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Posted 3/12/15

The tale of Cupid and Psyche. I just realized I lost my mythology book and I'm pretty upset now after turning my room upside down for it.
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Posted 3/12/15 , edited 3/12/15
I love mythology, all of the different stories and versions of it is very amazing. I am very interested in Roman/Greek mythology and Egyptian mythology as well. I read the Aeneid about Aeneas in Latin, that was very cool.
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26 / F / Hoth
Posted 3/14/15
I love myths, legends and folklore. My name is actually derived (alternate spelling) from the Greek name Danaë, who is Zeus' lover and the mother of Perseus, who in turn slew Medusa the Gorgon.

I'm not biased towards any culture, I love stories as they are and take great interest in any mythology. I read a ton and love documentaries. That being said, I have always been really interested in fantasy, so I'm slightly more knowledgeable in Celtic and Oriental mythologies, but that doesn't damper my interests in other mythologies - it's just that Celtic and Oriental myths and legends are more commonly known and therefore more accessible (in my experience), so I know them best.
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Posted 3/15/15
I love all Mythology. I would have to say Greek and Roman are my favorites. (Yes I know they're practically the same, silly copycat Romans)

Athena is by far my favorite Goddess.

I like the Roman story of Damocles the Spirit of Vengeance.(Loved its implementation into Ryse: Son of Rome). I also like the story of Bellona(Roman Goddess of War) and Lucius Cornelius Sulla.

Smite is a great game to play if you want to be a God of Mythology.
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