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Posted 11/12/14 , edited 11/13/14
Previously, that was due to the word filter (the one we're trying to get removed). It used to just eat the line with no warning, but with the update, it warns you about what word you used that made the filter trigger. We're trying to get it removed because we already mod the stream, people can get around it if they work hard anyway, and right now it includes words like "dead".. such as "Deadpool".

If you've been banned, words would not appear in the chat at all, and with the update, it also informs you that you are banned from the channel.


Looks like this will be the last call on questions/suggestions/concerns.

Part of the reason I'm not leaving this open too long is so I can take the questions and feedback back to the other mods for further talks about the rules, interface, and enforcement (with enough time to work on this stuff), so if you've got anything else for us, please post soon!

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