorite genre to read considering it's geared more towards women and I'm nearing 30 soon enough here.
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Music update:
2. Full Of Hell & Merzbow – 2xCD Digipack Edition
3. Job for a Cowboy - Sun Eater
4. Testament - The Legacy
5. Seoul Mothers - Don't Forget What Your Mother Said

I'm sure I have some others coming in but I can't remember what they are.

Manga update:
1. Level E v1 [Korean]
2. GTO (yes, the original GTO) v1 [Korean]
3. New Lone Wolf and Cub v1 [English]
4. Ping Pong v1-3 [Korean]
5. Inoue Takehiko Illustrations [SLAM DUNK Art Book]

Pictures sometime, maybe.
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Posted 6/20/15
Closed because OP nuked
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