Hoping my Beloved Anifreaks can help a fellow cruncher
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First lets not turn this into a junk topic.

I love action adventure fantasy and magic genre anime. My absolute favorites are Irregular at Magic Academy, Bleach, and Full Metal Alchemist.

The other thing i love doing is making video games. And this is what i need help with. I have a KickStarter project. already going and ive already begun making the game. I thought to myself there was no way better to share than with my anime friends. I am hoping that we have the same interests, and that you would be able to play the game im making.

With one of the largest fan bases in the world i feel right at home bringing this to you. So if you guys want to help a friend out please take a look at my page and my game. I am always on teamspeak so you can visit me info is ts.toparma.com

If you want to talk about anime dont hesitate to message me.


Thanks guys/girls.

10 Centuries of History imbued with the power video gaming. Why read history when you can live it in Kings Forsaken Men.

Windows/Mac Controller/Keyboard/Mouse

Sandbox Linear Adventure with a different kind of sand.

What is a Sandbox?

Sandbox games give players the opportunity to play the game beyond its intended purpose. Alter the World, and add to it.

What is a Linear Adventure?

Linear games are games that have a story to follow. Stories drive the game forward providing purpose and direction keeping players pursuing the end.

How did you Combine them both?

Kings Forsaken Men is about taking revenge on the King for ordering your own men to kill you. Sent on a fake campaign to discover plots against the King, you arrive in an undisclosed location. Your attacked and left for dead. Your newly re-purposed life is to take revenge against the king. We introduce our Sandbox right into the middle, How you take revenge is entirely up to the Player.


Modern Day representations of the Medieval times in film and theater portray Glory, profound Heroics, wonderful, and exciting lifestyles. They leave out reality, the Evil and Dangers of the world.

10 Centuries in10 Kingdoms, 1000 Years of History.

Kings Forsaken Men aims to bring the truth in history to the game. Heroics and Glory, and all the good things are there, but you will also experience the harsh lifestyle and struggle that history faced. Just like Pirates of Seas, you will see constant struggles along your journey, to Participate or to Ignore will be decisions you will need to make.

To keep this exiting and entertaining we turn history into a game, giving you all those things to experience at your fingertips.


Interior Levels

Side Questing

Large Castles

Large Kingdoms

Relic Hunting

Purchase Housing

Adventure with friends.

Using factual events to create a great story, NPC's will have their own little bit of history. Stories of their struggle to survive, or how they have amassed riches.

Whats the story?

Kings Forsaken Men


This is the story or a Knight, Cast out by his King. His struggle to seek vengeance for this betrayal is the only motivation that drives the will to live.

Throw yourself into a beautiful world lush with trees and vegetation. Battle against thugs and thieves. Press onward toward your ultimate goal.

On your journey you will struggle to regain the honor you once claimed. Battle against Knights who used to serve you, and hide from them in neighboring Kingdoms. Survive and make your way back to the very place that has forsaken you and confront your destiny.

During your adventures you will need a place to live, and you will have many places to choose from. Several Kingdoms in other lands will not hesitate to keep the Enemy of their enemy.

Enlist the aid of up to 4 friends and travel the world together venturing forth and performing acts of Heroism and Honor.

Gather riches to create a place of comfort and safety,purchase furnishings to place in your home.

Explore Hidden Caves and Dungeons seek new instances and see what treasures and history they hold.

More game features and more to come!

Take control of your character. Battle foes with complete control by blocking attacks and striking down your foes with real time controls. Take on thieves, Thugs and all the Kings men as you journey across rich environments while pursuing your path to vengeance.


Natural Living: In order to succeed you need to live. You must eat drink heal your wounds.

Blacksmiths: will improve your equipment by finding scraps and fragments on your adventure.

Global Inventory system, is a chest that can be found at any blacksmith. Which contains all the relics and potions for surviving.

4 Factions, one belongs to the King. The rest of the factions are neutral so be cautious when attacking. Don't make more enemies than you have to. Factions can be identified by the colors they wear.

Assets i was able to get.
Assets i was able to get.
Raid store houses for supplies.

Multiplayer Coop will allow your friends to join you on your adventure. 2 is always better than one. So would 3 or 4.

Planned Feature after Development

After the Main Segment of the game is completed, we will work on our Level Editor. This gives players the ability to build levels and dungeons for players and friends to explore. With an extremely large list of props and characters the limits of the levels are the designers own creativity.

I am dedicated to completing this project. Whether it takes 6 months or 1 year. Your support allows me to speed up the process.

What you will be supporting.

A small Indie Development Team that is dedicated and Motivated to completing projects and improving them. Our backgrounds enable us to persevere even in the most dire times. So you can be assured that we will prevail.

Team BlackHeart

Level Designer: Travis (2+yrs)

Programmer: Dr. Fuad (PhD Bio Engineering, Progamming) Programmer: Daniel (Computer Science Major)

Modeler: Steve, (3ds Max)
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If you want to know the hook, visit my kickstarter.
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M / Here :)
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ok, ill check it out
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Appreciate it!
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The Game~

After going over each position my members have filled, I was able to focus on the final touches of how the game is going to be "Laid Out"

10 Kingdoms:

Each Kingdom is going to represent 100 years of History. Starting with the 5th Century. As you travel to each kingdom you will notice the progression of time that the Kingdom is representing. The game will be 100% Complete at the 15th Century. Successful Alpha and Beta testing will allow us to Release the game Utilizing the Kingdoms as Additional Content. These Kingdoms will come at no additional Cost. While you as supporters and individuals purchase the game with the release of the 5th Century, You will experience the Game as a final product. This gives us the opportunity to work on each additional Kingdom as you enjoy playing the game. We will work Diligently on the each Kingdom ensuring that the content flows with the original intent of the game. Revenge against the King.


Each Kingdom will be very large, Progressing through the story will be relatively short if that is your main goal. But i assure you that it will not be easy. I am designing each terrain so that there is plenty of content and activities that will consume your wonderful time prior to each additional release of the Kingdoms.
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