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What's inside your fridge?
Posted 11/4/14
Oh, boy...

- Jagermeister
- kidney beans
- spiced apples
- orange juice
- ground chuck
- kefir
- applebutter
- onion rosemary apples
- milk
- iced tea
- parmigiano reggiano
- cheese rinds
- butter
- brown sugar
- sour cream
- pesto
- sandwich spread
- minced garlic
- eggs
- canned salmon
- potato casserole
- vegetarian Spanish rice
- coleslaw
- sliced American cheese
- Teriyaki sauce
- pureed pumpkin
- tomatoes
- cucumber
- carrots
- spring roll filling
- cabbage
- golden sesame seeds
- dog biscuits
- syrup
- soy sauce
- beer
- bottled water
- heavy whipping cream
- lemon juice
- relish
- caponata
- BBQ sauce
- mayonnaise
- prepared mustard
- salad dressing
- applesauce
- mild lipase
- calcium chloride
- animal rennet
- instant dry yeast
- bologna
- wine jelly
- cinnamon drops
- apple crumble

I barely had the patience to thumb through my fridge, so I won't bother with my freezer.
Posted 11/4/14 , edited 11/4/14

MrChamploo wrote:

Really? o.o;

Well, it could've been the pesticide (if there was any), or maybe my taste buds are just abnormal, but I genuinely thought it was like chocolate. 10 unshelled peanuts made me full for dinner, so 1 bag lasted me around a week. I was overseas and a bag was only a dollar, so it was definitely worth the health risks.
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31 / M / Central KY.
Posted 11/4/14
Hardly anything asides from bottled Water.
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23 / M / Michigan
Posted 11/4/14
Oranges, Apple juice, Milk, Orange juice, Cheese, Greek yogurt, Pineapple juice, Idk lots of misc.
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25 / F
Posted 11/4/14
Orange mango juice.
chocolate cake
roast beef,
that's what's edible.
Everything else is molded.
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28 / M / Canada
Posted 11/4/14
My personal mini-fridge contains about a dozen bottles of water, various flavor enhancers for said water, and a pack of frozen samosas in the freezer. I haven't gotten any groceries for myself recently. The family fridge is much better-stocked, but of course, I can't very well say any of it is "mine", per se.
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24 / M / Iowa >.>
Posted 11/4/14
sandwich stuff, beer, soda, chili I made yesterday and milk
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22 / M
Posted 11/4/14 , edited 11/4/14
Souls.. Pure mulberry juice, and pumpkin butter.. Well, at least those are the three things I care about lmao. Usually, the only stuff I put in the fridge outside of that are vegetables like Baby Broccoli, Baby Kale, Cauliflower and celery. I don't refrigerate my water or coconut water unless I know I am going to have them open for a long time.. I like pretty much everything that I drink or eat to be at room temperature or hot lol. I hate cold things.. That goes on all levels lol. The fact that I am vegan makes it pretty typical for my food to be room temperature or warmer(such as fruits/nuts.. And some vegetables.. That is, until I cut them up and have left over fruits/vegetables I have to store in the fridge.. ). The rest of my family has all kinds of stuff in there lmao.
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24 / M / Texas
Posted 11/4/14
Mashed potatoes, I have a lot of mashed potatoes.
Posted 11/4/14

XxDarkRikuxX wrote:

Spider Webs, Spiders & Moths. :D

Me, too.
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Posted 11/4/14 , edited 11/4/14
Cherry tomatoes, onions, new potatoes, skimmed milk, Greek yogurt, butternut squash, butter, a lemon, two types of cheeses and Regae Regae barbeque sauce. I've got pork chops, garden peas, string beans and frozen home- made fresh herbs cubes in the freezer.
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24 / M
Posted 11/4/14
Some milk and some beer and some fuck you for making these completely pointless black holes that you even dare to define as threads.

Bring on the forum banhammer \o/
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30 / M / Waterloo, Ontario
Posted 11/4/14
We make food from scratch in our family so just all the ingredients needed to make fresh healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
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22 / M / Florida
Posted 11/4/14
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23 / M / Sol
Posted 11/4/14
My last victim
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