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Okay what is the awe-inspiring appeal of Monogatari?
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Posted 11/5/14 , edited 11/6/14

itsfluffee wrote:
Every damn five-word-or-less summary of this show is along the lines of "amazing" & "best show" blah, blah, blah...and I don't see it?

First, never trust a 5-word recommendation. If someone really like it, 5 words would not be enough. 5 words barely constitutes a single sentence. What do they say? "GATARI IS AMAZING GO WATCH!"
I had to remove the word now here.

A huge part of Gatari's initial appeal lies in the style and and rapid fire dialogue.
The show bombards the senses, and not in an inherently bad way. People like it.
The show is also a fantasy Harem, and thusly isn't too alienated from what viewers may expect or want out of Anime. You could say the show is being unoriginal here, but similarities are important! VERY IMPORTANT!
Using the setting of a high schooler and his girlfriends as a base for viewership, the show then uses the previously mentioned Style and Dialogue to intrigue viewers further.

This style is less effective if you have seen similar shows in which you have a greater opinion.

For example, Sayonara Zetsuba Sensei is another Shaft anime they pioneered the style later used in Bakemonogatari. The show is more comedic and wacky, the Japanese humor alienated some and drew I others. Many argue it a better show specifically because it was the first to use that style so well.

On another note, Tatami Galexy includes trippier art and even more dialogue. The show is expertly directed and written, and is a great show to watch if you liked Bakemonogatari but wanted something a better.

And...other words. Its just, like, an opinion man.
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Posted 11/5/14 , edited 11/6/14

Phersu wrote:

I feel as if this is pointless. Why can't it all go like-

'I didn't like this.'
'I did, but I respect your opinion and agree to disagreement.'
'Great. Want to go have lunch?'

Why question it? You like what you like, and you dislike what you dislike. What does it matter so long as it's all legal?

If everyone thought like this, I would imagine the world to be a bit more peaceful.
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Posted 11/6/14 , edited 11/6/14
It was interesting at first, but the whole grade schooler thing threw me off. So I dropped it.
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Posted 11/11/14 , edited 11/11/14
Anyone know which Gatari covers the altercation between Hanekawa & Episode the half-vampire?
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Posted 11/11/14 , edited 11/11/14
If you're like me and love long quirky dialogue exchanges that can last a whole episode then you will like the Monogatari series. If you don't then I can't see you becoming a fan.
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Posted 11/11/14 , edited 11/11/14
It's not awe-inspiring. It's just alright.

In my opinion of course,god help you if you actually have a say about somebody's favorite anime...

I prefer Isin's other works like Katanagatari or End game portion of Medaka Box.
Im also interested from what i hear of his first work, Zaregoto.

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Posted 12/27/15 , edited 12/28/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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