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Posted 11/3/14
I'm writing a few stories now. I'm almost done proof-reading the first half of one of those. The question I have is this. How do I avoid the "Wall of Text" issue. The first half of the one I'm almost done proof reading is just over 55 single sided pages long, and when I'm done with the second half of the story, it'll probably total over a hundred pages (single sided pages).

I used paragraphs and broke up the scenes with little section headers, to show that the location has changed, or that it's a new day, but when I paste it, it's still gonna be a wall of text.

Is there a way to mitigate such an issue?
Posted 11/3/14
When you read it, if you feel tired looking at a paragraph or section, break it up.
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Posted 11/6/14
My first guess would be to see how much of your exposition you could change to action or dialogue.

The second, tougher guess would be to weed out less vital exposition. There will always be exposition of course, just like there will always be those goddamned adverbs, but exposition becomes rambling and comfy like a room that is never cleaned but has nice furniture. It might feel good but it's unhealthy.
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Posted 11/7/14 , edited 11/7/14
Generally I like to split off any paragraphs I can when I can. You can have line breaks when an action or phrase is being said by a person. For example; ~~

I come around here all the time to look up at the night sky. It's peaceful unlike the rest of my life.

"Surprised to find you here."

I whip my head around to find my brother standing right behind me. I breath a sigh of relief.

"Almost scared me half to death, ya know?" I laugh in spite of myself.

"You should really relax sometimes and stop being such a wuss."

That's what I was trying to do before you came, no pun intended.

I should really stop explaining myself to myself. I know what I meant.

~~ Like so. During long exposition, change paragraphs when you move on to another subject. Conversations are easy but when it comes to narrative you just have to be your own judge when to give yourself space. You can also have line breaks for effects, dramatic or otherwise. For example; ~~

One cup of milk. That's the way it was supposed to be.

But wait, was it?

I had always thought this to be true and I never questioned it before, but now...

I should take a look at that recipe.

~~Like that. I mean this was a silly example, but i'm sure you get the idea. Hope this helps.

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Posted 12/23/15
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